Scientific Articles about the Creation/Evolution Controversy

by my husband, Richard Peachey

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Are “Vestigial Organs” Valid Evidence of Evolution?

Can Scientists Create “Life” in a Test Tube?

Chemical Evolution: The Problem of Improbable Proteins

Darwin’s Use of Lamarck’s Laws

Is Peripatus a Valid Evolutionary Intermediate?

Major Nineteenth Century Theories of Evolution: Lamarck and Darwin

Major Twentieth Century Theories of Evolution: The Neo-Darwinian Synthesis and Punctuated Equilibrium

Mistaken Microfossils! (And Other Erroneous Evidence of Early Earthlife)

Personalities in the Evolution/Creation Conflict

Planet Earth — A Well-Designed Place to Live

Positive Scientific Evidence for Creation!

Sickle-Cell Anemia: Example of a “Beneficial Mutation”?

The Galápagos Finches: Evidence for Evolution?

The Giraffe: A Favourite Textbook Illustration of Evolutionary Theories