Abortion is lauded as the means to freedom for women.  Perhaps that is so for some, but the effects of killing the child within her womb are nothing so easy as the glib portrayal of abortion advocates.

Women struggle with depression, confusion, break-down in relationships and sometimes can’t have children later because of the physical damage done in those ‘nothing to it’, sales jobs foisted on them when they are vulnerable and weak, and ought to be given support and love instead of lies about their child being just some blob of tissue.

Once, while driving I listened to a long CBC program about the way to help women journey through the pain, the grief and depression of losing their baby to a miscarriage. No mention of abortion in that program, and those were called ‘babies‘, not fetuses.

Abortion cheapens women and family life.  Women become an object to be used at will, and if a child results, just toss it into a garbage bin. Party on.  No,………actually, it is far worse than that.  Little baby bodies are used for their body parts.  Harvested for medicine to use for the betterment of society.


Unplanned‘ is a movie, so I’m guessing the film-makers use artistic licence, though I hope they have presented more fact than fiction.

But I do not need dramatized versions of reality to know that abortion is a vile industry.  I volunteered at a small pro-life place in Langley, maybe 30 years ago.  I’ve spent many years hanging out with imprisoned women.  I’ve heard stories from friends who turned to abortion as their only escape from censure or poverty.

The glib, shallow Justin Trudeau and his mindless minions are just more of a world that wants to silence all thoughtful objections to demand for hedonism and godless living.  Only when God is erased from the public mind can tyranny take His place in our minds and souls.  And then wrong becomes right, and right becomes wrong.