George David Wald was an American scientist who was best known for his work with pigments in the retina. He won a share of the 1967 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Haldan Keffer Hartline and Ragnar Granit. Wikipedia

Mary Schweitzer was pilloried by evolutionists, though she believes in evolution herself. No one must ever discover anything that causes faith in evolution to falter.


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Then there is Dan Shechtman:  An important lesson for science (from ‘Kungl. Vetenskaps Akademien’)

“Dan Shechtman’s story is by no means unique. Over and over again in the history of science, researchers have been forced to do battle with established “truths”, which in hindsight have proven to be no more than mere assumptions. One of the fiercest critics of Dan Shechtman and his quasicrystals was Linus Pauling, himself a Nobel Laureate on two occasions. This clearly shows that even our greatest scientists are not immune to getting stuck in convention. Keeping an open mind and daring to question established knowl- edge may in fact be a scientist’s most important character traits.”