Many years ago Richard and I were blessed to spend some time with the inventor of the MRI machine, Dr. Raymond Damadian, and his wife.  What stood out for me was his assertion that the cure for cancer was within reach, but there was too much money flowing into cancer agencies and research funding.  So he said there was no eagerness to find a cure that would dry up this lucrative flow of public and private donations into cancer research, and pharmaceutical treatments.

As in the Burzynski story, Damadian had to fight not to have a powerful corporation steal his patent on the MRI.  In his case, Dr. Damadian won against General Electric.

Dr. Damadian watched his beloved Armenian grandmother suffer an awful death to cancer.  Watching her die that way made a deep impact and helped him determine to find a way for doctors to find soft tissue growths like cancer.

Here’s the arduous, courageous journey of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.