IMG_5450In a paid advertisement entitled ‘Consider before you vote!’  (October 17/18 – Abbotsford News), Paul Esposito Sr. writes,…..”Where Council meetings were once venues where topics of local interest were discussed and debated to ensure that opposing views were heard, now issues appear to be merely rubber-stamped because the majority slate has enough votes to ensure that their wishes prevail………….This is not the democratic system that we desire and expect in our government.”

He goes on,…….“What we need and want in our local government is firstly, more openness and transparency, where the citizens can see for themselves how they are being governed and secondly, more independent thinking by those who are elected to serve and govern us.”

Now Paul Esposito is a very real presence in Abbotsford, and has lots of irons in the fire, so I don’t know what’s got him so fired up about THE SLATE of AbbotsfordFirst, but I completely agree with what he’s saying in this warning to voters.

The SLATE’s first run had Vince Dimanno as their star, a man who used his on-line paper to smear and attack other candidates, presumably to clear the deck so he could move up the list of wannabees and make it to Council.  He stooped too low and the public saw the man behind the suave exterior.  But Dimanno has come back for another run at a Council seat, and again he’s used his on-line AbbotsfordToday media to launch an attack on Henry Braun,  presumably to clear the way for Moe Gill’s bid for the Mayor’s chair.

Vince Dimanno was said to be Moe Gill’s advisor this election.   Neither Vince nor Moe have produced convincing evidence of their smear campaign against Henry, but the whispers and rumours are swirling around our municipality.

Let Henry win or lose on his performance this past four years, and I certainly find reason to run against him. But let him not lose because of vicious, unsubstantiated, deliberately planted suggestions of corrupt behaviour.

The Slate of Sandy Blue, Kelly Chahal, Brenda Falk and Ross Siemens along with President Marcus Delves and their board made a brilliant move when they asked Dave Sidhu to join them in their bid to overpower Council again in 2018.

Dave is the editor of the Patrika newspaper and is a slam-dunk to get in.  His people are actively promoting the full gang of five, so there is a grim chance that Abbotsford will put them in power.  Five out of a Council of nine, and they RULE on any business that is of serious importance to them and their behind the scenes backers.

The Slate of AbbotsfordFirst is bad for an independent, representative Council.

Whatever Paul Esposito’s motivation may be,……..on this issue, he’s right.