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From: Gerda Peachey <gerdapeachey@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 7:33 PM
Subject: Re: Request for records – Abbotsford Centre
To: Kurt Houlden <KHoulden@abbotsford.ca>
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Hello Kurt:

Thanks for this.  Perhaps I need to read it more carefully, but am I still missing the one thing I asked for, which is a copy of the FINANCIAL details of some sort of deal – agreement – contract – commitment – partnership with this CEBL basketball team called ‘Fraser Valley Bandits.’?

You can see in this portion from the Abbotsford News that the public might think this is a pretty significant business venture.  So the public who pays for all local government, and whom elected officials fervently promise to serve in an open and accountable way,…… might reasonably expect to have all dealings with this league be out in the open.

I do not believe the City of Abbotsford can simply hire a private company and pretend they – Council – no longer has a duty to be transparent.  The City has a legal right to see anything in the files of the contractor, and as such can give me, and all of Abbotsford a copy of your deal with the Fraser Valley Bandits/CEBL.

So I will continue to ask the OIPC to investigate, and will certainly make a submission to an inquiry, if that becomes necessary.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Gerda Peachey


Abbotsford News:  Mike Morreale, the CEO for the CEBL, said expanding to Abbotsford made a lot sense for the league.

“Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley was an attractive area for us,” he said. “It’s close to Vancouver but also has its own identity. Also, the Abbotsford Centre is a great venue and the management team there has done a great job bringing their own events to that arena so we know we’re working with partners who do good things.”

Morreale said the 20-game format will ensure that every game is important and allow the league to stick to a summer schedule.

All six teams will play in one division for the league’s inaugural season, with the top four teams competing in single elimination playoff games to determine the CEBL champion.

Morreale said the number of games and playoff format will likely change if and when the league expands to include more teams. He said there is interest in additional markets in B.C., but it has to make sense.

“We’re always interested in other markets but Abbotsford is a great first market for B.C. with a rich grassroots basketball program, and the Fraser Valley really includes markets like Surrey, Chilliwack, Langley and Mission,” he said.

Within the next two to four months it’s expected that a name-the-team campaign will begin and the Fraser Valley franchise will hire a director of operations. The club will have permanent office space at the Abbotsford Centre and will also be hiring sales and marketing employees.

As far as Canadian content goes, Morreale said he expects a significant amount of Canadian talent to hit the floor.

“Some spots will be reserved for Canadians but we also have a ton of international players that want to play here but can’t during the international season,which is another reason why we moved to the spring and summer schedule. It it frees up some of that talent to play here. 

“And it also allows a Canadian player to come home and make some money during the summer.”

Morreale said the league and the Fraser Valley franchise will be making continued announcements over the next year including ticket prices, logo and team colours, coaching and roster news.


On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 4:43 PM, Kurt Houlden <KHoulden@abbotsford.ca> wrote:

Hello Ms. Peachey,

Your email to the office of the OICP was shared with me by City staff who were copied on its distribution. (Copy of which is below my signature block)

As the Interim General Manager of Parks Recreation and Culture, the Abbotsford Centre falls within my portfolio here at the City and as such, I thought I might reach out to share some additional information in the hopes of helping to provide you with some clarity around your original FOI request.

As you know, the City has an agreement with Spectra for the ongoing operations of the Abbotsford Centre. You may remember that the City announced changes with how the Abbotsford Centre would be operated in 2014 (which was called A New Game strategy) and as part of that, the City signed a new operating agreement with Spectra (then Global Spectrum) for the management of all facility operations.

Also, as a part of this A New Game strategy, the City committed to the following key points (among others) that I believe directly relate to your enquiry:

  1. Any new tenancy agreement for the Abbotsford Centre will be a public document that will have the best  interests of the community and the ratepayers at its heart; and

  2. The City will not contemplate subsidizing private businesses and we will ensure that ongoing community use of the facility is a major emphasis.

You can find all of the A New Game strategy documents, with the City’s commitments and news releases on our website here: https://www.abbotsford.ca/city_hall/news_and_media/news_releases/2014_news_archives.htm

Please know that these commitments remain in good standing.

Further, please be aware that any bookings, acts or sports games that take place at the Abbotsford Centre (which are very different from major “tenancy agreements”) are being managed by Spectra as the building operators. The City does not get involved in the booking process for these activities, nor do we keep or receive copies of any agreements that they enter into – we have hired Spectra as our operator to do that on our behalf as facility managers and as such do not hold copies of any contracts that get signed.

Finally, I have attached an information sheet from the General Manager of the Abbotsford Centre, Andrew Nash that outlines how they manage agreements at the Abbotsford Centre for your information.

I hope this information helps to clarify any questions you have had.


Kurt Houlden

Interim General Manager

Parks, Recreation & Culture

Tel: 604-851-4195 Fax: 604-854-5077


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DSCN4605Part One,  first letter to OIPC can be seen here:  https://gerdapeacheysviews.wordpress.com/2018/09/06/hiding-financial-details-from-tax-payers-opens-the-door-to-graft/