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Just what would Justin Trudeau do if five drunken men and women roared on to his property,……and started stealing and smashing, while his wife was vulnerable nearby?

In such circumstances, does our Prime Minister expect Canadians to just peacefully fold their hands and hope for the best?  Would he be so dreamy-eyed passive, under such a threat to his personal interests?

These were five adults, not youths.   They’d been drinking alcohol all day, according to the first reports, but now kind of not mentioned.

“Mr. Boushie and his friends woke up that morning on the Red Pheasant First Nation, about 90 minutes north of Saskatoon. The group included Eric Meechance, Kiora Wuttunee, Belinda Jackson and Cassidy Cross-Whitstone.

On the way home, Mr. Cross-Whitstone was at the wheel when their car hit a culvert and punctured a tire. He pulled into a farm, where the men tried and failed to steal a truck. They then headed for Mr. Stanley’s property.”

They’d already attempted to steal from another farm.  These were not harmless, friendly youth just politely driving on to a farmer’s property to ask for help.

This nonsense of bending over backwards until our spines snap has gone on for a long time.  Many years ago my nephew Ray had his new truck stolen from a park and ride in Ontario.  He’d worked hard on construction sites to buy his truck.  But when he went to the OPP they said they knew that his truck was on the nearby reserve and that by now it’s parts were in chop-shop circulation.   Nothing they could do, and it happened all the time.

During a particularly bad temperature inversion here in the Fraser Valley a reserve in Chilliwack was burning a massive pile of garbage that included plastic, styrofoam and rubber.   But the laws of the land do not apply to reserves.  Everyone else in the Fraser Valley was under a ‘no-burning ban’.

It is because of this infantile insistence that there be two sets of laws, (or even three if Justin Trudeau facilitates Sharia Law for Muslims in Canada),………this discordant approach to the laws that govern citizens of Canada, creates tension, disharmony and violence.

Wake up Mr. Trudeau.  Stop telling us “who we are as Canadians”.   Rather work towards a Canada where the laws of the land are just and clear, and doable by all Canadian citizens.   We need a level playing field so that all of us can happily and heartily play on the same team.

This wonderful country, that you seem determined to re-shape into your own image, is not awash with rabid racists.  We are longing for leaders who will create a level playing field, because actually we quite like each other most of the time.

Gerda Peachey


Watch what Senator James Lankford told lawmakers after watching the undercover Planned Parenthood ‘baby parts’ videos.

(email from a friend)

Some Christians from the former Soviet Union said their interest in God was motivated when teachers would glare at them and say “There is no God!” – they naturally asked themselves, ‘Well, if there’s no God, why are they making such a big deal about it?’

“Science without debate is propaganda”

Michael Medved and Richard Weikart Lay Bare the Evolutionary Roots of Nazism

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…………..and it was nothing like the media, and the hordes screaming for Barry Neufeld’s head on a platter would have you believe.

Since I got there with lots of time to spare, I found the building and found the room, and found it so empty of people I wondered if I’d got the wrong venue.

There were no chairs set up so I figured I might as well do that.  A fellow joined me in the work, but there was no hurry.  We set up five rows and wondered if that would be enough because with less than half an hour to go only a few people had wandered in.

By 7 PM we’d had to set up rows right to the back of the hall, but these people were sure no firebrands out to foment hate and fear against anyone.

The audience was comprised of ordinary, decent citizens who took time away from their homes and children and rest to learn what SOGI 1 2 3 was all about.   Some did know already and were very concerned.  From the back I did not always hear the speakers clearly, but the worst that happened was people clapping or otherwise showing their feelings about the rapid, sneaky implementation of stuff they don’t want in public schools.

The media sneers that it was mostly old grandparents in attendance.  Now why would they not have seen all the young men and women I saw.  Young parents, many of whom both work, had to get baby-sitters, had to give up precious time with their children to come out to this strange new thing they’d only just started hearing about.  But they were there.  Many of them.

The media has been largely dismissive and even sneering towards the type of parent and grandparent who oppose having their precious young children exposed to sexually explicit material.  These salt-of-the-earth tax paying citizens have been hijacked by activists who think all children belong to them, and not to the parents who brought them into the world and who love, nurture and protect them.

The SOGI material, and all such moral revisionist tools is slid in behind the backs of parents with deep moral convictions.  SOGI advocates have not been transparent, and their designs on children, not their own, have not been subjected to a vetting process of all the key parties,……including parents and guardians.

SOGI type activists pretend to care deeply about kids.  They pretend to care more than the parents who love them.  Activists would have us believe it is for the greater good of the child to make them question the values of their parents.  SOGI people want children to suppress their five senses, cast off common sense and moral values, and explore other possible genders for themselves.

A friend told me about a little girl who cried when she was taught about anal sex in her classroom.  This is child abuse.  It is also abusing the tax-dollars and trust that Canadians put in their schools and teachers.

The media talked about Morgane Oger, the married man who decided to be a woman and now wants to be an NDP MLA.  The reporter described the courageous Oger “walking into the lions den”,…….that fearful den being Evergreen Hall.

But I was there too, and saw Oger stroll in quite unmolested with a gaggle of adoring SOGI fans.

Another reporter describes the pro-SOGI people staying to the sides of the hall, which as it was written would maybe give you the impression of a meek, rather worried few people staying close to the exits,…… you know, just in case those lions turned on them.

But in actual fact these SOGI activists lined themselves up the side, in the front of the hall.  They rudely placed themselves to be a distraction against the people scheduled to speak.  And they were noisy.

One of these meek lambs had a very large rainbow flag that he or she waved in constant full sweeps in front of sitting attendees.  These obnoxious activists were in no danger at Evergreen Hall.  Neither Barry Neufeld, nor that audience posed a threat to the SOGIs.  Nor is Barry Neufeld a danger to the grown up men and women at a B.C. School Trustee Association meeting.  (see below)

Barry Neufeld as an elected Chilliwack School Board trustee, is an employer.  He is doing his job, as he sees best.  The BCTF calling for his ouster is not the employer.

Beginning almost 20 years ago with the Gay and Lesbian Educators, the BCTF had it as a strident mantra that:  “We must teach our children, from K to 12 to AFFIRM, CELEBRATE, ENDORSE AND EMBRACE,………….HOMOSEXUALITY, LESBIANISM, TRANSVESTITISM,……….and ANYTHINGISM.”

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau their horrible goal is reaching the finish line.  Few people can withstand the power of the state.   But little children are being sacrificed on the alter of social engineering.


January 31, 2018 7:49 pm

School board refused to host meeting because controversial Chilliwack school trustee would be there

By Emily Lazatin and Estefania Duran CKNW

Chilliwack trustee Barry Neufeld has compared gender transitioning to “child abuse” as he rails against the SOGI curriculum now being observed in schools.

The Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School Board says it refused to host a B.C. School Trustee Association’s meeting in the Fraser Valley because Chilliwack trustee Barry Neufeld planned to attend.

The Feb. 5 meeting was scheduled at Maple Ridge Secondary, but when the district caught wind that Neufeld planned to take part, board chair Mike Murray said the district needed to stand by its commitment of providing a safe and caring environment.

Really has to do with what message would we be sending to our staff and students and they would both be in attendance, if we basically ignored our own policy, and we didn’t think that was appropriate,” said Murray.

Neufeld has faced backlash after he made a series of public comments against the province’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity curriculum (SOGI 123), which is intended to support “marginalized LGBTQ students.”

Neufeld also compared allowing children to choose their gender identity to “child abuse.”

“While we regret putting the branch in the very awkward position of having to consider postponing its meeting, we do feel the need to stand strongly by our stated values. Otherwise, they have no meaning,” read an email that Murray sent to trustees to explain the board’s decision.

The meeting’s location has been moved to a hotel in Abbotsford.

There have been several calls for Neufeld to resign from his position including from B.C.’s education minister.

The Chilliwack School Board, Chilliwack Teachers’ Association, and Chilliwack District Parents Advisory Council have all called for Neufeld to step aside, including B.C. Education Minister Rob Fleming.

WATCH: Global News coverage of Barry Neufeld’s comments towards SOGI 123

Chilliwack school trustee criticizes LGBTQ-friendly curriculum

Subject: A little boy and his trans – formers.
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This is a true story.  It must be told in veiled language so that the parents of this child can sort through the ramifications of what social engineering has done to their little boy.

The story came to me from my friend, who is closely related to this child.

He is very young.  Not as young as five, and not as old as ten.

He lives in British Columbia.

There has been much discussion in the boy’s school about gender.  He’s been learning that he might not really be a boy, and that girls might not really be girls after all.  He’s hearing the adults he looks up to, in all seriousness teach him, and his schoolmates, that just maybe they are not really boys, or girls.  Indeed they are being told they might easily be any variety of things, not merely confined to the boring male and female bodies they recognize.  The idea of being Trans comes up often.

So the boy got thinking about how he loves flowers.  And loving flowers is a feminine trait,…… apparently.

So he went to school and wondered out loud if maybe he was really more of a girl than a boy.

And the social engineers got all excited about him, and made a great fuss over him, and proclaimed him to be a hero for having the courage to question his physical gender.

And he loved all the attention.  And so it became fixed in his little mind that he was truly Trans.

And the TRANS – FORMERS delighted in having freed another child from the bondage of his birth body, and the oppression of out-dated morals.

I was once little.  If my world had been filled with manipulative social engineers, I can only shudder with horror at what that would have done to my little mind.

A child’s mind is like a sponge, eagerly accepting as truth what the trusted adults in their lives tell them.  A child grows and changes at phenomenal speed.  Every day is a day of development.

That adults have implemented the confusion and immoral teaching of SOGI advocates into the precious lives of little children is child abuse.  And child abusers should be brought before criminal courts.

A child’s life, boys and girls, should be filled with the wonder of flowers and beauty, and animals and birds and hikes and work and play.  Let them explore and grow, but don’t pounce on them with your twisted sexual orientation.  Many, many adults have been horribly damaged by adults who molested them as children.  And some suffer a lifetime of pain and confusion because of it.

Now the government is complicit in enabling social engineering to take children away from the protection and values of loving parents. Other adults are given free rein to rob children of their purity and innocence.  Sowing ideas of gender-confusion is grooming little kids to be easy prey for child molesters.

Children explore and figure themselves and the world out at their own pace, and sexuality is part of that journey.  Maybe I was just a dumb little country bumpkin, but how thankful I am that I was allowed to be an innocent child, slowly figuring life out as I lived on our farm and hung out with my friends.

Adults who tried to mess with little children were quickly brought up short by a world that had not yet descended into a cess-pool of immorality.

The Creator of the ends of the earth made us in His own image.  He made us male and female.  Men have kind and soft qualities and women have strength and courage.  There is only one race, ……. the human race.  Only as we look to God can we know the fullness and meaning of our existence.

We all sin, which is why Jesus had to leave Heaven to atone for humanity on the cross of Calvary.  But God calls us to leave our sins and trust Him and obey Him.

To be teaching little children all sorts of sexual ideas, and that, often without the knowledge or consent of their loving parents is a vile and horrible sin against the children and against their God, who sees all.

I don’t know why God does not just strike us dead on the spot, for some of the things we do against His commands but there is a severe warning in His word to those who hurt little children:

Jesus:  “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Whoever humbles himself like this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.


Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.


Woe to the world for temptations to sin!  For it is necessary that temptations come, but woe to the man by whom the temptations comes!  And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it from you; it is better for you to enter life maimed or lame than with two hands or two feet to be thrown into the eternal fire.  And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it from you; it is better for you to enter life with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into the hell of fire.


See that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.  What do you think:  If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go in search of the one that went astray?  And if he finds it, truly, I say to you, he rejoices over it more than over the ninety-nine that never went astray.  So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.”

From: Gerda Peachey <>
Date: Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 2:41 AM
Subject: $200,000 dollars of our tax dollars to ferret out ‘Haters’. (Abbotsford News – January 26, 2018)
To: premier <>, Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <>,,,,, “ProvLetters (VAN_Exchange)” <>,, CKNW News Talk 980 <>,

New funding for ‘Organizing Against Racism and Hate’.

Well come and get me.   I

I hate stupid politicians.

Oh boy, now I’ll have to pray for them because Jesus commands us to pray for our enemies.

But when will this madness stop?

Abbotsford could not find a lousy $70,000. to fix and maintain the much-loved Matsqui pool.

There isn’t enough money, or wisdom, to help the sick and hurting on long hospital wait-lists.

Every nook and cranny of our city is a cesspool of filth and degradation because well-heeled politicians cannot find the will to deal with the glaring problem of homelessness.

But no end of money is available to suppress and silence the voice of reason in a world exploding with irrational and clearly destructive world-views.   There is money aplenty for the implementation of SOGI, a horrific attack on common sense, decency and the religious beliefs of half our country.

Justin Trudeau acts as if Canadians have to obey him rather than the Lord God.  We must all shut down our brains that tell us that,….. other than harmful mutations and accidents of birth,…… humanity has only two sexes, male and female.  There is much pain and confusion caused by ‘nurture‘.   But our Prime Minister is on the bandwagon of making it a thought crime to stand against societal brain-washing.  You too must pretend that it is right and good to mess with impressionable little children and tell them they can be any of some 50+ genders.

Men and women.   Fathers and mothers.   Boys and girls.   Yes, there are many reasons for the pain and confusion in our fellow-humans, but the vast majority of those reasons can be firmly laid at the feet of Satan, the enemy of our souls, who wants only our ruin.

Once intelligent and courageous politicians are falling like dead flies at the feet of the political correctness crowd.  Oh me too, me too, me too.  I’ll sing any song you require of me,…….indoctrinate little kids to reject the values of their loving parents?  Oh yeah, bring it on.   Tell little kids that sex any way, anyhow, with anyone is right and good.  Oh, don’t worry about me.  I’ll not stop you.   Abort the babies in mother’s wombs,…….anytime.  Of course.  It’s a woman’s right.  It’s her body,  though at the moment that means she consists of two heads, four arms, four legs, two hearts, and oh, she’s even got a fully-formed baby boy in there.  Whatever.  The pagans offered their babies to the gods, so we’ve rejected God like they did and we too can sacrifice our babies to the voracious god of mindless sex.

Hate and love and everything in between have always been woven into the fabric of human interactions, but this obsession with ‘hate crimes’ is a cover for something far more dangerous.  Hatred is seen in spades, everywhere on earth, where people with impunity murder and rape their fellow human beings.  Sometimes the drivers are the battle for lands and goods, or long-ago unsettled feuds, but there is no lack of the real thing.

John Bierman’s book ‘Righteous Gentile’ records our world raging with hatred toward Jews, and the astounding courage of a few.  Almost everyone caved before the terror of the Nazi juggernaut.  It’s easy to see why people could not act on their higher values.  They faced the loss of their own comforts, loved ones and even their own lives.  But some jumped on board with relish and engaged in the most unspeakable orgies of hatred against their fellow human beings.  Raoul Wallenberg sacrificed his own life, to rush in, to rescue Jews from the maws of evil. We are capable of heights of holiness and bottomless chasms of evil.

Right now politicians give little hope to a watching world.  Our leaders are following the loud left into insanity, and the once-free Western democracies are teetering on the brink of moral decadence.

But this Western obsession with ferreting out ‘haters‘, has little to do with crime, and a whole lot to do with eradicating free speech.  There is a strident blight rolling over western civilization that wants to suppress all reference to the Almighty creator, sustainer and ultimate Judge of us all.

Just dare to point out that God alone has the authority to decree what is holy and what is sinful, and wait for the howls of rage, and the charges of being a ‘hater’.

Bring it on then.   God the Lord of heaven and earth brought the universe into being.  He created us, male and female, in His own image.

He gave us everything we need for abundant lives, and He gave us His Word to guide us in this temporal life, and then forever in His presence.

God hates.  I know that because I read the Bible, that wonderful book that leads us out of our sinful, selfish ways and into His love, where we have a hope of rising above our fallen nature.  Watch for Justin Trudeau to declare the book of life, hate literature.

Real Christians have long been at the forefront of genuine acts of love and mercy and compassion.  Real Christianity is a beacon of light in a dark world.  Real Christians love their enemies and pray for them, because God is love.

God hates sin because sin ruins us, and Satan the enemy of mankind wants our destruction, now and eternally.  And that you will notice, if you ponder the increasing demand from ‘progressives‘ is really at the heart of finding haters.  By that they seem to really mean anyone who speaks God’s truth.

And that opposition to God’s truth is what fuels real hatred towards your fellow man/woman.

The Bible is simple enough to lead us to Jesus, the only Saviour of our souls.  But this book is not simple.   It is the revelation of the God of gods, the King of kings, the Lord of lords.  And it tells us that God hates sin, because sin is what destroys His creation and His people.  –  Gerda   – Joel Meredith’s list of 43 things God hates.