Tonight I heard some facts and figures about the implementation of SOGI, something that has already come to our public education system, and yet is almost unknown by most of the parents and taxpayers of our province.

One young woman said it.  When Hitler’s murderous plans were being implemented all through the land, Churches, pastors and Christians, ducked and bowed and cowered and compromised,……….HOPING, it would all somehow pass them by.  If we just keep low, we won’t be too badly affected.   Somehow the madness will come to an end.   Just whisper your doubts, only to your most trusted friend. Hope someone will stand against the madness.

When I’ve read more of the official documents, I hope to write a careful analysis of what looks like the success of militant, relentless attack on the foundation of democratic civilization,……. the family, freedom of speech, a minimal societal agreement on standards of decency, the protection of little defenceless children from sexual predators.  And a lot more that made the western world a place of hope for the oppressed of this world.

I can see nothing positive in the SOGI agenda, though it is couched in deceptive warm fuzzies.  I fear this is isolating children from the parents who love them, and grooming them for people who want to normalize sex with anyone, anytime, anyway.

Justin Trudeau wants SOGI implemented across Canada.  God save us from such godless leaders.

Back some 15 or 20 years ago, Richard was a union rep at an AGM where the ‘Corren Agreement’ dominated the agenda.  The strident mantra was repeated so often it burned into my brain,…...” We MUST teach our children, from K to 12, to CELEBRATE, ENDORSE, AFFIRM AND EMBRACE,……….HOMOSEXUALITY, LESBIANISM, TRANSVESTITISM,………AND,……….ANYTHINGISM.”

I asked Mike de Jong to stop this madness, but he demurred, saying something similar to what Justin Trudeau recently said about paying Omar Khadr over ten million dollars,  well, if it should go to court we’d lose, and so we may as well not try to fight.

So I wrote up a one page summary about the Corren Agreement and over a number of weeks took that to MEN, fathers in their work places.  I went to factories, industries, offices between Abbotsford and Delta,  so that they the providers and defenders of their families would know what was being done to their precious kids by the well-heeled educators, who get their children for the biggest part of every  day.

What I discovered was grim. Almost no one knew what 600 BCTF teacher reps had  voted into the school curriculum, with the blessing of the Provincial Government.

We’ve come a long way baby, and it’s all downhill on a SOGI slide.



The NDP’s Genderless Utopia:  The Calgary Herald


Every Alberta student, male and female alike, now has the right to use the girls’ washrooms and change rooms, depending not on the reality of biology, but purely on the student’s own feelings.

Schools at which kids wear uniforms can no longer insist that only girls wear skirts. Girls must be allowed to join the boys’ hockey team. Boys are entitled to attend a girls’ sex education class. Schools must work toward the elimination of single-gender sports, meetings, clubs and activities. Schools must even stop using “gendered” language like mother, father, him, her, Mr., Mrs., and instead use “non- gendered” language like “caregivers” and “partners.”

In Alberta, the feelings of a boy who thinks he’s a girl are far more important than the privacy rights and the feelings of girls who don’t want to share their change room with a boy. Girls who feel uncomfortable about a physical male using their change room will need to go elsewhere. Likewise, how boys might feel about a girl using their locker- room is now irrelevant.

Welcome to the NDP’s genderless utopia, where the government requires everyone to pay lip service to the absurd idea that the innate biological and psychological differences between men and women are irrelevant. Education Minister David Eggen expects every public, private, Catholic, charter

and alternative school in Alberta to implement his government’s ideology, which holds that “self-identification” trumps biological reality. Eggen also attacks the bond between parents and their children, by insisting that schools not inform parents about their own child’s “gender expression.”

Of course, the NDP’s “Guidelines for Best Practices” regarding “Diverse Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Gender Expressions” purports to be based on evidence and research. But the document does not refer to any credible evidence or objective research. Instead, it provides links only to ideological advocacy on the part of bureaucrats, special interest lobby groups and the teachers’ union.

Most parents reject the idea that one’s personal, subjective feelings should oust the scientific fact that people are either biologically male or biologically female. Dr. Ken Zucker, while clinical lead at the Gender Identity Service of Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, helped many families treat their children’s gender identity disorder, also known as gender dysphoria.

The NDP ignores evidence that therapy for gender dysphoria, if undertaken in childhood, has a solid record of success in reconnecting gender identity with biological reality. Many parents are grateful to Zucker for sparing their children a lifetime of hormone treatments, and possibly major surgery. A free society fosters frank and honest debate about sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual morality and related issues. Debate is the best way for truth to emerge triumphant over falsehood.

Different opinions about these issues will invariably lead to a demand for different kinds of schools, each with its own perspectives and policies, from which parents can choose the best education for their children. Parents love their own children more — and know their own children better — than any politician, bureaucrat or lobbyist. Children don’t come one-size-fits- all, so education shouldn’t either.

Allowing boys to use the girls’ washrooms and change rooms does not create a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment in Alberta’s schools. These new top-down, one-size-fits- all requirements disrespect parents, and their legal right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children. This right is particularly important for the parents of a child who struggles with gender identity, or who feels confused about sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, these new mandatory guidelines violate students’ privacy rights, undermine parental rights in education, and prevent schools from making their own choices about how best to create a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment.

Calgary lawyer John Carpay is president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.