Anyone who’s reached three-score and ten years has seen many human beings, maybe millions of them.  What is remarkable about people is the predictable ordinariness.  Regardless of their height or weight or colour, they all come in just two forms,………male and female.  That pattern breaks only when there is a malfunction, a mutation,……a mistake or unfortunate accident of some sort.  So physically the norm is just two distinctly different sexes.  They are designed to fit together, and again, unless there is some malfunction somewhere along the astounding complexity of the reproduction system, men and women can recreate what God created ex nihilo.

How human beings feel about sexual relationships is entirely another thing, but there are only……males and females, designed for each other.

How odd then to have this virulent, raging demand that children be taught to think there is a spectrum from boy to girl that is vast and fluid.  Confusion does exist in minds, and emotions, but children are being deluded by militant sex activists.

Life is a journey from the cradle to the grave so let everyone explore and figure things out for themselves, that’s how we develop strength of character and discernment.  But loving others entails staying close enough to steer them through the shoals.  Love allows children a lot of freedom, but tries to protect young, weak and vulnerable kids from mental and physical harm.

Someone asked if I’d put down a few notes from the SOGI meeting in Abbotsford

Leonard Rempel booked the meeting room.  He says he got a few threatening type phone calls, telling him to pull the event, and that people, whom he did not name went to the manager of Garden Park Towers to demand cancellation that morning.   So Leonard asked Chief Rich to send officers.  There was one police fellow there.

The Abbotsford News sent a reporter, and he does the usual dismissive media take on conservative concerns.  Not that Kari Simpson is charming.  She’s crude and vulgar at times.  But if you’re hungry and thirsty out in the desert and some scruff offers you a crust of bread, and some water in a dirty glass, you will receive it with gratitude.  There are not enough good people taking a stand for sanity while left-wing insanity is on the rise.


Paul Dirks, a pastor from New Westminster gave a lot of facts and figures.  He seems to have a genuine intent to be accurate.  What emerges then is a collossal amount of taxpayer money is being funnelled into various efforts to expand the reach of SOGI and related social engineering.

Study figures are paraded by SOGI type activists to prove their case.  But those studies are too new to make the claims credible.  What is fast emerging too is the terrible cost to children who are being swept up by activists, determined to catch kids during those vulnerable years when the child is just beginning to figure out, themselves and their sexually.  The child at puberty hasn’t got a fully developed brain.

Most certainly I was a tomboy for most of my childhood on the farm in Ontario.  I rode our horse, explored the creek, climbed trees, hunted for snakes with our dog, and only imagined myself as Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Davy Crockett or Roy Rogers,…..always with my six-guns slung in my holster.  This dumb little country kid would have been a sitting duck for SOGI enlightenment.  I thought it was quite unfair that boys could have so much more fun than girls, but foolish child that I was, it never occurred to me that I should become a boy, psychologically, chemically or surgically.

I am so thankful to God that no one thought they needed to guide me into my TRUE identity, because I love being a wife and a mother.  Dear God help our kids survive the evils of SOGI and it’s pushers.

So Dirks showed some hard facts about the kids being urged to go on hormone (expressing or suppressing?) medicines once kids have been given sufficient cause to doubt their physical gender.

The transition begins, and sometimes ends in life-altering operations.

What we know from just reading over the course of our lives is that most of the crowd follows the trend-setters, whether they be good or evil.  So the drastic rise in numbers of children who question what they are is not due to genetics but to the throbbing message coming at them from every side.  (Social contagian)

Some things that stand out as seriously worrying is the ‘Out on Screen’ activity.   The problem with trying to learn more is the need to expose ourselves to stuff we find morally reprehensible.  If even half of the personal experiences coming out of the SOGI indoctrination are true, this is driven by Satan, not our Creator and Lord.

For every good thing, there are cheap imitations, like taking the name ARC, and attempting to claim God’s sign of the rainbow as a symbol for sexual activity specifically forbidden by Him.

The pervasive abandonment of restraint self-control costs us all dearly in health dollars.  Most illness and disease resulting from the free-for-all is preventable.