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12:58 PM (11 minutes ago)

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Just what would Justin Trudeau do if five drunken men and women roared on to his property,……and started stealing and smashing, while his wife was vulnerable nearby?

In such circumstances, does our Prime Minister expect Canadians to just peacefully fold their hands and hope for the best?  Would he be so dreamy-eyed passive, under such a threat to his personal interests?

These were five adults, not youths.   They’d been drinking alcohol all day, according to the first reports, but now kind of not mentioned.

“Mr. Boushie and his friends woke up that morning on the Red Pheasant First Nation, about 90 minutes north of Saskatoon. The group included Eric Meechance, Kiora Wuttunee, Belinda Jackson and Cassidy Cross-Whitstone.

On the way home, Mr. Cross-Whitstone was at the wheel when their car hit a culvert and punctured a tire. He pulled into a farm, where the men tried and failed to steal a truck. They then headed for Mr. Stanley’s property.”

They’d already attempted to steal from another farm.  These were not harmless, friendly youth just politely driving on to a farmer’s property to ask for help.

This nonsense of bending over backwards until our spines snap has gone on for a long time.  Many years ago my nephew Ray had his new truck stolen from a park and ride in Ontario.  He’d worked hard on construction sites to buy his truck.  But when he went to the OPP they said they knew that his truck was on the nearby reserve and that by now it’s parts were in chop-shop circulation.   Nothing they could do, and it happened all the time.

During a particularly bad temperature inversion here in the Fraser Valley a reserve in Chilliwack was burning a massive pile of garbage that included plastic, styrofoam and rubber.   But the laws of the land do not apply to reserves.  Everyone else in the Fraser Valley was under a ‘no-burning ban’.

It is because of this infantile insistence that there be two sets of laws, (or even three if Justin Trudeau facilitates Sharia Law for Muslims in Canada),………this discordant approach to the laws that govern citizens of Canada, creates tension, disharmony and violence.

Wake up Mr. Trudeau.  Stop telling us “who we are as Canadians”.   Rather work towards a Canada where the laws of the land are just and clear, and doable by all Canadian citizens.   We need a level playing field so that all of us can happily and heartily play on the same team.

This wonderful country, that you seem determined to re-shape into your own image, is not awash with rabid racists.  We are longing for leaders who will create a level playing field, because actually we quite like each other most of the time.

Gerda Peachey