Subject: Response to David Brooks

The Editor, National Post

Re: David Brooks, Why we need satirists and ridiculers, Jan. 12

In response to Mr. Brooks’ opportunistic slagging of “fundamentalists,” I take my stand: “Je suis fondamentaliste.”

  The term “fundamentalist” originated a little over a century ago when a series of pamphlets titled “The Fundamentals” was written during the liberal/conservative debate over foundational Christian beliefs.

  While recognizing that the Bible contains various figure-laden genres (including poetry and apocalyptic), we follow the Protestant reformers in taking literally what the prophets and apostles plainly intended to be taken as historical narrative.

  We are no more subject to “stupidity” than any other group of human beings, and we are not uniquely “incapable of multiple viewpoints.”

Richard Peachey, Abbotsford, BC