You might wonder at Justin Trudeau’s clarity of mind, when the left-wing BC Government thinks it needs to burden tax-payers with two glossy, expensive mail-outs to WARN people of the dangers of marijuana.  But of course medical experts have been sounding these warnings all along.

From the CBC today:  

A young child from Vancouver Island is in hospital after she accidentally ate gummy bears infused with cannabis. 

“These are products that need to be treated with the same care and control that we treat our prescription drugs with.”

NURSES warn that cannabis can trigger mental illness in youth, whose brains are still developing.

And here’s your up-to-date warning from the Provincial Government:


Cannabis can harm your health.  But it affects everyone differently.  Get the facts.

That same piece of paper warning about people under 25, reads:  You must be 19 years or older to buy, possess, use, or grow cannabis in B.C.   

Is the Government using our own money to send out glossy warnings, so that we can’t say they did not warn us?  Might deter annoying lawsuits down the road.

And our Prime Minister’s mother: Staff
Published Wednesday, October 28, 2015 12:50PM EDT

Margaret Trudeau once said that quitting marijuana helped improve her mental health, but she stands behind her prime minister-designate son’s plan to legalize pot, which she says is a “whole different issue.”

In an interview with CTV Canada AM co-host Marci Ien, Justin Trudeau’s mother seemed taken aback when asked about her previous comments on marijuana.

At a mental health conference in 2007, Trudeau said that her battle with mental illness involved completely giving up marijuana, which she started smoking at a young age.  

“Did I say that?” she asked, when Ien referred to her prior statements Wednesday.

Trudeau said she still stands by the comments she made years ago, but that Justin Trudeau’s pledge to legalize marijuana is “a whole different issue.”

She said she had been “very pro-active” about getting healthy at the height of her struggle with mental illness, and that involved staying away from things like pot.

“Substance abuse and mental illness go together like this,” she said. “Appreciating that, recognizing the addiction, and then dealing with what’s underneath it so that you don’t have to reach for artificial ways of having peace of mind, of having joy and happiness.”

Her oldest son has pledged to start working on legalizing and regulating marijuana soon after taking office. Justin Trudeau has not set a firm timeline for legalization, but said he would make it an early priority.

His mother said smoking marijuana is “an adult choice that you make” and the proposed legalization is “just a way to regulate it, because it’s a reality.”

“Children under the age of 18 should not smoke marijuana and that is the truth,” she said.

“And we’ve got to have strong controls and education so that they understand that we’re talking about their brain health – the most important thing.”

But in Justin Trudeau’s world,…….Everybody must get stoned.

Fuzzy headed citizens won’t notice and mind so much as Trudeau empties their wallets, guts this magnificent land of moral character and robs them of freedom of speech, religion and conscience.

Excerpt from Tyler Olsen at Abbotsford News:      

“Gerda Peachey decried the effects of marijuana, citing her past volunteering at the local women’s prison. She said marijuana was “an entry drug to harder stuff and ultimately broken lives and crime.

“Marijuana is a dreadful thing,” she said, although she added that it does have medicinal uses.

Peachey said “Marijuana should be controlled by all the powers vested in the local government,” and said sales should be controlled as tightly as that of alcohol. Peachey didn’t state clearly tuesday whether the city should ban pot sales locally; On Wednesday she clarified her position, telling The News the city shouldn’t allow pot to be sold in Abbotsford.  [Note:  Tyler asked me for a “YES or NO” after the All Candidates meeting, so faced with that stark option, I chose NO.  However, given a chance to state a fuller view, I do believe the plant has medicinal value, as do many of the plants given to us by God, so absolutely would want cannabis studied and utilized for the good of people.]

The city has instructed staff to develop a framework to regulate pot sales to bring to a future public hearing, after more than 70 per cent of respondents said retail pot should be permitted and regulated in Abbotsford.

RELATED: Marijuana stores should be legal, Abbotsford residents tell council

Incumbent Mayor Henry Braun said that because the issue was slated to come before council for a public hearing that he, as a current member of council, is supposed to come to such a meeting “with an open mind.” Given that, Braun said he shouldn’t give the impression he has made his mind up. He added that council was facing a “very difficult decision.”

Braun said the issue was likely to come to council very soon after the election.”

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