Having settled that, what about those other names that will be on the ballot?

Ignore them.

If you think you should at least consider those other mayoral hopefuls, lets take a brief look at them.

One had his kick at the can for the past four years and all we have now is a damaged container.  Under his leadership our City looks destined for more: bigger, denser, crowded, dirty and crime.  And less overall quality of life.  So no to him.

Another contender wants more and bigger focus on sports.  And so more taxes, even on couch potatoes and old folk, who just want less taxes and safe streets to stroll on……  So, no to him.

Another aspirant has had years and years and years at the council table, and has not distinguished himself.  So,…… to him.

Yet another wannabe looks like a clown, so he might provide some good entertainment, but not the stuff of which mayors are made.  So, no to him.        (not a reference to his real looks. This candidate chose to appear in his News announcement as a clown.)

And a last minute entrant is a complete unknown who claims to know next to nothing about civic leadership, so no to her.

They all have names of course and are probably all quite lovely people in their own realm, but you don’t need to know their names on October 20, 2018.  You just need to know one name at the ballot box.

There will be further updates as to why you want to,