Subject: A little clarification:
To: Tyler Olsen – Abbynews <>

Hi Tyler:  Your article makes me look a little more significant than I am.

I never led the charge against the taboo sex show at Tradex.  I did oppose it, and met with Dan Stephanson several times.  I did a delegation to Council about the use of our public facilities for events that clearly did not meet the criteria on their own books for how these communal venues were to be used.

But I never picketed the place, or led any charge.  If anything the journey on some of these issues has felt rather lonely.

When Canwest did a big media release and cited me as the reason for pulling the show at Tradex, they were merely using me as an excuse to pull the plug on all the vendors, already lined up, and in the process garner some positive press for themselves, while turning indignant wrath on those ‘bible thumpers’ being led by Peachey

As I told Christina Toth, at the time,…..The only thing following me was my cat, and then, only if I fed her.

There was a terrific woman named Trish Kolsto who did try to raise a concerted opposition to the ‘taboo’, but for her too it was mainly the expenditure of her own money and energy, assisted by her husband and a few friends.

I have never had a following, and don’t network.  Nor do I join with other groups, even if we are more or less working for a similar cause.  It’s just more liberating to be free to say what I believe without being tied to lots of other stuff that might not be factual.

I did work for CIBC as my main job from my teens until my 30s (or so) until I happily let Richard fully take over bringing home a pay cheque.  I worked part-time for the bank for many years and eventually moved into doing small-scale landscaping as my greater perfect job.  When Rich moved from banking into teaching there was no need for me to earn money.

At times I needed to hire people when there was too much landscaping to manage alone, but it really was small-scale so yeah,……Wonderful work, just not quite as lofty as it sounds in your article.

Anyway, thanks again.