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From: Gerda Peachey <gerdapeachey@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, May 3, 2018 at 2:22 AM
Subject: Notice of Public Hearings is inadequate time for property owners.
To: premier <premier@gov.bc.ca>, Henry Braun <hbraun@abbotsford.ca>

Hello Premier Horgan:

I am writing about a very bad problem in how municipal governments treat residents.  All earlier attempts to right this wrong have met with indifference, but maybe you will see the issue more clearly.

There will be a public hearing for my community this coming Monday.  Overall I think the proposed By-law amendments are alright this time around, but the process is fraught with uncertainty, in that a group of speculators has filed a petition that runs counter to the general wishes of my community, and as is the pattern here, the notice of public hearing does not provide a reasonable time frame for community engagement on the most vital questions of proposed changes to their property.

If despite some objections, Council votes in favour of changes that are seen positively by most people here, nothing stops anyone from applying again and again for zoning changes with potential to radically alter the lives of neighbours.  While that is how communal life operates, such proposals, under the current flawed system can come with frequency and with stealth.

That is the grave flaw in how our community is governed.  City Hall, claiming guidance from the Province says 10 days is all the notice time they need to give affected residents about Public Hearings.

Ten days is ridiculous.  Patently absurd and should be outlawed.

As you can see from the picture,…..in reality the City of Abbotsford only provides 6 days from receipt of postcard to Hearing.  They don’t work Saturdays and Sundays.  Many neighbours get the mail after work, City Hall does not answer the phone after 4 PM, so the Friday barely counts.  So down to 5 business days.

Most government employees will get a minimum two-week holiday,……14 days.   Our Council give themselves a three-week break in August.

My point here is that many property owners will not receive the postcard that informs them about a public hearing to do with their property ON TIME,  because municipalities,………WITH PROVINCIAL PERMISSION, are not required to provide noticeS that allow sufficient TIME to learn what is going on and whether it affects them, and what they can do about it.

Abbotsford sends out property tax notices well before the due date.  They are serious about that.  They provide lots of time for people to pay the tax bill.

City Hall grants itself 30 business days to answer Freedom of Information requests, but often takes 60 business days, or more to respond to FOI’s.

My water bill (attached) makes the point.  City Hall wants residents to pay that bill.  The billing date was Jan. 23/18   Due date was Feb. 22/18

The envelope proclaims,…….. IMPORTANT:  UTILITY BILL ENCLOSED  And this,…....’Postmark is not accepted as date of payment’.

How ironic, and how offensive.  Our City gets serious and stern about collecting the water bill, but dismisses as of little importance the need to give a decent heads-up to property owners and tax-payer residents when probably, the most valuable material thing they’ll ever own is about to be re-zoned.

This is not merely a careless oversight.  Insiders are well aware of re-zoning proposals.  Millions and billions of dollars are up for grabs if Councils grant zoning changes favourable to developers.   So it looks like the goal is to keep affected land-owners in the dark long enough to catch people off guard, or off on holiday.

While it can’t be called a corrupt process because the Province allows this 10 day notice, you as Premier of BC can surely see there is something very wrong with this process.  I ask that you would direct your staff to write new rules for local mayors and councils regarding a longer minimum notice time for the announcement of upcoming Public Hearings.

I’d like to hear back from you on this.

Thank you,

Gerda Peachey

(An earlier email to Council about our particular dealings with City Hall:  https://gerdapeacheysviews.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/now-i-understand-why-you-must-get-answers-from-government-in-writing/IMG_3464 (3)


Subject: A little clarification:
To: Tyler Olsen – Abbynews <tolsen@abbynews.com>

Hi Tyler:  Your article   https://www.abbynews.com/news/gerda-peachey-to-run-for-mayors-seat/ makes me look a little more significant than I am.

I never led the charge against the taboo sex show at Tradex.  I did oppose it, and met with Dan Stephanson several times.  I did a delegation to Council about the use of our public facilities for events that clearly did not meet the criteria on their own books for how these communal venues were to be used.

But I never picketed the place, or led any charge.  If anything the journey on some of these issues has felt rather lonely.

When Canwest did a big media release and cited me as the reason for pulling the show at Tradex, they were merely using me as an excuse to pull the plug on all the vendors, already lined up, and in the process garner some positive press for themselves, while turning indignant wrath on those ‘bible thumpers’ being led by Peachey

As I told Christina Toth, at the time,…..The only thing following me was my cat, and then, only if I fed her.

There was a terrific woman named Trish Kolsto who did try to raise a concerted opposition to the ‘taboo’, but for her too it was mainly the expenditure of her own money and energy, assisted by her husband and a few friends.

I have never had a following, and don’t network.  Nor do I join with other groups, even if we are more or less working for a similar cause.  It’s just more liberating to be free to say what I believe without being tied to lots of other stuff that might not be factual.

I did work for CIBC as my main job from my teens until my 30s (or so) until I happily let Richard fully take over bringing home a pay cheque.  I worked part-time for the bank for many years and eventually moved into doing small-scale landscaping as my greater perfect job.  When Rich moved from banking into teaching there was no need for me to earn money.

At times I needed to hire people when there was too much landscaping to manage alone, but it really was small-scale so yeah,……Wonderful work, just not quite as lofty as it sounds in your article.

Anyway, thanks again.


unnamed-4We should make all our plans conscious of our mortality, and all the more at my 74 years.  So ‘If the Lord wills it, and if I live’,………I will run for Mayor of Abbotsford, October, 2018.

There have been some unimpressive decisions made over the years by present and past Councils.  We can complain, shrug with resignation, or,……. run for Council.

The slate of ‘AbbotsfordFirst’ is thinking about making a name change,….. but what won’t change is that five, (possibly more) people will run as a slate to govern our City.  Slates are BAD.  What is needed is one Mayor, and 8 INDEPENDENT quality leaders, not a group-think club.  Currently the AbbotsfordFirst slate has 4 elected Councillors, but a new man has just been added to their 2018 bid for power.

Abbotsford has some 100 or so churches and Christian groups.  Some of the present leadership got significant votes from those Christians, because they belong to various church groups.  However there is very little evidence that these Councillors really have faith,…..the kind that real Christians have in the God of all creation, who has revealed Himself in the Bible.  Or if they are the real thing, they’re doing a good job of hiding their light under a bushel.

Municipal governance is secular,……..so Mayor and Council should limit their role to overseeing matters that pertain to the common good,……roads, water-works, sewers, police, parks,……things that are representative of non-religious communal needs.

The rules and regulations that emanate from Council chambers should be sensible, doable and enforceable, and kept to a minimum.  Government needs to take care of matters that are too big for individuals to handle, but not pry into citizens lives beyond what is necessary for the general community good.

Christians, know that God is Lord of time and eternity.  Everything we do has to line up with His guidelines for life on this temporal scene.  As such, we can rightfully expect men and women who claim to have redeeming faith, to make good politicians.  We can expect them to work hard, tell the truth, be faithful to their spouses, not show favouritism in City business deals, like granting public works to friends, rather than the best competitor for the job.  Christians should be the finest people on any job site, menial or lofty.

But we should not expect City Councils, or Provincial Legislatures or the Federal Parliament to impose Bible reading and prayer on the public.  Faith is a gift from God that cannot be mandated that way.

In short, aware that no human being has attained perfection, Christians nonetheless are to strive to be Christ-like in all their ways, at home, or in public office.

But we do NOT expect our elected officials, who name Christ as their Lord to betray foundational, eternal truths, given to us by God.  We should not expect Christian politicians to work against the truths of God, or seek to destroy the faith they once professed, ….. when they needed votes.

There is a moral rot that is racing across our country, and people who asked for our votes because they claimed to be worthy of our trust, strong, intelligent and upright, are now melting in fear before the onslaught of ‘progressives‘ who demand the revision of all common-sense, truth and decency.

Our present Council has been disgraceful in caving before militant activists who seem bent on the destruction of Western civilizations, freedom and democracy.

Twenty years ago, (if we even have to go back that far), Chilliwack School Trustee, Barry Neufeld would have been run out of town for proposing that school children should be made to doubt the obvious biology of their bodies.  There would have been no tolerance for Barry if he’d insisted that any sign of femininity or masculinity in little children should be pounced on, and that the child should be fussed over and encouraged to rethink themselves as the opposite gender,… or both,….. or anything on a sliding scale of gender possibilities (now growing to a list of forty or fifty possible gender expressions.)

This is insanity, creating confusion and havoc in the minds of vulnerable little children.  Of course children show traits of both sexes.  That is part of being fully human, but now (and behind the backs of parents), kids are being brain-washed in sexual matters.

If Barry Neufeld, twenty years ago had insisted that little children be trained to no longer speak of their father and mother, as “father and mother”,  because that was too gender  specific,……..well twenty years ago, Mr. Neufeld would very likely have lost his job, and maybe felt the wrath of some rightly aggrieved ‘fathers and mothers’.

But here he is, having the left-wing BCTF calling for his resignation.  He is facing the Human Rights Tribunal. And all for the crime of opposing policy changes that have been swept into the school system, all on the sneak.  Behind the backs of the people who bring these children into the world, who sacrifice their own comforts and money to nurture their precious kids, the ‘progressives’, who seem to consider parents the enemy of their own children have, with the ready willingness of leaders, all the way up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, contrived to wrest children away from the mores of the people who love them most, usually as much as they love their own lives.

The time to speak up and stand against these evil designs of the far left is long past.

The people who PAY for everything, including the wages of teachers, school boards and education facilities are being marginalized, shoved out of the lives of their own children.

And Barry Neufled is left isolated.  Hardly a politician dares utter a peep in his defence, because they are terrified what the media will do to them.

Henry Braun, a leader in his church, a church that used to read and believe in God, the Creator of all humanity,…. this man now Mayor of Abbotsford, caved at the first challenge to a moral issue that was outside the purview of his job. He agreed, with no public consultation, that a flag honouring alternate sexual activity should be raised over our City Hall.  This building belongs to all citizens of Abbotsford, including those 100 or so churches, who say they believe what God the almighty has to say about sexual norms.  Henry Braun raised that flag celebrating alternate sex, something clearly forbidden by God, with his own hands, while our other ‘christian’ leaders looked on with approval.

There was absolutely no need to raise any such flag, anymore than Mayor Braun would have been forced to raise a flag celebrating vegetarianism, or the flag of any number of groups or clubs or causes within our City.  A flag over our City should stand for our unity, not our assorted and distinct differences.

While wading into questionable activity, this Council is noticeably missing in action on a lot of problems they should be tending to, like enforcing by-laws that they themselves write.

Abbotsford is fast becoming wall to wall condos, apartments and monster houses.  The set-backs are getting so thin that buildings almost sit on sidewalks now.  Push out all the lovely homes and gardens and maximize the footprint for maximum speculator profit.  We apparently are determined to become a mini Vancouver, and clearly not with the altruistic intent of providing affordable housing.

The trowel is an honest and simple tool of the tradesman and the gardener.   Some honesty, simplicity and common-sense would be a useful trait in the Mayor’s chair.




Help Bring Mia & Liam Home 

During the past Spring Break, Mia and Liam’s natural father, Wissam Tarabichi, stated he was taking the children to Seattle for a one-week holiday from March 24-31, returning the children to school on April 3. Instead, he abducted them to the Middle East, and the three are in Beirut, Lebanon; their exact whereabouts in Lebanon are currently unknown.

Mia, 9, and Liam, 7, are from Abbotsford, BC. The children have only known Abbotsford as home. Their two left-behind parents are their mom, Shelley, and step-dad, Dean.

It wasn’t until April 3 that we became aware of their disappearance, when Shelley was contacted by the school because Mia and Liam were absent. She soon learned that in that short time period from when their dad picked them up for their “holidays”, he had sold his house in Abbotsford, contents included, and that he had severed all ties to Canada.

It has been confirmed that Mia, Liam and Wissam crossed the border from Abbotsford to Washington State on March 24. On March 25, the three of them flew from Seattle to Paris, then onto Beirut, Lebanon.

Shelley and Dean have had no contact with their children in over two weeks. Lebanon is not a signatory of The Hague Convention. This means that the government of Lebanon is not required to co-operate with the return of the children to Canada (their rightful habitual country) and the community of Abbotsford. Global Affairs Canada has tried to help, but has advised the family to retain a lawyer in Lebanon to pursue the case in the Lebanese court system.

Over the past few years, Shelley and Dean have spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to protect their children’s safety until they would be old enough to speak for themselves. However, the Canadian court system permitted the children to travel abroad with their father; the airline somehow let them board the plane; and now, Liam and Mia are stuck. Their return to Canada weighs upon Shelley and Dean’s ability to bring them home. There is a long, frustrating, emotional and expensive road ahead of them.

Our hearts ache for Mia and Liam. Their trauma will be great, and their sense of security will likely never be the same. They were not given any warning or opportunity to say good-bye to the only family, friends and home they knew. This situation has been hard to comprehend as adults, and their sense of confusion and loss will be even greater. The cold reality is that it will not be easy to bring them home; however, we will remain positive, proactive and will never, ever give up on them. To that end, Shelley and Dean will need funds for lawyers and resources to open up communications with their father and begin the process of resolution. They would just love to hear their children’s voices.

Shelley says: Bedtime in our house was always very special. I used to tuck the kids in for a snuggle and chat. I always told them that if we ever found ourselves separated, to look into the night sky and I will too, and that we will stay connected through the stars. I hope they remember that and know that we are sending them love and hugs always. Mia and Liam, we love you and will see you soon.As they are solely focused on this sensitive journey, please be mindful of their privacy. Please help Shelley and Dean in their fight to bring Mia and Liam home as soon as possible.

Most people have stopped sending me this blithering nonsense, but some persist in believing everything sent to them must be gospel truth, and eagerly forward the latest, breathtaking ‘news‘.

This one below was so patently absurd that I made the effort to once again point out to my sender friend that he was being played for a fool.

Who makes up this junk, and why?

Sometimes I think the purpose of it is to make conservatives look like blithering idiots as they happily swirl obvious fabricated quotes around the world.

I think Justin Trudeau may turn out to be the very worst Prime Minister that Canada has ever had.  And if he is allowed another term our country will probably suffer the loss of many features that have made us such a wonderful place to live.

Our Prime Minister has already implemented a long, and growing list of awful moral and economic decisions that show him to be shallow, lacking in leadership qualities, and impervious to real wisdom.

BUT, even this man, whose only qualities seem to depend on an inherited name and a pretty face would not be foolish enough to sabotage his seat of power to such foolishness as is attributed to him, below.

Don’t believe these alarmist ‘forwards‘.  Why do the authors never include links to the original source?   Because there is no such thing.

After trying, in vain, to find any verification for this dumb email, I then looked up ‘Olga Shewchuk’.  Two came up.   One died in 2010 and another in 2011.

What is of particular concern is that sometimes people who say they believe in God, and that they have trusted in the Saviour of our souls, are swept up in these contrived, and untrue stories.

Christians,…….Don’t forward lies.   We all make mistakes, but insofar as it is possible to verify such serious slander, make sure of your facts, and do not forward lies.

God through King David tells us:

“O lord, who shall sojourn in thy tent?  Who shall dwell on thy holy hill?

He who walks blamelessly, and does what is right, and speaks truth from his heart; who does not slander with his tongue,  and does no evil to his friend, nor takes up a reproach against his neighbor;

in whose eyes a reprobate is despised, but who honors those who fear the Lord; who swears to his own hurt and does not change;

who does not put out his money at interest, and does not take a bribe against the innocent.

He who does these things shall never be moved.”

Begin forwarded message:

(The actual proceedings begin at about 6.5 minutes into the video.)

TWU seems to have very few instructors who accept biblical creation. For a brief critique of TWU’s stated position on science and the Bible, see here. (For a more detailed critique see here.)

B.C. Gem Show 2018 has now concluded. Held annually in our city of Abbotsford, British Columbia, this show is the largest display of rocks, gems, and fossils in our province.

Richard and I were privileged to put a display case into this year’s show (as we have several times in the past). Our case featured everybody’s favourite invertebrate fossil, the trilobite, as evidence of Divine Creation and a Global Flood.

BC Gem Show 2018Trilobite case (panorama)Trilobites1Trilobites2Trilobites3Trilobites4Trilobites5Trilobites6Trilobites7Trilobites8Trilobites9Trilobites10