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From: Gerda Peachey <>
Date: Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 5:12 AM
Subject: Who we are as Canadians,……..according to Justin Trudeau:
To: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <>,,,,,, “ProvLetters (VAN_Exchange)” <>,, CKNW News Talk 980 <>, BC Liberal Party <>, premier <>

We hold every pregnant woman has the right to choose,…….life, or death for her unborn child.  We believe no one must be allowed to influence the mother in any way to choose life for her baby.  Only death seems the preferred option.  There are two lives of course, the baby and the woman, but the baby has no choice.   We are encouraged by our Prime Minister and his liberal circle to choose death to the baby.  Woe betide anyone who dares try to reason on behalf of that baby’s life.

According to Justin Trudeau and the liberal left, every child must now be told that there are no boys, and no girls.  There are no fathers and no mothers.  There are no males and no females.   And woe betide anyone who dares point out that our Creator God made us in His own image……male and female He created them.  Two.   Count them.   Two.   Not three, or four, or more.   Not ten, twenty, thirty, …… maybe fifty or more genders, along some invisible sliding scale of genders.  Not anything you think or imagine yourself to be on any given day or hour.  No.  Just two.  That’s what God made us.  Two, and no more.

But our Prime Minister has made it a decree that all peoplekind in Canada shall have it taught, and enforced, that male and females no longer exist — appearances, biology, and God to the contrary.  Because Justin has spoken, and it must be so.  And Bill C-16 will make it so.

And all children in Justin Trudeau’s world must be weaned away from the influence of their loving parents.  Children belong to THE STATE in this dystopian world.   They shall have sex education very, very early.  Sex education that eradicates the moral values of parents who believe what God the Creator says about the right and holy function of sex, in His word, the Bible.  No, not so in Justin Trudeau’s Canada.  Strictly verboten.  Children must be shaken loose from such constraints.  They must be programmed to think that sex is something to do anywhere, any way, and with anyone, any time.   And prying parents must not be allowed to know what their tender little ones are hearing and seeing.  Only their enlightened educators must be given power to shape and define the direction of a child’s mind and soul.

And since it is assumed by our Prime Minister and his crowd that all children will heed the siren call to have sex as their focus, all little boys and girls at the tender age of nine, shall be injected with the chemical Gardasil to prevent the sexually transmitted diseases that follow as night follows day, from having sex anywhere, anytime, anyhow and with anyone.  This must be right.  Even the Canadian Cancer Society wants the three shots to be mandatory for all school children.  And Merck Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Gardasil, is very pleased with this very lucrative deal.

Justin Trudeau and all the enlightened ones have decreed that evolution is how peoplekind got to be peoplekind.  No Divine hand needed or wanted.  Material is all there is, or was, or ever will be.  Dead material sprang into the cosmos,……from somewhere, not sure where, but it did.

And it just accidentally assembled itself into an incredible speck of life.  Not sure how it did that, or where it first did that, but it just did.  Don’t ask annoying questions.  And then that speck became a lump,  and still in its primitive brainless lumpiness,….decided to pull up its sockies, though it had no feet to put sockies on.  And the lump decided to exert might and main and someday emerge as Prime Minister of Canada.

And so today, no child shall ever hear the story of the origin of life, as revealed by the Creator of all the universe in the book of Genesis, because the mere mortals running around on His amazing world resent His Lordship over their lives.  They want to be lords of the universe.  So any talk about our Creator is severely frowned upon, and children are saturated with the ‘just-so’ stories of our ascent from non-life to life through astounding feats of change over eons and eons and eons of time, until through a process never observed, in opposition to all known laws of science, nothing springs into something, and just accidentally gets life.  Nothing to it, see?  And contrary to everything we see, simple life evolves into ever greater complexity.   Oh, just to note.  Most people rather admire their form and face, and astounding intelligence so they have decreed that evolution has stopped, at them.  The Apex of evolution.   Now evolution is allowed in some metaphysical sense, but apparently we rather enjoy being human beings.

However, we cannot forsake the story of evolution, so now the progressives among us have decreed that evolution is still happening…..along gender fluid lines.  But as it is not really, we’ll make evolution happen by chemicals and surgery and serious revisionist indoctrination, so that all peoplekind will forget the Genesis account about God making us in His own image, male and female.  And the progressives are after the young and impressionable who are wending their way through the confusing formative years, to inject serious confusion of a diabolical nature.  Children are being encouraged to see chemicals and life-altering operations as the route to becoming their ‘true’ sexual self.

And now having blurred away all memory of our Lord and God and Creator, we are hapless and helpless, confused and barren of soul.  We are weakened, robbed of common sense and clarity.  So whatever the beings who have injected themselves into the role of gods decree is truth.  They destroy the vertical relationship we once knew with the One who sits in Heaven, and who loves us and wants His people to know life, full, rich and meaningful.  No God — not under Justin Trudeau and his elite band.

Now nothing that was once obvious is allowed to stand.   Now hard-working farmers in remote communities must watch helpless as marauding thugs pillage their properties.  Even in the dead of night and in fear that the thugs may decide to come after their wives or children the farmer must do nothing at all to fight for them or for his possessions.   And if he does try to fend off the thugs, under the wise decree of Justin Trudeau, he, the farmer, will be the criminal.  No matter how drunk, how many, how violent, how long their list of previous crimes, the perpetrators are now declared innocent, and the farmer, growing food and paying taxes to keep our Prime Minister well-supplied, becomes the criminal instead, and he shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, if he dare think he has any rights to property or safety of person, in Justin Trudeau’s Canada.  Ask Gerald Stanley.

If people decide they do not like our democratic freedoms, and hate the religion that helped bring us those freedoms, under Justin Trudeau they shall be free to destroy the foundations of our system of governance, and none shall dare utter a word of rebuke at the use of bombs or knives, or guns employed, if under the name of a god whose adherents proclaim they will conquer world for Allah.  If we demur, our Prime Minister will slap us with the terrifying label of hate-mongers, so better to just duck and hope the bombs and bullets of terrorists somehow pass you by. Say nothing, or Justin’s Motion 103 will take you down faster than a bullet.  It’s okay to insult and mock the God who made us free though.  That’s okay, even approved of by our ‘progressives.’

Under Justin Trudeau, right is wrong and wrong is right.

Topsy-turvy.  That’s who we are as Canadians…….in Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

Gerda Peachey


“Everything has to be socially deconstructed.”

Last night I emailed the McCreary Centre Society, and asked that they send me the full questionnaire being filled out by public schools students all over BC.

No answer from them yet, but someone else also asked them,…….and got the non-answer below.  (Will again send this to our Abbotsford Board of Education.  Be very thoughtful who you vote into this critical job.)

I just talked to a mom, whose son filled in the McCreary questionnaire at his public school.

Until my friend saw the article in the Abbotsford News about a local mom who was so horrified at the questions her child had to answer that she set up a petition, my friend, who is very bright had NOT KNOWN either about this sexually explicit, invasive and suggestive survey, in her son’s school.

We elect school boards and local governments and our provincial government.  Teachers are hired, and paid well.  Boards of education have lots of staff to do the work and research needed to provide quality education for our children.  Teachers and staff have multiple years of education and training to prepare them for this vital work, on our behalf.

McCreary is a PRIVATE organization. How on earth does a private organization get to have this astonishing power to penetrate all our schools with a long questionnaire, the contents of which are to be kept strictly secret from the prying eyes of fathers and mothers and guardians, who LOVE THEM? (see below)

Who PAYS all the above politicians and bureaucrats and the vast array of buildings and expenses associated with providing quality care to their young?  And they are young.  That means impressionable, highly susceptible to adult role models.  Words form pictures in our minds.  Our children are being asked all sorts of explicitly sexual questions by this private company, away from the protection of parents who work to raise children with higher goals and values.  We are not just mindless pieces of meat that must always be focused on sex, anywhere, anytime, any way.

The McCreary people, under the guise of providing valuable information needed for the development of programs, to help kids make it through life, are operating in public schools, under shadowy mists.

Kids lives are often complex, often difficult, often painful.  So where are all those people that we the public have entrusted,……and pay, to take our precious children through the rapid transition from toddler to university, experts to help out parents, who certainly agree they need help with the job of educating and nurturing their children.

McCreary folk are given free rein to shape and mold children,…… their image.  The proponents of SOGI 1 2 3 like the McCreary survey. Parents, you need to get informed and engaged, and make your public servants sit up and give an answer for abandoning your most precious children to the social engineering designs of people who want to re-program tender minds and souls to believe the sexual mores of ‘progressives‘ who are working in overdrive to drive God and beauty and holiness and common-sense into ancient history.

Mc Creary’s NON-ANSWER below:

The RED highlighting is mine.

Hi (name),

Thank you for your email and for your interest in our research. We do not provide copies of the BC Adolescent Health Survey questions for review. Due to an agreement with our Board and funders, we are not able to circulate the survey questions at any point. If you have questions about the topics addressed in the survey, please feel free to contact our BC Adolescent Health Survey Coordinator, Karen Forsyth at or 604-291-1996 ext 230.

Thank you,

Allysha Ram

Administrative Assistant & Youth Action Grants Coordinator

McCreary Centre Society

3552 East Hastings Street

Vancouver, BC, V5K 2A7

Tel: 604-291-1996 Ext. 221| Fax: 604-291-7308

From: Gerda Peachey <>
Date: Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 6:49 PM
Subject: This evening’s: Matt Caruthers SOGI presentation at Abbotsford’s Center of Resources for Education.
To: Shirley Wilson <>,,,,,,

To you, the elected school board trustees, to whom Abbotsford’s people have entrusted the education of our children:

Matt Caruthers is said to be one of the writers of the SOGI curriculum.  Proponents of SOGI advance their cause under the guise of caring deeply about the children in our province, more so evidently than the fathers and mothers who conceived them, and sacrifice comforts, time, and money to provide, protect and nurture their children.

Behind the backs of these people the militant revisionist sexual indoctrination of SOGI-type activists is sweeping aside all common-sense and decency,….. not for the ultimate good of children.

Children are on a journey of discovery from the cradle and well into their teens and twenties.  That searching and learning inherent in the young and impressionable, is being seized and shaped into the image of people who want to cast off all semblance of the image of God, our creator, sustainer, and final judge.

And they are succeeding, because everywhere the activists direct their skillful attacks on the Judeo-Christian foundation that has been the bulwark of astounding peace and freedom, you, our leaders are cowering in fear.  You shut down your own common-sense and convictions because the cost of standing for truth and holiness might cost you dearly.

So there are few leaders left standing for the populace to look up to, to emulate.

You, our children’s school trustees have allowed the McCreary survey to ask kids to answer questions, behind the backs of loving parents,…..questions that are gross, disgusting and immoral. Questions that have the power of suggestion. You all pretend that it is because you love the children more than their parents do.  Parents cannot be trusted, in your view.

Children, in your world-view belong to you, the enlightened educators, and ultimately to the State.

There is nothing new under the sun.  The old Soviet Union took children away from their parents, for the crime of teaching them that God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins and save our eternal souls. Those were long, bitter and cruel years for anyone who dared stand against the godless brain-washing of the State.

People are beginning to experience more of that totalitarian tyranny in this wonderful country of Canada.

I believe those of you intent on enforcing this train-wreck of SOGI activism, will win,…… the short term.  Because God’s word gives us the end of the story. There is an end to this transient life, for all of us. “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.  For he who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption; but he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.”  – God’s word.

But not everyone has lost their brains, or their moral compass.  Some still see clearly that God made us male and female, and designed us to complement each other, and bring the joy and delight of children into this world, for us to love, nurture and protect.  And I hope you will join that diminishing few.

Protect the precious children in our schools.  Teach them the basics necessary to live full and meaningful lives.   Kids,……like the adults we have become, need to constantly work at kindness toward our fellow human beings, but the bizarre revisionism embedded in SOGI is, and will continue to sow confusion, dysfunction and pain.

Soren Kierkegaard said, “The crowd is untruth.”  I’d ask you to step away from the noise of the crowd and turn your eyes up to God, your Creator.  Ask him to give you the wisdom, and the courage you will need to do the job entrusted to you.


Gerda Peachey

FOOTNOTE:  This scheduled meeting was a DPAC initiative, and it was cancelled, for some reason, in the afternoon hours.

Here is Abbotsford’s policy on surveys of students

Administrative Procedures Manual | Section 300 | Students

AP 305 – Surveys of Students


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that information acquired through surveys conducted or facilitated by School District personnel is properly managed. This procedure provides expectations for collecting, reporting, and circulating information acquired from surveys.


The following guidelines will apply for the deployment and use of the student surveys:

  1. Principals may conduct surveys of their local student population. There must be a clear educational basis for such surveys.

  2. As a general principle, all surveys administered to students must be conducted anonymously.

  3. All collected data from school surveys must be treated confidentially (i.e. must mask the identity of


  4. The principal must ensure that information acquired through surveys is properly managed and


  5. District level surveys (i.e. of students in more than one school) may be completed only under the

    authority of the Superintendent.

  6. Survey results relating to specific schools, demographic groups, or individual may not be circulated to

    any external party without the permission of the Superintendent.

Reference AP 301 – Access to Students

Last Revised: May 2013


From: MAH LG Governance MAH:EX <>
Date: Mon, May 7, 2018 at 11:22 AM
Subject: Notice Requirements for Public Hearings
To: “” <>

Hello Gerda,


I have been asked to respond to your email dated May 3, 2018 regarding the notice requirements for public hearings.


Municipalities have the authority under the Local Government Act and under their zoning bylaws to designate parcels of land for different purposes. Municipalities also have the authority to change this zoning designation through specific process that includes public hearings and bylaw amendments.  Under Section 464 of the Local Government Act, local governments are required to hold a public hearing to give the public an opportunity to give presentations to the local government prior to the adoption of an official community plan, a zoning bylaw or a bylaw under Section 548 (early termination of land use contacts).


In your email you referred to an upcoming public hearing and the required notice for affected residents.  Section 466 of the Local Government Actoutlines the required notice of public hearings for land use bylaws.  Notices must be published in at least two consecutive issues of a newspaper, and that the second publication must be published not more than 10 and not less than 3 days before the hearing.  If the bylaw in relation to the notice alters the permitted use or density of the area, this notice must be mailed at least ten days before the public hearing to those residing within a specified distance, as per Section 466 (4) of the Local Government Act.  Section 466 (8) clarifies that the obligation to deliver a notice is satisfied if a reasonable effort was made to deliver the notice in accordance with this section with respect to time and affected persons.  It is important to note that the ten day requirement includes both weekends and business days, as per Section 25 of the Interpretation Act.


In your email you requested that the Premier direct staff to amend the legislation to increase the notice requirements for public hearings.  While I can understand your frustration, I am not aware of any other interest from local governments in amending the notice requirements for public hearings.  Should that change and local governments collectively raise specific concerns with this section of the Local Government Act, I would expect that those would be brought to the Province of British Columbia’s attention through the established Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) resolution process, or through some other form of direct contact by UBCM with the Ministry.


Upon such a request, the Province would then need to consider the proposed amendments, determining the appropriate Ministry responsible depending on the nature of change being sought and undertake thorough policy analysis to determine if a legislative solution would in fact be required and the nature of such legislation.


I would encourage you to contact the Corporate Officer for the City of Abbotsford, Bill Flitton at 604-864-5603 or, to voice your concerns directly to Council.  Ultimately, city council has the authority to determine the timing of notice in relation to public hearings with a minimum set at ten days.


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions.




Scott Leitch | Governance Analyst

Governance and Structure Branch  | Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing




On Mon, May 7, 2018, 12:24 PM Gerda Peachey <> wrote:

Hello Scott:  This has to be the fastest response I have ever had from the Province.  But your answer resolves nothing.

I have written to Abbotsford City Hall.  I have gone as a delegation about this ridiculous inadequate time allowed to people about what is the biggest financial investment for most of us.

Round and round and round.  The buck never stops with any government official:  Ten days notice to let beleaguered tax-payers hear about, let alone do anything about a proposed by-law amendment that might have profound impact on life, is deemed good enough, for the lowly beast of burden.

It’s less than a two week vacation that might find the property owners taking a well-deserved rest up in the Kooteneys, and the poor family may arrive home to an altered reality.   Oh, your zoning got changed.  Hope you like it.  No,…well why did you leave home for ten days?

The home they thought was safe in a well-ordered, democratic country has just been caught in a rezoning.  In the blink of a short holiday.

But hey, land speculators gotta make a profit too.  And politicians have to keep an eye on pleasing significant voters don’t they?

This amounts to theft of property rights, by those we vote and pay to be our ‘Public Servants’.

Ten days is not enough time to announce a Public Hearing.  Please ask Premier Horgan to put this business at the top of his tasks on our behalf.

And thanks again for at least your courtesy of a swift response.

Gerda Peachey

—— Forwarded message ———-

and from one of my neighbours:

Dear Scott:

I must agree with Gerda about the insufficient notice given to property owners about hearings.

You commented about “the best interest of the government” it is not the government’s interests  at stake.  It is the home owner’s interests that are not being protected.  Why not just change the laws and bylaws to give reasonable notice like sixty days, or at least thirty days?   Even a landlord has to give more notice to their tenant for altering a service, or raising rent than the government has to for changing our zoning.

This is ridiculous!

We have been told repeatedly by the municipal government that the provincial government is the one who has set the inadequate ten day notice.  If this is true, then it is up to the provincial government to change this, SO DO IT!

Thank you.


AND on May 7/18, this letter from a neighbour.  Reprinted here with his permission, but I’ll delete his name.

Dear Premier Horgan:


I am aware of some communications going on between some of the citizens of Abbotsford and the City- and the province, with regard to the short and technically inadequate requirements laid out for notifying the affected residents in question and the public at large, whenever a municipality wishes to conduct a Public Hearing to consider a zoning by-law change.


A thumbnail sketch of the problem:


The province, by regulation, mandates a minimum level of notification, namely between 3 and ten days notice in a local newspaper, as well as a card sent by Canada Post to the addresses in close proximity to the subject property, that card being mailed ten calendar days prior to the meeting.These minimum levels are woefully inadequate to allow residents a fair chance at being part of the process.



-Many people are away from home for longer periods of time, for either business or vacation, than the time period for notification.

-Depending on the day that the cards are deposited with Canada Post, that 10 calendar days can easily shrink to 2 business days, due to weekends and delivery schedules. A card that arrives on a Friday before the Monday hearing leaves little chance for a fair hearing.

-Speculators and developers have a vastly unfair advantage over any opposition, with much time to prepare their proposal before anyone else is even aware of an impending change.


The individual municipalities are free to add more levels of notification, such as signage on the property in question, the scope of the distance to which notifications must be mailed and, one would expect, lengthening the time period for notification ahead of the Public Hearing. Municipalities seem often reticent to do this, falling back on the excuse that they are only doing what the Province requires.


The Province, in turn, refers citizens back to the municipality, rather than considering changes to the legislation.


In order for the citizenry to be properly informed and have a fair chance to have input into their communities, the parameters of notification MUST be addressed- and that has to happen at the Provincial level.


IN CONSIDERATION OF THE CURRENT HOUSING CRISIS, Premier Horgan, your government would do well to greatly increase the requirements for Zoning change notification. This would, in my opinion, be FAR MORE EFFECTIVE at chilling rampant speculation than any speculation tax.


Overhaul of the legislation should include provisions for much more lengthy lead time for notice, possibly in the realm of 30 to 90 days, depending on the scope of the project; it should include safeguards that the message is being delivered (some of us never did get notices for one hearing) and sign requirements should be added at the Provincial level, seeing that they are haphazard, not standardized or non-existent in most areas of the province.


I look forward to hearing that some changes will be forthcoming.




AND this morning:

Gerda Peachey <>

9:53 AM (9 minutes ago)



to Office

This calls for a strong coffee.  If you keep this up, I might have to re-think my opposition to NDP policy.

Honestly, that you answer at all, and seemingly with a sincere follow-up is beyond refreshing.

Thank you.


On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 9:24 AM, OfficeofthePremier, Office PREM:EX <> wrote:

Dear Ms. Peachey:

Thank you for your email regarding notice requirements for municipal public hearings. We appreciate your taking the time to share your feedback with us and have noted your concerns.

We have also been in contact with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and have requested that they follow up with you directly regarding this matter. Please be assured that the appropriate ministry official will respond to your email at their earliest opportunity.

Thank you, again, for writing. We do appreciate hearing from you.