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From: Gerda Peachey <gerdapeachey@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 8:03 PM
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Prime Minister Trudeau:

“Hate and fear” are the chants directed at anyone who still dares speak up about your mad rush to normalize one religion’s rules on Canadian Muslim women, while threatening anyone who objects with ridiculous charges like “Hate speech.”

Well I am not driven by hate and fear, and this is not hate speech.  I love Canada.  I love democracy.  I want this vast and beautiful land to be a place of hope and freedom and opportunity for anyone who also want to live in harmony with the rest of Canada.

Canada is a wonderful country, built on some foundational freedoms, that do not align with the repressive aspects of sharia law.

That Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberals want to make criticism of SPECIFICALLY  the religion of Islam is a frontal attack on the bedrock of Canadian freedom.  Certainly the Jewish and Christian religions are not shielded from verbal attacks,………nor should they be.   There are lots of things wrong with man-made religions, even mine.  Only the Lord God is holy and beyond reproach, but we all see through a mirror dimly, and will until we leave this temporal home.

Sharia law binds women.  Some Muslim women certainly declare their enjoyment of wearing their burka’s and niqabs, but sharia law compels women to obey religious laws, laws that if enforced, ensure no Muslim woman can know the freedom available to other Canadian women.   TWO SETS OF LAWS.   Leaving their Muslim-controlled countries behind will make very little difference to women who are kept in bondage to these religious laws.

And what ever happened to our much vaunted, ‘Separation of church and state’, which though born in the USA is still a mantra we hear invoked a lot.  Why this bending over backwards to accommodate just this one religion?

I had a really dear friend who was a university instructor in Teheran.  Sharia law moved in with the Ayatollah Khomeini, and life for women became repressive, oppressive and unbearable for most women, according to my friend.   Compliance was compulsory, not voluntary.  And for her and most of her educated friends, life become almost intolerable.

Over the years I’ve noted an odd disparity in photographs showing Muslim families, out for a day of frolic.   The men and the boys are dressed in cool summer clothing, short-sleeved shirts, ……even shorts,………..but the women??   Black, full-length clothing.  Covered from head to toe with only slits allowed for eyes to look out on the wonderful fun their men are having under blue skies and beaming sun.

Prime Minister Trudeau, why do you want to inflict prison garb onto the women in the country you govern?

Do you really believe that women in homes run by men who take Sharia law as their inviolable right, always use that power nicely?  Not modified by the democratic freedoms available to Canadian women, ……..do you really believe Muslim men are more noble than men in general, given such heady powers over the lives of women?

The daily news gives us awful examples of men from every culture and religion who’ve hurt and repressed the freedom of women, under their thumb, sometimes with ghastly, tragic ends.  Now you want to tell Muslim men they can do whatever they want to their women in Canada?  Because that is what Sharia law will mean for some of those men, unconstrained by the democratic laws of our country.

Do not grant Sharia law in Canada.   Do not shut down legitimate criticism of any person or group.   Do not give in to this ridiculous Motion 103 that sets Islam up as being above critical analysis, or reproach.

My Iranian friend would give you ample reason to remember Lord Acton’s words, ” Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You are about to bestow absolute power on the Muslim religion.

My friend left the repression of Sharia law for the free West.  What you are doing is stripping democracy out of Canada, a place cherished for the freedom it offers people fleeing oppression.


Gerda Peachey,   Abbotsford,  BC.