Since I am not a medical expert, or a scientist, I can’t assert that Dr. Damadian and Dr. Scott Rosa will be able to liberate Sarah from the effects of MS.

But there is nothing to lose, (but a few bucks) and everything to gain by following through on the research that Dr. Damadian has done,…….and with some tangible success.

I think this all does provide some genuine hope for the myriad number of people who now suffer from MS, and just maybe Damadian holds a giant, golden key that till now has not been well made known.

With Sarah’s permission, I have posted this on my blog.   That makes for easy access to anyone who wants to ponder the hope Dr. Damadian offers,………maybe to themselves, or the people they love.


For an upright scan of head and neck, in BC, we understand the cost would be about $1,500.  But Dr. Damadian did not charge Sarah a plug nickel.

We had dinner with him in Cloverdale last April and I asked him when he planned to retire, since he’s now 81.  He looked surprised at the question and said,…….he loves helping sick people get well, and can’t think of anything he would rather do, more than that.

The man is a likely a millionaire since he won a lawsuit against General Electric, (many years ago) who tried to steal his patent).  His company, ‘Fonar‘, employs some 500 people.  I’m not sure of the current status of his company.   Sarah is not the only person Damadian has scanned for free.

We knew Dr. Damadian because back in 1996 Richard, who was vice-pres of the BC group, spent a year working to bring Damadian here to lecture for the Creation Science Association.  Rich and I picked Raymond and Donna up at the airport and had the enormous privilege of taking them out for dinner.   The guy is a genius, (whose lecture notes got destroyed by the airports x-ray equipment), so he just made a few notes on paper and hardly missed a beat.

And so, here we are today.  Can Sarah be healed?  I don’t know, but I know God makes no mistakes, and Sarah’s trust in Him remains a solid foundation, in an uncertain future.