Sometimes even local politics shows an unsavoury undercurrent.  So here’s a nice story, with a title designed to get your attention.

Last week when visiting a friend, her goat delivered a baby. I grew up on a farm in Southern Ontario and saw a lot of our animals giving birth, so it was a joy to be on my friends farm and see this marvel of new life again.

The baby was all of 25 minutes old when mamma goat suddenly dropped down right on top of the kid.  I heard a short cry and nothing more because the baby was almost completely crushed.  The mother was delivering a second baby and I being closest managed to get her up enough to allow the first baby to breathe until my friend could get there to persuade momma to stand up.

No matter who wins Council seats across BC in October, the miraculous evidence of God in His creation will continue to inspire and lift us above the intrigues of politics.

Mommy goat and her two kids:

Rescuing Kid