Government and BCTF social engineering are ramping up for the October 20 election.  They’ve trotted out their dupes — pastors — like the old Soviet Union used to use their puppet ‘reverends‘ to protect state-mandated atheism.

So here are your 2018 ‘pastors,’ rushing to endorse the ascending power of godless militant activists who demand nothing less than the destruction of God our creator.  Erase every vestige of His presence in the public square — AND in private homes, AND in the secret places of your mind.  Just a hint here that we are only mortals.  We will die and stand before our God and Lord and it will be an awful judgment for those who have hurt precious little children.  

Impressionable kids are now being encouraged to question their obvious gender, and parents are being pressured to get the kid onto chemicals that alter their sex, even looking further to operations that permanently alter the child.  

People who hope to escape this attack on their faith and hope to protect tender children’s bodies, minds and souls need to wake up from their slumber.  Nothing short of the destruction of Biblical Christianity will satisfy this sexual revisionist crowd.

Sixty dupes!  Men and women who lack the conviction, courage or genuine saving faith in the only Saviour of mankind.  Sixty ‘pastors,’ who run when they see the wolf coming.  How much better to cling to the adulation and comfort offered in this fleeting time on earth.

The Bible has no compromise on God’s instructions to us, His created beings. Read His word, dear Sixty, and either get serious about being pastors of the sheep, or have the integrity to get a real job.

How many Muslims would pay their Imam cushy salaries to preach that Allah really wasn’t real, or that he did not know what he was talking about?  Maybe the Muslims have more brains than Christians on this, because I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT MUSLIMS WILL ALLOW THEIR LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS TO BE TAUGHT THE DEGRADING, EXPLICIT ASPECTS OF SOGI.  Prove me wrong!

Don’t kid yourself, this is not about bullying, it is nothing short of the destruction of the foundation of the family and ultimately democracy itself.  Literature of the left shows they want nothing short of the demolition of our foundational Judaeo-Christian worldview.  And Sixty spineless pastors are their ready stooges.

Genuine Christians show profound love and self-sacrifice.  They are not rabid haters and hurters as the left want to depict them.  Jesus Christ paid the ultimate cost of love for His lost people by letting them nail Him to a cross.  And in His death, He paid the price of all our sinful rebellion against God our creator.  If you love children, tell them about their Best Friend, Jesus.

Here is an Excerpt of a letter from my husband Richard to Henry Braun, incumbent mayor of Abbotsford, who was Chairman of the Board of Sevenoaks Alliance Church for many years.

Your Christianity didn’t hinder you from personally raising a disgraceful flag over our City Hall, to celebrate something the Bible consistently describes negatively, using words like: “detestable,” “defiling,” “sinful,” “impure,” “degrading,” “shameful,” “unnatural,” “indecent,” “perversion,” “wicked,” “lawbreaking,” “rebellious,” “ungodly,” “unholy,” “irreligious,” “immorality,” and “contrary to sound doctrine” (Leviticus 18:22,24-30; Romans 1:24-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 1 Timothy 1:9-11; Jude 7).

Practicing homosexuals, unless they repent, will be excluded from the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9f.), but your action served only to encourage them to remain in their destructive habits.


From the sexual revisionists:

BC Christian leaders express support for SOGI 123

Over 60 Christian leaders in BC have written an open letter to Minister of Education to express support for the SOGI 123 educational resources created for use in BC public schools.

The signatories “stand in solidarity with LGBTQ2SIA+ people and are committed to their recognition as fully participating members of our society, respected and honoured, with their human rights affirmed and protected.”

The letter has over 450 public signatures of support. You can view the letter in full here and share with your community.