Many of my friends say they are Christians.  And that is good news.  But what is a Christian if not a follower of Jesus Christ.   One who believes that Jesus is God incarnate, and that he alone is the saviour of lost humanity.

But what causes me to wonder if my friends are fellow sojourners to heaven is their disinterest in the authority of the word of God.

We’ve moving like a speeding locomotive to pile on to an earlier train-wreck just around the bend.  All the rules of God, given for us to know him, love him, serve him and leave this short life to live forever with our Lord,……all those rules have been broken.  Smashed, shattered and declared to be irrelevant.  In fact to believe in God our creator is to set ourselves up for mockery, derision and possibly persecution.

I don’t want persecution.  I love my life and all the blessings the Lord has given me.  But what about all of my friends and everyone else in a world that is destroying truth and replacing it with smooth assurances that God does not exist.  Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die.   Only you don’t.   Your soul will live forever, either with God in Heaven, or the Devil and his followers in Hell.

The Bible is God’s revelation to you.  Everything you need to bring you to him, to see yourself through his light, and to find in him the strength to overcome your lower nature is there in his holy word.

The teaching of evolution is designed by the enemy of your souls, the father of lies, to lure you away from turning to God, who loves you, and sent his only son to set you free from sin.

So to my friends who believe they can call themselves Christians and also believe the just-so stories of their millions of years of ascent from microscopic (miraculous) life, through untold (miraculous) transformations that finally brought them to this grand apex of profoundly amazing humanity, all by way of the destructive and crude processes of purported evolution, to you I say, at least look honestly at what God has told you about your beginnings, and compare that account with the claims of evolutionists.

This is from the course Richard taught at Willingdon School of the Bible in 2016.