One day Richard came home from university and said,  “You like gardening, right?”  The obvious reply was, “Yes“.

So Richard spent the afternoon explaining the complexities of photosynthesis,…..something we all take for granted.  Cows eat green grass.  Some people eat green broccoli, or the cows that ate the grass.  But it all just happens,……naturally.

Two hours later our living room was littered with crumpled up pieces of paper as Richard explained a process that he repeatedly had to interject with, “And they don’t understand this, and they don’t know how this happens, and they can’t understand why this does that,……………..”

So while evolutionists tell you with confidence that they KNOW what happened kabillion years ago, in some far off place, now obliterated or altered beyond recognition, our most brilliant scientists cannot explain the mundane process of photosynthesis.

Well anyway, don’t fuss your head about details that your betters assure you could and did happen, and the bazillion miracles needed to get from an explosion in nothingness, that created everything in our vast universe.  It just did happen! And don’t you whisper the name Creator God.  What are you, an ignorant fundamentalist?

So back to our living room, littered with the great mystery of how plants grow and provide food for the planet.  Hhhmm,…..So necessary for life.  So available for study, so abundant and wonderful,……..yet such a mystery to our collective greatest minds.

Well never mind such airy-fairy questions, listen to your betters as they detail how microscopic life, somewhere, pulled up it’s little sockies and dreamed of the day it would step out in fancy factory made socks to suit such a fine specimen of evolutionary ascent.  You, the acme, the peak, the zenith of evolution.



FRANK SHERWIN, the professor who sent me this cartoon emailed this comment:

“I taught detailed photosynthesis to my pre-med majors and a little to my cell biology students (nurses). Many were flummoxed.” 

“At one point of the photosynthetic process a molecule of water must be split (in a fraction of a fraction of a millisecond). Biochemists have yet to ID the enzyme(?) that accomplishes this”