Notice that when you ask the computer for a picture of the ‘Big Bang’ there are many offerings.  Catch the point there is no agreement on what happened in this imaginary explosion.  And there never has been.  So don’t buy this imaginary scenario as if it is science.  It is science fiction, but that should not be used as indoctrination of your little children’s minds.  Their souls are also at stake.   Teach them to discern fact from fiction.

Rich and Sarah took their second trip to New York, in the search for help with Sarah’s MS.  His email was worth posting:

So last night as we’re sitting in a hotel in upstate New York, and my daughter is reading the current USA Today, I catch sight of a headline on page D2: “Ending ‘Big Bang Theory’ is the right formula.” Also, on the front of that section of the newspaper, I notice the little teaser: “We love you, ‘Big Bang Theory’  But ending it is good science.

Of course they were talking about the concluding of a particular TV series. But in my view those sentiments apply equally well to the theory itself! Not only the show but the theory it’s named after should also be canceled!

From my debate speech earlier this year:

For no good reason, a tiny patch in space arises, with a size about 10 to the power of –26 meters: that’s a hundred billion times smaller than a proton.

For no good reason, this particle or region inflates; very briefly it expands many times faster than the speed of light—if you please! So there’s a “speed of light” issue for that view as well as for the creation view.

For no good reason, that inflationary period ends, and the expansion then continues at a slower rate.

What makes all of this happen? Well, they say it’s caused by a particle named the “inflaton.” No such particle has been described that would be compatible with the known laws of physics!

In fact, the Big Bang is called a “singularity” because it is inexplicable by known laws of physics. In the Bible there are events sometimes that occur that cannot be explained by known laws of physics. So what do we call those? Miracles! Right.

But there’s more! The Big Bang supposedly forms particles of both matter and antimatter. And these entities should be in exact balance, because they start from “Nothing.” But no, the claim is that somehow there was this slight excess of matter over antimatter, so that when all the particles finish annihilating each other, what we’re left with is just some regular matter—from which the whole present universe has been formed!

To quote Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg, “It is this early excess of matter over antimatter, estimated as one part in 1010, that survived . . . [which] determined the future development of the universe.” [Scientific American 271(4):45, Oct. 1994]

In other words, if you accept the current secular origin story, the “Big Bang,”  you must believe that a tiny point in primordial space-time contained not just one universe but enough potential for ten billion universes! [bolded wording adapted from Gregg Easterbrook, The Globe and Mail, Oct. 24, 1998, p. D5]