Of course Motion 103 is wrong. All laws in Canada should be enforced, for the protection of ALL Canadians.
To: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre <pm@pm.gc.ca>

The Federal government has officially singled out one religious group to be protected from critical analysis.  At the same time government is actively attacking the Judeo-Christian foundation that has made Western civilization a beacon of hope, freedom and prosperity for millions leaving their homeland to seek a better life, fleeing the horrors of totalitarianism. 

Rather than hang our heads in dejection at the relentless erosion of our democratic freedoms, by government abuse, we should probably take more of a stand for truth and common sense.  Christians (in name) can do some awful things.  If they commit crimes, throw the book at them.  Do the same for every Canadian regardless of their religion, or absence of religion, and that’s a level playing field that has to include the Muslim religion. 

To muzzle legitimate criticism of Islam, while actively attempting to destroy Biblical faith shows Justin Trudeau to be a very bad prime minister.

Of course this motion is wrong.  Forget this endless prattling about contrived words and stifling of just criticism.  If anyone hurts anyone else for real, deal with everyone the same way.  Do the crime, do the time, or pay the fine, or whatever! Crime and punishment is written in the laws of our land, just enforce the existing laws and protect all of us from acts of crime.

To focus on Islam and to protect Muslims from critical analysis is to favour one religion over another.  All religions have people who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, who when given the chance will be creeps, who when caught defame the rest of their group.  How utterly absurd and suspicious to especially shield this one religion.  

There is indeed a next step. Within the next 240 days the Federal Government is to figure out how to “QUELL” increasing “hate and fear”.   Does our government propose to send out ‘thought police’, since fear and hate are not actions?  How easy to accuse people of impure thoughts,…..Lenin, Stalin, Mao tse tung, Castro, lots and lots of examples for Justin Trudeau to emulate.

For sure the Jews are targeted in our free land, and Christians are having their parental rights stripped away by ‘progressives’ who wish to brainwash our precious kids in their own image.  But here in Motion 103 there is only one religion named, as being in need of government protection,……Islamophobia.    –   Gerda

Sherif Emil in the Montreal Gazette,  March 22, 2017

Canadians, regardless of their political affiliation, should stand firmly against M-103, the motion by liberal MP Iqra Khalid that urges among other things the government to “develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.” M-103 is not a bill, but its natural evolution could be a law criminalizing any speech, opinion or action that promotes so-called Islamophobia.

When she tabled her motion, Khalid cited her childhood experience. “ When I moved to Canada in the 1990s, a young girl trying to make this nation my home, some kids in school would yell as they pushed me, ‘Go home, you Muslim’ — but I was home. I am among thousands of Muslims who have been victimized because of hate and fear,” she said.

I sympathize. Living in Saudi Arabia as a young Christian boy, I was called an infidel by Saudi children, and made to feel inferior. We were not allowed to exercise our faith. In my native Egypt, millions of Christians live under systematic discrimination and widespread intolerance. Christianity, not Islam, is the most persecuted religion in the world today. My wife recently lost two second cousins, beautiful young women, the only children of their parents, in the recent bombing at the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo. I understand the pain of ignorance, hatred, prejudice, discrimination and intolerance. But I don’t call it Christianophobia, because it isn’t. It is ignorance, hatred, prejudice, discrimination and intolerance. In fact, here in Montreal, I experience denigration of my Christian faith daily by Quebecers who use the holiest religious terms routinely as expletives.

Ignorance and insensitivity are not phobia, however. Phobia is a medical term, denoting a pathological and irrational fear. The proper definition of Islamophobia is not irrational hatred of Muslims, but irrational fear of Islam. Hatred of Muslim Canadians, or any other group, is always wrong. Incitement to discrimination or violence against any group is illegal and always should be.  

But let us not confuse the issues. On the same day Khalid tabled her motion, an e-petition with nearly 70,000 signatures was tabled that called on the House of Commons to recognize that “extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam,” and to condemn all forms of Islamophobia. 

Extremist individuals? We are living in an age where depraved terrorist armies, who cite a unifying explanation for their actions in Islamic texts and doctrine, occupy large swaths of entire nations. Even if we dismiss these hundreds of thousands of extremists, and instead examine mainstream Islamic societies, what do we find? We find nation after nation where apostasy is a crime punishable by death, indigenous minorities are robbed of equal citizenship and religious dissent is considered treason. A charge of Islamophobia is used to silence, marginalize and imprison the few liberal Muslim thinkers who are attempting to reform Islam from within, and the weapon to subjugate and humiliate minorities. Who, then, represents Islam?

Fear of these existing realities and open discussion of their roots and implications is not irrational. If Canada joins this Islamophobia witch hunt, it will be complicit in the crimes committed in the name of preventing Islamophobia.

The demagoguery of Islamophobia is already manifest in the Liberals’ apparent quest to brand all opposed to M-103 as extremists, racists and bigots. All three opposition parties supported an alternative motion that urged the House to condemn “all forms of systemic racism, religious intolerance, and discrimination of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and other religious communities.” No Liberal MP supported the motion; it seems they did not have the guts to defy their prime minister and be — well — liberal.

The boundary of political correctness has to be the point where it becomes official policy, something that could open the way for the enactment of enforcement measures in future. We have reached that boundary at M-103. Canadians should reject it, and reject it loudly.

Sherif Emil is a Montreal physician.


Full text of Motion 103 below.

Systemic racism and religious discriminationThat, in the opinion of the House, the government should: (a) recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear; (b) condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination and take note of House of Commons’ petition e-411 and the issues raised by it; and (c) request that the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage undertake a study on how the government could (i) develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia, in Canada, while ensuring a community-centered focus with a holistic response through evidence-based policy-making, (ii) collect data to contextualize hate crime reports and to conduct needs assessments for impacted communities, and that the Committee should present its findings and recommendations to the House no later than 240 calendar days from the adoption of this motion, provided that in its report, the Committee should make recommendations that the government may use to better reflect the enshrined rights and freedoms in the Constitution Acts, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

and    E-411 (ISLAM)

42nd Parliament

Initiated by Samer Majzoub from Pierrefonds, Quebec, on June 8, 2016, at 5:45 p.m. (EDT)


Islam and Muslims
Religious discrimination
Government Response Tabled
Petition details


  • Islam is a religion of over 1.5 billion people worldwide. Since its founding more than 1400 years ago, Muslims have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the positive development of human civilization. This encompasses all areas of human endeavors including the arts, culture, science, medicine, literature, and much more;
  • Recently an infinitesimally small number of extremist individuals have conducted terrorist activities while claiming to speak for the religion of Islam. Their actions have been used as a pretext for a notable rise of anti-Muslim sentiments in Canada; and
  • These violent individuals do not reflect in any way the values or the teachings of the religion of Islam. In fact, they misrepresent the religion. We categorically reject all their activities. They in no way represent the religion, the beliefs and the desire of Muslims to co-exist in peace with all peoples of the world.
We, the undersigned, Citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to join us in recognizing that extremist individuals do not represent the religion of Islam, and in condemning all forms of Islamophobia.
Government response
Petition presented to the House of Commons on December 5, 2016 (Petition No. 421-01008)
Government response tabled on January 30, 2017 (Sessional Paper No. 8545-421-01)