Therefore starting Saturday, October 20, 2018 I wish to be referred to as ‘MAYOR PEACHEY’.

We had the last of a run of all-candidates meetings, panels, interviews, questionnaires, phone calls and advertising.  Tuesday night we spent with the UFV Student Union club.  There was a small turnout, but this was almost the most enjoyable of all the events.

One attendee was an enthusiastic 13 year-old boy, who seems interested enough to run for office himself one day.

Here I’ll begin to recap what it is that matters most to me, and why I’m running for Mayor.

Mayor and Council show no interest in addressing the serious problem of sending a notice out to affected property owners an appallingly inadequate TEN DAYS prior to a Public Hearing that has the potential to radically alter your zoning.

In practice their postcard might give at best 12 days heads-up.  Council meets on a Monday, grants the applicant a Public Hearing for the next meeting which is in two weeks time.  Then at best staff put post-cards for property-owners within 100 meters of the subject property, in their post-box on the next day and at best people start getting the card the following day.  So 12 days, 4 of them being weekend days when City Hall does not answer the phone.  In reality that notice can arrive with even less time, and some cards never do arrive for the homeowner to even know about a hearing to do with his/her property.

This is so offensive, and such an advantage to land-use speculators and people with insider information.   To say land is valuable is an understatement.  Speculators have grown wealthy scooping up land.   There has to be protection for existing owners, but the City keeps saying that they follow the Provincial guidelines on notice time.

Claiming 10 days is enough time for people to hear about, and then call the City to figure out what’s in the wind, is borderline corruption, because LAND is so very valuable, and so very coveted, yet the legal owners are taken by surprise.

Just to get this in perspective,…..City Hall requires anyone wishing to appear as a delegation to ask 10 days prior to Council meeting.  And Council can deny that request for what is a 10 minute allotted time standing humbly below our superiors.

Mayor and Council are on the campaign trail now, and as we’ve come to expect they portray themselves as noble, honest, upright and TRANSPARENT and ACCOUNTABLE.

Okay so ask them to provide you with financial details on just about anything that should already be freely available on their website.  After all, don’t forget that at the TOP of their   Organizational Structure (pg. 13 – 2017 Annual Report) stands YOU, yes you, ……Joe and Josephine Public stand strong and proud at the apex of City Hall.   You ‘da boss Josie.

So if you ‘da boss, how come you can be shut out of knowing where your money is being spent, and why?  Maybe it’s time to assert your rightful place, at the top.

In a democracy you the people are the employers and mayors, councils and staff are the employees.  And that’s their story when they want your vote on the campaign trail.  How soon they forget and treat the public with disdain.

So back to that 10 day thing.  Go for a two-week holiday and poof, while you were getting a much needed rest from your labours that provide the money for a lovely life for government all-sorts, they (your employees, don’t forget) can hold a hearing that alters the land beneath your feet, and once done you have the option of smiling or weeping, but no going back.

But ask City Hall for information that you ‘the boss’ should have swiftly provided, the City will likely tell you to do a Freedom of Information request, give themselves 30 business days, (= 40 days), then often inform you they’re taking another 30 business days.

What you finally get may be so heavily redacted it is essentially an exercise in futility.  So what you asked for may never come.