……until the other comes and examines him.

So today a friend sent me an indignant email about a ‘Facebook’ post that names me.

Mostly I’ve learned over the years not to read the comments that follow any news with my name in it, as only the strong of heart should read some of the hair-curling stuff swirling on social media.

I have a Facebook in my name but have not logged on to it for about three years, and don’t intend to in the future either.  But I am running for Mayor of Abbotsford, so sure, once in awhile it might be important to respond to the free-for-all that sloshes around on the Internet.  So my friend sent me this, written by XXXXXXXXXXX  As this is an open public forum, I assume Asheley won’t mind me responding in kind.   Her account has lots of truth, and avoids lots of truth.

First, as far as I know I’ve never met Ashley, and the time was more like 11PM.  Anyway, for a few short years our general neighbourhood had a rash of things happening that seemed to be led by a boy who lived near the house Ashley refers to here.

I lived on a different street, and if “the cops” were being called “all the time”, it was probably Ashley’s immediate neighbours doing the calling.  I did though call police on two occasions for sure,…….. one being the event below, and another when a group of young kids swarmed a fragile old lady and pelted her with snowballs.   The poor woman was terrified.  Some darling little innocents went through our neighbourhood throwing roman candles down driveways, and on yet another occasion were caught throwing rocks at windows.

Thankfully that was a relatively short period of time and this has been a beautiful home community for 34 years.

Here’s my reply to the friend who sent this to me out of concern for my reputation.

“Actually there is some fragment of truth in this girl’s wildly exaggerated account.

Phoning the police all the time?  Not true.

There were some nasty kids living up on Monarch Court for awhile, but I never knew this name, and I only knew there was a boy next door to this girl’s house whose daddy gave the handsome little fellow full freedom to engage his worst inclinations. Like for example ganging up on an old woman with snowballs once.

Anyway one night my dog Wheezy and I were out for a walk and two lasers played all over Wheezy.  I was worried about her eyes and then the two lights turned on me and there was no where I could turn to get away from those lasers playing on my face and targeting my eyes.

Yes, I was enraged and roared at the door of the house where these lights were coming from.  And yes I did pound on the door until the mother came out.  You bet I was mad.  And I had a deep, awful pain in my left eye for months.   In time the pain subsided but my eyesight was harmed by those sweet little ‘chillun just having innocent harmless fun.   In fact just as I’d rounded the corner, before those sweet little children aimed for Wheezy’s eyes and then mine, they had the lights trained on a car’s window, on the driver’s side.

Since I don’t use Facebook I can’t respond, but if you want to send my retort, go ahead.”