I’m so accustomed to receiving polite, ……“You must have mistaken us for people who care.”  or the somewhat related,….“Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”…….that it really, really is a pleasant and somewhat shocking thing to get a letter from a government body, that ostensibly exists as a facilitator for public concerns over against government indifference, ….. a letter that delivers a ray of light.

So when I got the envelope from the OIPC a few days ago, I tossed it on a pile of paper to read later in the evening when I could better take another “Dear John, er Gerda” letter.

But if this keeps up I will have to think far more kindly of the NDP because they have at least opened a file. (OIPC file F 18 – 76654)  Now files do get opened in response to public pleas for justice, transparency and all those things we wish politicians would just naturally see to.  And the Liberals did sometimes open files too, but sadly files also get closed, without a feather having to be disturbed from its resting place.

But hope springs eternal, and we still have LOTS to sing about in this beautiful country.

My friends and I did the music for an ‘en blanc’ function last week.  (Picture below)

IMG_5159White might not be everyone’s favourite wardrobe colour.  Its sure not mine, but politicians could use a reminder that they are to be clean and white in all their words and deeds.  Candidates seek voters trust, promising them that their vote will put someone in power over their lives who will always be honest, upright, truthful, brave.

What a grand world this would be, if they kept to those lofty promises.

So to Abbotsford’s future mayor and councillors, this city needs a lot more transparency and accountability from City Hall.  Don’t be making deals with the big boys and girls in the professional sports and entertainment world in the first place, and if you insist on playing way out of your league, at least let the paying public who must pick up all the bills, at least let them see where every dollar of their hard-earned money is going.

So show the public how much the new professional basketball team coming to our Abbotsford Centre is paying for this place that is still an albatross around the taxpayers neck. How much of a cut goes into City coffers.  All the financial details need to be opened up.

In what other realm of life would an employer allow his/her employee to handle the company books, control the company bank account and then tell the boss,…“Nope.  I’m not telling you where your money went!”

Democracy can survive only as long as people and their elected politicians retain the foundational concept that the public is the employer, and the civil servants, and elected officials are the employee.