If you don’t like history, change it! It’s easy! Try it yourself — for example, on Genesis.

Gary Clement cartoon 2018-08-16

Gary Clement’s cartoon (from National Post, Aug. 16, 2018) is about revising Canadian history by removing references (such as statues) about our first prime minister, due to things about his life that some people object to.

But the same procedure can be (and has been!) applied much more broadly. Say we don’t like the first chapter of Genesis (or the first eleven, or . . .), so just erase them. Then they won’t exist, and we’ll all be much more comfortable.

Trinity Western threw out what God our Creator tells us what He did, and how He did it in six literal days, in creation week.  (Links here to Richard’s critique of TWU:   I’ve written two versions of my critique, a short version and a detailed version:)



TWU’s statement on Creation can be found here:


They could not bear being looked down on by academia, …… like only people who’ve fallen off the back of a turnip truck would believe ‘creation ex nihilo’  You see that would be a miracle, beyond our ken.  So we meekly replace His revelation with concoctions of fallible men,…. if the fear of men and their praise matter more to us than God.

No matter how much evolutionists change their ‘just-so’ stories, no matter how much their stories conflict with each other, no matter how many millions and billions of years they add to their scenarios, willy-nilly,……no matter. Shut down your mind and believe.

Intelligent people must erase the clear evidence at hand, a world bursting with astounding beauty, complexity and utility and BELIEVE it all just happened, by chance, by mutations, by the strong beating out the weak.  No divine foot allowed in the door of our evolutionary ascent from some primordial ooze, in some vast unknown, unseen primordial sea.

And then my friends, by some force unknown, unseen and eternally mysterious, some formless lifeless little ooze decided to transform itself into life.   And boy there was no stopping that little oozer.  It just made itself bigger, better and more beautiful by the megaanna  (Ma), all by itself see?  Material is all there is, was, or shall be.

And now here you are, after kazillion anomalies, one-offs,…….zillions of transformations NEVER observed in the real world, contrary to the known laws of chemistry and physics,………in other words,……….miracles by the bazillion that had to happen for goo to transform into you.  That’s the story of evolution.

You must believe it or steel yourself for a lot of unpleasantness.  Well Trinity Western, that pillar of Christian learning in the lovely Fraser Valley of British Columbia, wanted no part of being challenged for their stated belief in the Bible.   So much easier to jettison Genesis, and rework all the other scripture references to that miraculous first week of the the creation of the universe.  

The word of God our creator and sustainer and ultimate judge must be made subservient to us,…..His created beings.  Trinity Western caved.

And having so easily turned coward on what God revealed about the creation of the world, it isn’t at all surprising that Trinity Western can now jettison what the Lord God has to say about male and female sexual relations.  Compromise with political correctness is so much easier.  Now we can all just go back to living life however we please,……God, to those who like Satan want to take His place, is for puritans, and the mentally inferior.  

And now,..maybe Trinity will be allowed to have it’s coveted law school.


“let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.”

” Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense, to repay every one for what he has done.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”  –   Revelation 22