Genesis Debate — Scott Lewis vs Richard Peachey, Part 1 of 2:  (53 minutes)

Genesis Debate — Scott Lewis vs Richard Peachey, Part 2 of 2:  (47 minutes)

Thanks so much to all who prayed about this event! Please continue to pray for further meaningful conversations resulting from the debate.

I’ll be posting the text of my speeches shortly.     Richard Peachey

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Preview YouTube video Genesis Debate Scott Lewis vs Richard Peachey Part 1 of 2

Genesis Debate Scott Lewis vs Richard Peachey Part 1 of 2

Preview YouTube video Genesis Debate Scott Lewis vs Richard Peachey Part 2 of 2

Genesis Debate Scott Lewis vs Richard Peachey Part 2 of 2

Chilliwack and Area Tour with Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

Saturday April 7–Monday April 9, 2018

Loving God with your Mind: Science and the Bible [1]

meeting at Chilliwack Alliance Church 8700 Young Rd Chilliwack BC
Saturday April 7, 2018 – 10:30am
Design, Deluge and Dilemma
Is Genesis History?
Dinosaurs and the Most-asked Questions Answered!

River of Life Church [2]

42369 South Sumas Road Chilliwack BC
Sunday April 8, 2018 – 10:00am
Design, Deluge and Dilemma

Worldview Studies Center [3]

meeting at Chilliwack Alliance Church 8700 Young Rd Chilliwack BC
Sunday April 8, 2018 – 6:00pm
The Christian Roots of Science

Trinity Western University Biblical Worldview Club [4]

Dr Jonathan Sarfati

meeting at RNT Bldg, Rm 226, Trinity Western University, 7600 Glover Rd Langley BC

Monday April 9, 2018 – 7:00pm

Six Days…Really?

Question and Answer ForumUnknown

Here’s a bio that Richard put together for a debate he’s engaged in, this coming Thursday in Lacombe, Alberta.

I usually forget birthdays, even my own, and ‘Happy Birthday To You’, has to be one the most boring and tuneless songs ever written.  But there are birthdays really worth remembering.

Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God”  When anyone comes to faith in the Saviour of the world, he/she has been born a second time, into the heavenly kingdom.  That is a birthday worthy of celebration, and a message that conveys the gift of life to others.  So I’ll share Richard’s story.


I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. As a teenager I called myself an atheist. But at age 22, On March 4th, 1973, by God’s marvelous grace, I was converted to the Lord Jesus Christ: my sins were forgiven and I received eternal life as a free gift. Later the same year, I moved from an uninformed acceptance of evolution to an informed conviction of the truth of creation — mainly through study of scientific aspects of the controversy, but also motivated and challenged by a sense that the Bible appeared to conflict with evolutionary concepts. I spent the first half of my working life in the banking industry, but at age 40 I went back to school and studied science, particularly biology and chemistry. In 1995, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from University College of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, BC.  The following year I earned my Professional Teaching Certificate, and I then taught science and math in the Abbotsford public school system until my retirement in 2013.  

Now he has something to sing about, and spends a lot of his free time playing the piano and his guitar at seniors homes, as well as jamming with friends.IMG_1912 (1)

Hello Tyler:   The News has been covering the affordable housing problem lately, as has other media;

Enough legal, authorized, safe and affordable housing cannot be built in Abbotsford, or Surrey or anywhere in BC where governing authorities don’t have the backbone to enforce bylaws.  Honest builders and developers cannot compete with the blatant and pervasive cheating, that has almost become the norm.

Existing affordable homes are snapped up by people with cash in hand.  The property is allowed to degrade to slum housing until the owner can replace the old with a new structure that maxes out the height and footprint on the land.

The new will usually be called ‘single-family-dwelling’, or it may register one secondary suite.  But in reality most of these turn into apartment buildings with multiple illegal suites.

The landlords of many of these illegal rentals demand CASH, and they provide no receipts.

A politician told me that one of his neighbours had nine rentals in his very large house.

A fellow who rents with the stipulation that he pay in cash told me his landlord has more than 15 rental properties.  (I’m keeping the number vague, as I want no backlash on this man).

The guy pays over $1,000/month.  Do the math.

All those rentals,…… no need to adhere to bylaws…….  No need to adhere to building codes. …… No need to pay the taxes on rental income.    A cool minimum (in this specific case) of $15,000. every month.  By my rudimentary math that landlord garners at least $180,000./year. In two years he can scoop up another of the wonderful properties fast disappearing in my neighbourhood.

What honest developer can compete with dishonesty on this scale.  The scofflaw can always undercut the cost borne by people who play by the rules.

Be sure of this, municipal mayors and councillors are well aware of this galling wealth creation for some,……. and impoverishing of those for whom politicians will not create and maintain a level playing field.

On the matter of our own community, currently covered by Provincial Land Use Contracts, it looks like you took Mayor Henry Braun’s word to be gospel truth, but you probably should not do that.

Henry Braun and the Council wanted to approve the first LUC removal in July of 2016, which according to staff would have been a precedent-setter, releasing some 20, (perhaps more) of these properties, owned by people who don’t live here, to follow suit.  By now there would be many monster houses here, but for the community waking up and interacting with City Hall.

Henry likes to suggest that someone was causing “angst” by suggesting that first proposal would have had negative impacts on those who just want to go on living happily in their own little bit of precious land.   When the mayor declares that RS3 would not create problems, for those who want to live on in the humble homes they purchased,  he is not being honest.

The City has never provided the historical introduction of this RS3 (earlier called RS1), a nefarious zoning that would negate the very thing we are limited to and turn it on its head.  We can only be mobile and modulars here.  RS3 forbids mobiles and modulars.  Polar opposites.  (Nor have I seen in print whether an RS3 would allow people to sell with the continuation of mobile homes to the new owner.)

So then, what if that underlying zoning were to have come into force?  The City finally provided the assurance that people could remain under a new thing called ‘Compliance-Non-compliance’.  That says upon incurring 75% damage to the building, your home would have to be removed and replaced by a stick-conventional house.  And that, Mayor Braun, would spell the end for MANY people here.  Several of the Councillors went out of their way to caution us that their zoning decision of last Monday was tenuous and open to challenge.   In fact a number of these land-use speculators have signed a petition demanding that RS3 remain in place. (See attachment.) It looks like only ONE of those petitioners actually lives in the subject area of 143 properties.  The sword still hangs precariously over our heads.

I live in a neighbourhood where men turn on their trucks at 4:30 in the morning, to go to their labour.  Neighbours here tell of their gratitude at finding a home and a piece of land that they could afford, usually with two incomes and some help from parents to make the mortgage down-payment.   For many the income and expenses of life meet,…….. but only barely.  No one told these buyers, not even the newest ones about something called an underlying RS3 zoning.

So if new zoning allows monster homes valued at $750,000. and up, which are then taxed accordingly,………that will inevitably drive up the taxes on people who just make ends meet now.

And they will be forced to sell for the value of the land.  Try finding anything comparable, in Abbotsford, near your job, and kids’ schools from the proceeds of that sale.

There is a huge and growing disparity between honest working people and scofflaws who can cruise through our neighbourhoods collecting lands and houses like candy, because our politicians lack the backbone to enforce existing bylaws.

Tyler, I think a free and probing media is one of the best buffers we have against ballooning government control of our lives, but you should sometimes be a bit more analytical of the information politicians provide.

………resigned his post as medical Director of Fraser Health Palliative Care, sacrificing his prestigious job rather than follow the dictates of the liberal left, who have decreed that care now equates to killing the sick and elderly.

My mother loved Holland.  No one could make chocolate like the Dutch.  Only Dutch herring were edible.  KLM was the only nice airline.  Wilhelmus van Oranje stirred her soul.  Queen Juliana ruled!!

But our family emigrated to Canada in 1950, so Mom could only see her beloved homeland every few years, for a short trip.  As the years went by we heard disturbing stories from other Dutch people,…….about this new and terrifying thing that had crept into the Dutch liberal mindset,…….euthanasia.

My Mom got older.  It was her intense desire to stay in her own home.  I had moved out West, but my wonderful brothers and sisters, and Mom’s grandchildren honoured her longing.  They came daily to check on her and helped her take care of things, right until a stroke took her to the hospital.  She died a week later with all of us surrounding her with love.  I never knew such grief and love could merge with such intensity.

In Holland, the ‘healers’ would probably have killed her.  I am so thankful my father and mother took us all to Canada, and that they could die a natural death.

Euthanasia is a terrible evil.  Kill the inconvenient infants in the womb.  Dispose of the burdensome sick as they get old and helpless.  After all, there is no Creator, Sustainer and ultimate Judge,………………………… there?


The ideal candidate for activists’ promotion of euthanasia or assisted suicide is a pain-tortured or disabled individual (or one about to become so) whose mind is crystal clear, and who demands the right to die on his own terms. Activists see these individuals as courageous, those who would refuse to help them as cowards, and their “right” to die as self-evident. Such activists often point to the Netherlands as their model for euthanasia progressivism.

In fact, the law endorses a species of medical “paternalism”

But the Netherlands’ euthanasia law does not recognize any such right. In 1984, the country’s Supreme Court accepted euthanasia, but rejected self-determination as the driver. The law in fact focuses on the right of the physician to exercise his compassion in what is deemed a “situation of necessity.” Citizens “may request,” but cannot demand, euthanasia. So in fact the law endorses a species of medical “paternalism.”

One of van Loenen’s settled convictions is that what begins in compassion invariably creeps over to the dark side. Up to 1,000 Dutch citizens are killed every year without express consent, according to van Loenen, either because they are incompetent (dementia) or in comas, or too young. In 14% of the without-consent cases, people are actually competent, but not consulted. Typical reasons given for euthanasia by doctors in such cases are “consultation would have done more harm than good,” or “this course of action was clearly the best one for this patient,” or it was “the request or wish of family” — a far cry from the self-determination principle debate began with.

These doctors have acted outside the law, but are rarely convicted, as judges are reluctant to call “termination of life without request”… murder. Indeed, van Loenen says, cultural acceptance of euthanasia has progressed to the point that it is no longer the physician who ends someone’s life without request who must justify his actions; rather it is the physician who decides to prolong a life perceived as meaningless who feels societal pressure.

For me the most unsettling aspect of this fascinating and informative book is the marginalization of the central actor — the “better-off-dead” person — as the discussion turns more and more to the sensibilities of those who are affronted by his continued existence.

In a disturbing illustration of this shift, van Loenen describes an award-winning 2006 Dutch documentary film about resuscitation, I Don’t Ever Want to Be Famous, ostensibly featuring former cellist Tobias, disabled after a cardiac arrest and difficult post-resuscitation recovery. Van Loenen observes that Tobias seems content enough, and far less troubled by his straitened condition than some of his relatives, who candidly state they wish he had died.

At issue is whether Tobias should be resuscitated in a future incident. The family is shocked to discover that Tobias’ anthroposophic care facility has a policy of resuscitation. The distraught mother complains, “Nobody told me … that there are so many taboos.” His sister says, “I am sure this is not what he would have wanted. I am sure he would have said: euthanasia!” Whereupon Tobias says, very clearly, “I don’t want to die.” Nobody responds. This film is not really about him, or his wishes, or his rights.

National Post

It’s in far off Alberta, on Thursday, March 8, 2018.  Come for a nice long drive, and engage your mind in one of the most important questions for humanity.

Because if Christians are right, you too can come to know the love of your Creator, sustainer and ultimate Judge.

5214 – 50 Avenue, LACOMBE, Alberta, Canada

Lacombe Debate Ad