……..we sure need You in Canada.

Not that You don’t already know what I’m going to say, because you know everything.  You are the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.

Under our ‘progressive’ Prime Minister this beautiful land is being systematically stripped of Your truth and holiness.  You gave us plenty of warning.  Nothing surprises You.  When Christ returns will He find faith on earth?

Conservatives once held out some hope of a moral compass to guide us for our brief time on earth, but as a party they rush to embrace the same sins as the ‘left’ who brag about their rejection of You.

You created us male and female.  You created us in Your own image and declared the finished work of creation, “very good”.  Now Canadians face censure, loss of employment or worse, for refusing to reject Your very good creation truths.

Children are being indoctrinated to believe there is an almost limitless spectrum between male and female, and that any and all sexual activity is right and good.  And woe betide anyone who dare speak the obvious,……..that Your perfect design made male and female human beings to complement one another, and You designed them for love and commitment and children to love and nurture.

But the ‘progressives’ say parents who believe in You are really not fit to train children the way they should go.   Progressives say little children should early in life be indoctrinated to believe there are no moral restraints because of what You decree in the Book of Life.  Instead progressives extract billions of dollars from hapless taxpayers, to turn over to Merck Pharmaceuticals who come into schools to inject Gardasil shots into the arms of precious little kids, because, they are told that will prevent them getting cancer from all the sex they’ll soon be participating in.

Our leaders routinely release depraved, violent sexual predators into unsuspecting neighbourhoods.  Anyone who opposes abortion faces harsh criticism.  One brave woman, Linda Gibbons, has endured TEN YEARS IN JAIL, for quietly reminding mothers that they carry a precious life in their womb.  http://nationalpost.com/opinion/christie-blatchford-this-protester-has-served-10-years-and-seven-months-in-jail-and-no-one-cares

Ironic isn’t it that when princes or prime ministers wives are pregnant, the adoring media clamour to bring us news about ‘THE BABY’.  But the duped masses are to go insane on sexual ‘freedom’ and just dispose of that resulting ‘fetus’.  Women who worry about killing their own child are reassured that it’s merely some tissue at it’s reptilian stage of evolution in her womb.   Because you see that little human is said to be replicating it’s evolutionary ascent in that nine month miracle in the womb.   Humanity faces danger from ‘progressive’ leaders in every aspect of life.

Our new governor-general who is greatly admired for her expertise in computers and space ships speaks with open derision of we, who know You, and know that You give her the breath with which she sneers at You.  Julie does not understand that her glitzy computers and space ships are mere pieces of clumsy junk, compared to the tiniest of insects, or the lowest worm happily burrowing in the soil.  You are our awesome God.

Show Julie and Justin and all the precious kids being led away by smooth-talking, pretty faces, that You will not stand by and let Canada descend into the chaos of godless rebellion.  Or will You, because we all have to decide for ourselves who we will obey?

On Saturday my friend and I went to the Aldergrove Remembrance Day.  I love going and rarely miss a November 11 service because Canadians fought to free Holland from the dreadful Nazi occupation.   I was born in 1944, and my Dad fought in the underground resistance, while our home became a place where the enemy soldiers lived.  My Mom often spoke of the sorrow she felt for the young German boys who sat at her table and cried because they so missed their own mothers and home.  But they also rounded up all the villagers, including my sister Nellie, and kept them there for hours, with rifles trained on them because one of their own had been killed.

Canadian soldiers gave up their homes and loved ones to restore our freedom, and I am deeply grateful.

I wonder how many Canadians would be ready to give up so much, even sacrificing their lives now?  Would those soldiers in World War 2 have bravely fought to defend a country that mocked the Almighty God?  If they could have seen into the future, to our present day where leaders, deeming themselves to be ‘progressives’ are hurling this country into a sick, immoral place where right is called wrong, and wrong is called right, would they have lost heart?

I’m guessing that on Saturday, at cenotaphs all over Canada, there were politicians of every stripe, mouthing noble sounding platitudes and laying wreaths to a by-gone era where most people knew something about their Creator and Lord, where truth and honour and virtue meant something.

Those same hypocritical politicians will be back in their government offices tomorrow scheming how to dethrone the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

O God Our Help in Ages Past, from the Aldergrove Remembrance Day Service: