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Date: Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 8:56 PM
Subject: Fwd: Abbotsford Town Hall Meeting
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I don’t know who these organizers are, at the Garden Park Tower, on Tuesday, but it seems to me the time is long past for you to speak, and speak clearly about SOGI.

Where have you, our provincial leaders been, while this complete departure from all the norms of Western civilization has been slithering through our country like a deadly boa constrictor?

Can it possibly be true that you who rule condone polices that forbid teachers to call boys boys, and girls girls?  Do you have even the faintest idea of your creator God, and that in the beginning He made us male and female.  There was no third gender of trans.  God has not changed His mind.  Where have your minds gone?  Get them back please.  We need you to lead us in the right way.

Lets hear from you brave, wise leaders.   Do you really buy into this nonsense or have you been reduced to snivelling cowards against the relentless drive of people who will harm our precious children and destroy the family unit that has been the foundation of our wonderful democracy?

Please speak up and show some moral fibre, fast.

It is PARENTS who bring children into this world.  It is parents who sacrifice their time and money and strength and their other pursuits to nurture and provide for their children.   Yet YOU in government are either actively or passively standing by while all the most fundamental rights of parents are being stolen, with your power to back up the designs of people who want those children for their own ends.

It is God whom you must meet some day, and what a terrible day it will be for you who stood by and allowed the enemy of our souls to destroy the moral fibre of our nation.

This is far too severe for you to ignore.

Gerda Peachey

These are a few excerpts from other people:

 I’m so disturbed that I cannot keep quiet.  This has honestly been keeping me up at night, thinking this through.  

 Wednesday a friend told me her Grade 6 daughter, who we know through Brownies/Girl Guides, just three weeks into the school year, has learned about “anal sex” as part of the new school curriculum.

The girls in that class were so traumatized that they came home crying.  

Clearly, this is disturbing.  

So, shocked, I came home and spent hours and hours looking at SOGI, every single lesson plan, who developed it, who funded it, and how it got introduced through the Legislature.  

 I am a mom, and if my children had a trusted adult teach them about “anal sex”–at age 11–and its mechanics, I would be puling my children and enrolling them at 

These are my concerns about SOGI after spending hours combing over it:

1)  It was funded by the ARC Foundation.  The Arc Foundation is funded in part by Bob Quartermain, who is head of (owns?) a large mining company in BC.  How does a private foundation get to develop curriculum and then quickly put it in classrooms without more parent consultation?

2)  It was rushed through in a quiet, summer meeting of the legislature in 2016 where hundreds of sex activists attended.  Why do sex activists get so much input into a curriculum instead of parents?

2)  The ARC Foundation/Bob Quartermain/his mining company made a large political donation to the Christie Clark Liberals.  Did this influence how quickly this curriculum was rushed through?  

3)  SOGI begins the conversation about sexuality in kindergarten.  This is very, very, very young in my mind.  I worry that we are eroding the natural barriers that protect children from child predators by allowing children to become comfortable with topics of sexuality so early.  I worry that SOGI actually might be a vehicle for grooming children; and if children are learning about anal sex, from trusted adults, at age 11, then clearly I might not be wrong.  

4)  SOGI encourages teachers to use gender neutral language in reference to both parents and children (“adult caregiver” instead of mom and dad and “children” instead of boys and girls–I would prefer, “mom, dad, or adult caregiver” to be more accurate).  As a feminist, this makes me extremely uncomfortable.  Women are different than men, and have been historically discriminated against and exploited, and continue to be so.  I worry that gender neutral language may erode women’s rights.  A lot of lesbian scholars are actually very concerned with the SOGI curriculum for these reasons, and I can provide you with studies from lesbians speaking out against SOGI if you want more information on this. 

5)  This curriculum erodes parental rights.  Why is something that could have built community among parents, by bringing everyone together and building a more inclusive curriculum together, being pushed through so quickly?  There should have been major parental consultation and input on a curriculum so controversial.  

7)  It may create backlash against the LGQBT community–parents feel their rights are being taken away by LGQBT activists, how does this actually help with inclusive education?

8) Why are we excluding the other traditional communities from these conversations?  Chinese people have very traditional values, so do Muslims, Orthodox Jews, and Sikhs.  Are they not entitled to some input into this curriculum as well?  

Traditional families have lots of babies, and demographically Canada is aging quickly.  My Mennonite next-door neighbour just had her tenth baby (and she’s not done yet).  Many of my traditional friends have five or six children, and they are not done yet.  Muslims also have large families.  Traditional families, including immigrants and refugees from traditional cultures (like Syria), are the ones who will be keeping Canada’s population alive over the next twenty years.  Do we want these communities to learn tolerance, or do we want them to withdraw into their ethnoburbs where extreme ideas may develop?    

I believe all families are equal.

However, in spite of this, I believe all conversations start with parental rights first.  And if we are talking about topics of sexuality, than you better believe that I, as the parent, want a lot of input into what my children are learning.  I think SOGI should have been developed with way more parental consultation.  I believe SOGI should not have been rushed through–and I don’t think it should have been funded by a private foundation.  

I also am very much against anything that smacks of child grooming and that erodes the value of women, and I think this curriculum, in its current design,  may also just do that.  


ACHSA Homeschoolers,

There is a moral decay engulfing our Education system.

Some may think this doesn’t have anything to do with Homeschooling – but it will take over all things Education in BC, if we are not strong to stand our ground!
The foundation and strength of our country and its future generations is based on parents, not government, instilling morals and values based on what is best for our children.


The ideological activism behind SOGI is not inclusive (it rejects everyone that doesn’t agree with it) and it is government indoctrination with the purpose of socially engineering the next generation (our children), it is explicitly against the parental guidance of a large portion of our society. There is no “opting out” for this curriculum, it will affect everyone, and be reflected in the grades/transcripts of the students who don’t agree with the ideology.
Culture Guard http://www.cultureguard.com/ is paving the way for us to have the information we need to be equipped to challenge this harmful ideological political agenda.

1 Timothy 6:20

Tuesday October 3rd
7 pm – Town Hall Meeting
Garden Park Tower
2825 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford  – Pass it on!!