For months Moe Gill, the Abbotsford City Councillor, who now covets the mayor’s chair, has been sowing rumours of serious corruption by incumbent Mayor Henry Braun.

Now I’m kind of mad at Henry and most of this present Council, but………… Moe has gone beyond the pale with his spreading of unsubstantiated claims.

Moe Gill has been on that Council for over 20 years, but suddenly Abbotsford is to believe his sly hints of corruption he’s been sowing just months before the municipal election.  Ugly innuendo with no data to back up his character assassination of Henry Braun.

Note that Vince Dimanno owns AbbotsfordToday, an on-line medium that vilified other council candidates with gross, vulgar, cheap attacks before the 2014 election.

Vince Dimanno was said to be Moe Gill’s advisor in Moe’s current bid for mayor.

Vince Dimanno is again trying to get voted on to our City Council.

Mysterious packages.  Mysterious delivery agents.  No one can fight shadows and wraiths.

While I may be displeased with Henry Braun, I do not believe he is guilty of the sort of corruption Moe Gill wants to smear on Braun’s name.

If Moe knew of corruption, he should be held liable for being a 20 year veteran, elected leader of Abbotsford, who knew of, but did nothing in the service of justice.