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Anyone who’s reached three-score and ten years has seen many human beings, maybe millions of them.  What is remarkable about people is the predictable ordinariness.  Regardless of their height or weight or colour, they all come in just two forms,………male and female.  That pattern breaks only when there is a malfunction, a mutation,……a mistake or unfortunate accident of some sort.  So physically the norm is just two distinctly different sexes.  They are designed to fit together, and again, unless there is some malfunction somewhere along the astounding complexity of the reproduction system, men and women can recreate what God created ex nihilo.

How human beings feel about sexual relationships is entirely another thing, but there are only……males and females, designed for each other.

How odd then to have this virulent, raging demand that children be taught to think there is a spectrum from boy to girl that is vast and fluid.  Confusion does exist in minds, and emotions, but children are being deluded by militant sex activists.

Life is a journey from the cradle to the grave so let everyone explore and figure things out for themselves, that’s how we develop strength of character and discernment.  But loving others entails staying close enough to steer them through the shoals.  Love allows children a lot of freedom, but tries to protect young, weak and vulnerable kids from mental and physical harm.

Someone asked if I’d put down a few notes from the SOGI meeting in Abbotsford

Leonard Rempel booked the meeting room.  He says he got a few threatening type phone calls, telling him to pull the event, and that people, whom he did not name went to the manager of Garden Park Towers to demand cancellation that morning.   So Leonard asked Chief Rich to send officers.  There was one police fellow there.

The Abbotsford News sent a reporter, and he does the usual dismissive media take on conservative concerns.  Not that Kari Simpson is charming.  She’s crude and vulgar at times.  But if you’re hungry and thirsty out in the desert and some scruff offers you a crust of bread, and some water in a dirty glass, you will receive it with gratitude.  There are not enough good people taking a stand for sanity while left-wing insanity is on the rise.


Paul Dirks, a pastor from New Westminster gave a lot of facts and figures.  He seems to have a genuine intent to be accurate.  What emerges then is a collossal amount of taxpayer money is being funnelled into various efforts to expand the reach of SOGI and related social engineering.

Study figures are paraded by SOGI type activists to prove their case.  But those studies are too new to make the claims credible.  What is fast emerging too is the terrible cost to children who are being swept up by activists, determined to catch kids during those vulnerable years when the child is just beginning to figure out, themselves and their sexually.  The child at puberty hasn’t got a fully developed brain.

Most certainly I was a tomboy for most of my childhood on the farm in Ontario.  I rode our horse, explored the creek, climbed trees, hunted for snakes with our dog, and only imagined myself as Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Davy Crockett or Roy Rogers,…..always with my six-guns slung in my holster.  This dumb little country kid would have been a sitting duck for SOGI enlightenment.  I thought it was quite unfair that boys could have so much more fun than girls, but foolish child that I was, it never occurred to me that I should become a boy, psychologically, chemically or surgically.

I am so thankful to God that no one thought they needed to guide me into my TRUE identity, because I love being a wife and a mother.  Dear God help our kids survive the evils of SOGI and it’s pushers.

So Dirks showed some hard facts about the kids being urged to go on hormone (expressing or suppressing?) medicines once kids have been given sufficient cause to doubt their physical gender.

The transition begins, and sometimes ends in life-altering operations.

What we know from just reading over the course of our lives is that most of the crowd follows the trend-setters, whether they be good or evil.  So the drastic rise in numbers of children who question what they are is not due to genetics but to the throbbing message coming at them from every side.  (Social contagian)

Some things that stand out as seriously worrying is the ‘Out on Screen’ activity.   The problem with trying to learn more is the need to expose ourselves to stuff we find morally reprehensible.  If even half of the personal experiences coming out of the SOGI indoctrination are true, this is driven by Satan, not our Creator and Lord.

For every good thing, there are cheap imitations, like taking the name ARC, and attempting to claim God’s sign of the rainbow as a symbol for sexual activity specifically forbidden by Him.

The pervasive abandonment of restraint self-control costs us all dearly in health dollars.  Most illness and disease resulting from the free-for-all is preventable.

Almost no one argues that all children need love and protection.  But this is not protecting precious kids in their formative years.   They are little sponges and can be shaped and led just about anyway a semi-smart adult wants to take them…….And how will this push for sex, sex, sex, (as BCTF puts it) play out in the minds and souls and bodies, and lives of vulnerable children.  Because to a little child, their teacher is next to God.

And I wonder if Justin Trudeau will foist this radical, altered sea-change view of things on to Muslim kids? Frankly I do not believe the Prime Minister has the courage to order the implementation of this gibberish on to the Muslim community.

Or for that matter, does the BC Government dare order the Dashmesh Punjabi school in Abbotsford to meekly accept this attack on man/woman/children/family norm, a norm that is so clear, obvious and natural?

We need to be clear about what is fact and fiction, but from first-hand stories coming out, transparency is not always the goal of radical social activists.  Slide massive change in on the sly for smoother sailing is in evidence when children are forbidden to share classroom activity with parents.

Democracy is a large number of people paying a small number of people to look after our common needs.  Education is a large number of parents paying a smaller number of people to HELP teach their children skills that will equip them to go out into the larger world and survive, maybe even thrive.

We have so lost sight of this simple formula.  Elected politicians, civil servants, educators,…..they are OUR employees.  They are not to be tyrants in ivory towers who decree what we must do, according to their flights of fancy.

Inform yourself about SOGI, Engage yourself in this business.   Take back your precious kids from a future full of SOGI revisionist nonsense about gender.


From the BCTF website:

Responding to resistance to teaching sexual health education in an LGBTQ-inclusive manner

Complaints or concerns that you might hear:

  1. Gay sex is unnatural.Response: In all populations and all cultures around the world there are people who are attracted to the same sex. Like left handedness, it is a natural variation of the human population. Over 1,500 species of animals have same-sex behaviours.

  2. Why are you teaching about gay sex in your classroom?Response: I am teaching about all aspects of sexual health in a developmentally appropriate manner. Excluding important sexual health information is irresponsible.

  3. What you’re teaching goes against my religion and family values.Response: As teachers, we do not condone children being removed from our classes when we teach about Aboriginal people, people of color, people with disabilities, or gays and lesbians.Response: You can teach your child your own values at home. Public schools teach everyone about respecting diversity and valuing everyone.

    Response: This is not about parent rights. Children have the right to an inclusive education free from discrimination.

    Response: The School Act requires education in British Columbia to be conducted on strictly secular and non-sectarian principles. The curriculum in BC stresses tolerance and inclusion, and places high importance on discussion and understanding of all family groups and relationships.

  4. It’s not your job as a school to teach my kids about sex.Response: As part of the mandated curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education, I am required to teach about sexual health to my students. The Health and Career Education IRP is available on the ministry website if you would like to have a look at the prescribed learning outcomes. You’ll also find the Alternative Delivery Policy outlined in the IRP document.

  5. Teaching gay sex will make my child want to try it.Response: There have been a number of studies done that show that there is no connection between an inclusive curriculum and changing someone’s sexuality.


Response: There have been a number of studies done that indicate that many youth engage in sexual activities with others of the same sex, regardless of whether they define themselves as gay or straight.

  1. Are you gay? Why are you pushing your personal agenda?Response: My sexual orientation is irrelevant to the subject matter that we are discussing and your question is inappropriate.

    Your response could also follow this format:
    I don’t need to be a person of colour to …
    I teach antiracism work and I don’t need to be a person of colour to do so.
    I teach antisexism work and I don’t need to be a woman to do so.
    My agenda comes from the Ministry of Education which values and celebrates diversity. Our curriculum is inclusive of the diverse populations that we serve.

  2. Gay sex is just wrong.Response: In a public institution we, as teachers, do not discriminate against groups of people. Your language is discriminatory.

  3. Why aren’t my family’s traditional values being included?Response: In a public institution, we teach in a manner that doesn’t exclude groups of people, especially those protected under the British Columbia Human Rights Code.

Sexual education free from heterosexism

Heterosexism is a system of attitudes, biases, and discrimination that positions heterosexuality as normal and superior within society. It presumes that everyone is heterosexual and that a person born male or female should assume gender roles traditionally associated with their biological sex.

The effects of heterosexism in sexual education

excludes some students from the benefits of learning about safe sex practices to protect themselves from STIs. Sexual health education should give equal consideration to safe sex practices for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. leads to isolation and can contribute to depression and lower self-esteem for students who are LGBTQ.

limits straight students’ understanding and appreciation of others.
Bullying often happens when an imbalance of power exists. Teaching about only heterosexual relationships and ignoring other relationships denotes straight people as “normal” and LGBTQ people as abnormal. This form of marginalization encourages systemic bullying of LGBTQ people.

Inclusive sexual education

is taught via a co-ed model (all students have access to the same information in a gender- neutral and supportive environment).
redefines sex as being about more than just reproduction.
considers that some students will identify as LGBTQ and lesson plans include information that will address their needs and affirm their identities.

doesn’t assume heterosexuality. For example, avoid conversations like, “Girls at your age may notice that they are beginning to have feeling for boys. This is a normal development.” Same sex attractions are also normal.
includes images of same sex couples and families in order to role model acceptance and diversity.

moves beyond tokenism—integrates information about LGBTQ people into curriculum in a significant way.

The following resource offers some interesting videos looking at the effects of “abstinence only” health classes which reinforce heterosexism. Rainbow Bear’s Wedding ( offers insight into how a youth participating in a heterosexist lesson about relationships may feel.

Sexual Health Resources for Schools Primary Grades

For Educators:

  1. The New Speaking of Sex: What your children need to know and when they need to know it.
    By Meg Hickling. ISBN-13: 978-1896836706
    Meg Hickling’s early work in sexual health education formed the basis of the learning outcomes that are in use in BC schools today. This very readable book offers excellent suggestions for answering questions from kids of all ages.
  2. The Transgender Child: A handbook for families and professionals. By Stephanie A. Brill.
    ISBN-13: 978-1573443180
    Through extensive research and interviews, as well as years of experience working in the field, the authors cover gender variance from birth through college, offering a deeper understanding of gender variant and transgender children and teens.
  3. From Diapers to Dating: A parent’s guide to raising sexually healthy children. By Debra W. Haffner. ISBN-13: 978-1557048103
    A helpful book with tips on how to find and use teachables and address matters around sexuality K-7.

For K-3 Students:

  1. Boys, Girls & Body Science: A first book about facts of life. By Meg Hickling.
    ISBN-13: 978-1550172362
    Meg Hickling, the grandmother of sexual health education and local illustrator Kim LaFave, have created an engaging and educational book for young children offering age specific information about safety, body science, and the science behind conception.
  2. What’s the big secret? : Talking about sex with girls and boys. By Laurie Krasny Brown. ISBN-13: 978-0316101837The writers of the ‘Arthur’ books take on bodies, reproduction, and birth, all in a frank and positive style.
  3. Who has what? : All about girls’ bodies and boys’ bodies. By Robie H. Harris.
    ISBN-13: 978-0763629311
    Robie Harris, a well-known children’s book author, uses simple answers to address young people’s questions about the body including the similarities and differences between boys and girls bodies.
  4. What makes a baby. By Cory Silverberg. ISBN-13: 978-1609804855
    A children’s picture book about where babies come from that is written and illustrated to include all kinds of kids, adults, and families.

2014 Sexual Health Resources for Schools

Social Responsibility & Diversity Team


5. It’s NOT the Stork! A book about girls, boys, babies, bodies, families and friends. By Robie H. Harris. ISBN-13: 978-0763633318
This book helps answers questions that preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school children ask about how they began using cartoon characters with up-to-date and age appropriate information.

6. Amazing You! Getting smart about your private parts. By Gail Saltz. ISBN-13: 978-0142410585
A picture book for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school children that presents clear and age-appropriate information about reproduction, birth, and bodies.

7. Where Willy Went… The big story of a little sperm! By Nicholas Allan. ISBN-13: 978-0099456483
A story about a sperm who is in a race to be the first to get to the egg, written in a hilarious and age appropriate manner.

A how-to guide for educators
Avoiding homophobia and transphobia in sexual health education

  1. When we teach sexual health, it is important to create a safe environment in our classrooms. Students should be encouraged to share their ideas and ask questions in a space that is free from ridicule and prejudice.Before starting conversations around sexual health, set parameters around how the class will carry on respectful conversations such as telling students that:“Having different views about sex is okay, but discriminatory language is not.”
    “You may have different religious and/or cultural backgrounds which inform your values around sex, but homophobic and transphobic language will not be tolerated.”
  2. When teaching sexual health education, don’t assume that everyone is going to be straight even if there are no “out” students within your class.Regularly include videos and images in your lessons that depict same-sex couples and transgender people.
    When teaching methods for having safe sex, include information about oral and anal safe- sex practices. Don’t assume that anal sex only applies to members of the LGBTQ community, or that all members of the LGBTQ community engage in one particular sexual activity like anal sex. There is great diversity of sexual practices amongst all people, regardless of self-identification.Dispel the stereotype that AIDS is only a concern for gay people. Teach students that certain sexual activity comes with increased risk regardless of personal self- identification.
    Don’t separate genders for specific information; it can make LGBTQ people feel uncomfortable because of the assumptions being made. All students will benefit from information about each other.Make sure you bring up the term LGBTQ and inform students what this acronym stands for.

    (L=lesbian, G=gay, B=bisexual, T=transgender or two-spirited, Q=queer or questioning)

  3. Don’t limit discussions of sex to being just for reproduction. Most sexual activity occurs for reasons beyond wanting to reproduce. If sex education is exclusively framed as just for reproduction or in medicalized terms, then non-reproductive sex will become equated by some as unnatural.
  4. Continue to educate yourself. Information about sexual health and sexual health education continues to evolve, though resources can often be limited depending upon your community. There are community groups, health professionals, and resources that are accessible. Some of them are listed online at

Tonight I heard some facts and figures about the implementation of SOGI, something that has already come to our public education system, and yet is almost unknown by most of the parents and taxpayers of our province.

One young woman said it.  When Hitler’s murderous plans were being implemented all through the land, Churches, pastors and Christians, ducked and bowed and cowered and compromised,……….HOPING, it would all somehow pass them by.  If we just keep low, we won’t be too badly affected.   Somehow the madness will come to an end.   Just whisper your doubts, only to your most trusted friend. Hope someone will stand against the madness.

When I’ve read more of the official documents, I hope to write a careful analysis of what looks like the success of militant, relentless attack on the foundation of democratic civilization,……. the family, freedom of speech, a minimal societal agreement on standards of decency, the protection of little defenceless children from sexual predators.  And a lot more that made the western world a place of hope for the oppressed of this world.

I can see nothing positive in the SOGI agenda, though it is couched in deceptive warm fuzzies.  I fear this is isolating children from the parents who love them, and grooming them for people who want to normalize sex with anyone, anytime, anyway.

Justin Trudeau wants SOGI implemented across Canada.  God save us from such godless leaders.

Back some 15 or 20 years ago, Richard was a union rep at an AGM where the ‘Corren Agreement’ dominated the agenda.  The strident mantra was repeated so often it burned into my brain,…...” We MUST teach our children, from K to 12, to CELEBRATE, ENDORSE, AFFIRM AND EMBRACE,……….HOMOSEXUALITY, LESBIANISM, TRANSVESTITISM,………AND,……….ANYTHINGISM.”

I asked Mike de Jong to stop this madness, but he demurred, saying something similar to what Justin Trudeau recently said about paying Omar Khadr over ten million dollars,  well, if it should go to court we’d lose, and so we may as well not try to fight.

So I wrote up a one page summary about the Corren Agreement and over a number of weeks took that to MEN, fathers in their work places.  I went to factories, industries, offices between Abbotsford and Delta,  so that they the providers and defenders of their families would know what was being done to their precious kids by the well-heeled educators, who get their children for the biggest part of every  day.

What I discovered was grim. Almost no one knew what 600 BCTF teacher reps had  voted into the school curriculum, with the blessing of the Provincial Government.

We’ve come a long way baby, and it’s all downhill on a SOGI slide.



The NDP’s Genderless Utopia:  The Calgary Herald


Every Alberta student, male and female alike, now has the right to use the girls’ washrooms and change rooms, depending not on the reality of biology, but purely on the student’s own feelings.

Schools at which kids wear uniforms can no longer insist that only girls wear skirts. Girls must be allowed to join the boys’ hockey team. Boys are entitled to attend a girls’ sex education class. Schools must work toward the elimination of single-gender sports, meetings, clubs and activities. Schools must even stop using “gendered” language like mother, father, him, her, Mr., Mrs., and instead use “non- gendered” language like “caregivers” and “partners.”

In Alberta, the feelings of a boy who thinks he’s a girl are far more important than the privacy rights and the feelings of girls who don’t want to share their change room with a boy. Girls who feel uncomfortable about a physical male using their change room will need to go elsewhere. Likewise, how boys might feel about a girl using their locker- room is now irrelevant.

Welcome to the NDP’s genderless utopia, where the government requires everyone to pay lip service to the absurd idea that the innate biological and psychological differences between men and women are irrelevant. Education Minister David Eggen expects every public, private, Catholic, charter

and alternative school in Alberta to implement his government’s ideology, which holds that “self-identification” trumps biological reality. Eggen also attacks the bond between parents and their children, by insisting that schools not inform parents about their own child’s “gender expression.”

Of course, the NDP’s “Guidelines for Best Practices” regarding “Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions” purports to be based on evidence and research. But the document does not refer to any credible evidence or objective research. Instead, it provides links only to ideological advocacy on the part of bureaucrats, special interest lobby groups and the teachers’ union.

Most parents reject the idea that one’s personal, subjective feelings should oust the scientific fact that people are either biologically male or biologically female. Dr. Ken Zucker, while clinical lead at the Gender Identity Service of Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, helped many families treat their children’s gender identity disorder, also known as gender dysphoria.

The NDP ignores evidence that therapy for gender dysphoria, if undertaken in childhood, has a solid record of success in reconnecting gender identity with biological reality. Many parents are grateful to Zucker for sparing their children a lifetime of hormone treatments, and possibly major surgery. A free society fosters frank and honest debate about sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual morality and related issues. Debate is the best way for truth to emerge triumphant over falsehood.

Different opinions about these issues will invariably lead to a demand for different kinds of schools, each with its own perspectives and policies, from which parents can choose the best education for their children. Parents love their own children more — and know their own children better — than any politician, bureaucrat or lobbyist. Children don’t come one-size-fits- all, so education shouldn’t either.

Allowing boys to use the girls’ washrooms and change rooms does not create a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment in Alberta’s schools. These new top-down, one-size-fits- all requirements disrespect parents, and their legal right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children. This right is particularly important for the parents of a child who struggles with gender identity, or who feels confused about sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, these new mandatory guidelines violate students’ privacy rights, undermine parental rights in education, and prevent schools from making their own choices about how best to create a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment.

Calgary lawyer John Carpay is president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gerda Peachey <>
Date: Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 8:56 PM
Subject: Fwd: Abbotsford Town Hall Meeting
To: “deJong.MLA, Mike” <>, “Gibson.MLA, Simon” <>, Darryl <>, Rich Coleman <>,

I don’t know who these organizers are, at the Garden Park Tower, on Tuesday, but it seems to me the time is long past for you to speak, and speak clearly about SOGI.

Where have you, our provincial leaders been, while this complete departure from all the norms of Western civilization has been slithering through our country like a deadly boa constrictor?

Can it possibly be true that you who rule condone polices that forbid teachers to call boys boys, and girls girls?  Do you have even the faintest idea of your creator God, and that in the beginning He made us male and female.  There was no third gender of trans.  God has not changed His mind.  Where have your minds gone?  Get them back please.  We need you to lead us in the right way.

Lets hear from you brave, wise leaders.   Do you really buy into this nonsense or have you been reduced to snivelling cowards against the relentless drive of people who will harm our precious children and destroy the family unit that has been the foundation of our wonderful democracy?

Please speak up and show some moral fibre, fast.

It is PARENTS who bring children into this world.  It is parents who sacrifice their time and money and strength and their other pursuits to nurture and provide for their children.   Yet YOU in government are either actively or passively standing by while all the most fundamental rights of parents are being stolen, with your power to back up the designs of people who want those children for their own ends.

It is God whom you must meet some day, and what a terrible day it will be for you who stood by and allowed the enemy of our souls to destroy the moral fibre of our nation.

This is far too severe for you to ignore.

Gerda Peachey

These are a few excerpts from other people:

 I’m so disturbed that I cannot keep quiet.  This has honestly been keeping me up at night, thinking this through.  

 Wednesday a friend told me her Grade 6 daughter, who we know through Brownies/Girl Guides, just three weeks into the school year, has learned about “anal sex” as part of the new school curriculum.

The girls in that class were so traumatized that they came home crying.  

Clearly, this is disturbing.  

So, shocked, I came home and spent hours and hours looking at SOGI, every single lesson plan, who developed it, who funded it, and how it got introduced through the Legislature.  

 I am a mom, and if my children had a trusted adult teach them about “anal sex”–at age 11–and its mechanics, I would be puling my children and enrolling them at 

These are my concerns about SOGI after spending hours combing over it:

1)  It was funded by the ARC Foundation.  The Arc Foundation is funded in part by Bob Quartermain, who is head of (owns?) a large mining company in BC.  How does a private foundation get to develop curriculum and then quickly put it in classrooms without more parent consultation?

2)  It was rushed through in a quiet, summer meeting of the legislature in 2016 where hundreds of sex activists attended.  Why do sex activists get so much input into a curriculum instead of parents?

2)  The ARC Foundation/Bob Quartermain/his mining company made a large political donation to the Christie Clark Liberals.  Did this influence how quickly this curriculum was rushed through?  

3)  SOGI begins the conversation about sexuality in kindergarten.  This is very, very, very young in my mind.  I worry that we are eroding the natural barriers that protect children from child predators by allowing children to become comfortable with topics of sexuality so early.  I worry that SOGI actually might be a vehicle for grooming children; and if children are learning about anal sex, from trusted adults, at age 11, then clearly I might not be wrong.  

4)  SOGI encourages teachers to use gender neutral language in reference to both parents and children (“adult caregiver” instead of mom and dad and “children” instead of boys and girls–I would prefer, “mom, dad, or adult caregiver” to be more accurate).  As a feminist, this makes me extremely uncomfortable.  Women are different than men, and have been historically discriminated against and exploited, and continue to be so.  I worry that gender neutral language may erode women’s rights.  A lot of lesbian scholars are actually very concerned with the SOGI curriculum for these reasons, and I can provide you with studies from lesbians speaking out against SOGI if you want more information on this. 

5)  This curriculum erodes parental rights.  Why is something that could have built community among parents, by bringing everyone together and building a more inclusive curriculum together, being pushed through so quickly?  There should have been major parental consultation and input on a curriculum so controversial.  

7)  It may create backlash against the LGQBT community–parents feel their rights are being taken away by LGQBT activists, how does this actually help with inclusive education?

8) Why are we excluding the other traditional communities from these conversations?  Chinese people have very traditional values, so do Muslims, Orthodox Jews, and Sikhs.  Are they not entitled to some input into this curriculum as well?  

Traditional families have lots of babies, and demographically Canada is aging quickly.  My Mennonite next-door neighbour just had her tenth baby (and she’s not done yet).  Many of my traditional friends have five or six children, and they are not done yet.  Muslims also have large families.  Traditional families, including immigrants and refugees from traditional cultures (like Syria), are the ones who will be keeping Canada’s population alive over the next twenty years.  Do we want these communities to learn tolerance, or do we want them to withdraw into their ethnoburbs where extreme ideas may develop?    

I believe all families are equal.

However, in spite of this, I believe all conversations start with parental rights first.  And if we are talking about topics of sexuality, than you better believe that I, as the parent, want a lot of input into what my children are learning.  I think SOGI should have been developed with way more parental consultation.  I believe SOGI should not have been rushed through–and I don’t think it should have been funded by a private foundation.  

I also am very much against anything that smacks of child grooming and that erodes the value of women, and I think this curriculum, in its current design,  may also just do that.  


ACHSA Homeschoolers,

There is a moral decay engulfing our Education system.

Some may think this doesn’t have anything to do with Homeschooling – but it will take over all things Education in BC, if we are not strong to stand our ground!
The foundation and strength of our country and its future generations is based on parents, not government, instilling morals and values based on what is best for our children.


The ideological activism behind SOGI is not inclusive (it rejects everyone that doesn’t agree with it) and it is government indoctrination with the purpose of socially engineering the next generation (our children), it is explicitly against the parental guidance of a large portion of our society. There is no “opting out” for this curriculum, it will affect everyone, and be reflected in the grades/transcripts of the students who don’t agree with the ideology.
Culture Guard is paving the way for us to have the information we need to be equipped to challenge this harmful ideological political agenda.

1 Timothy 6:20

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Respect is the word she feels encompasses everything in life.

Things you probably don’t know about our October Keynote Speaker……..

My grade eight graduation photo from Lord Roberts Elementary School in Vancouver.  That was in 1955.

1946 to 1947          Danced with my mother (she was a ballerina with the Montreal Ballet).

1955 to 1958          Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Flight-Sergeant (highest rank for females at that time)

1954 to 1955          Royal Canadian Army Cadets, Corporal (moved to Air Cadets as female Army Cadets       were disbanded)

1954 to 1955          Canadian Girls in Training

1976                      Produced and moderated 40 local T.V. programs depicting the history of Abbotsford, Sumas and Matsqui and of the Women’s Institutes in the Hopeline District

2001-2002                 Abbotsford 2002 BC Disability Games, Spirit of the

Eagle Director (a.k.a. Vice-President for in-kind and                                                    fundraising)


2000 to 2006             Appointed to Museum Task Force by Abbotsford City Council, Vice-Chair


1996 to present        Abbotsford Genealogical Society member


1999                           Mill Lake Centre Speakers Bureau, speaker and organizer of                                    speaking engagements

2006                      Recipient of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce
2006 Business Excellence Community Leader Award

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 The Abbotsford News as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Abbotsford

2012                      Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for volunteerism

Do you know who this women is… you want to know more?

Then grab a ticket and attend this event and be amazed by a women that has done so much and still is so busy in the community and with her family. Be ready as she will get you to volunteer for something!

You will not want to miss this event.

The Abbotsford BPW Executive



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Thanks to Brian Hutchinson, I can now lay claim to the official role of ‘Political Blogger’.

I will try very hard not to let it go to my head.  And thankfully Brian did not distort anything I said, which is not alway true of reporters.

I wish Darryl Plecas well in his new role, and hope his peculiar strengths can be utilized toward making provincial governance better.


Hi Gerda,
Here’s a link to the Plecas piece. It was posted just the other day.
Thanks again for your input.