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Score one for the Devil.  Colby Cosh in his article, ‘Scopes Trial is still theatre of the absurd’, writes:  ….“in a way, that new statue of Clarence Darrow  [in Dayton, Tennessee] is a tribute to him, and to the spirit of even-handedness he was trying to preserve.” 

Even-handedness isn’t how the doctrine of evolution gobbles up the souls of men. But the Devil, that enemy of our mortal souls has seemingly won millions of human minds, away from trusting in God our creator, sustainer, saviour, truest friend and ultimate judge.  Colby is one among many who have bought into the fraud of evolution.

The 1960 move ‘Inherit the Wind’ distorts the 1925 ‘monkey trial‘,  but millions have been fed those deliberate distortions, and believe them to be factual.  The trial itself was very much political theatre, intended to create a scenario whereby evolutionists could force a contrived drama to favour their attack on the Biblical account of creation.

But the drama was not sufficient to satisfy the need to remove God from the mind of man,…. so they created a compelling fiction.   That works every time.

I was out hiking with some naturalists when we found some delicate little orchids.  One of the men spoke in awed tones about the co-evolution of orchids with the insects needed for their pollination.   I think he said that happened 26,000 times.  That this really nice guy with such a sharp mind could believe something so absurd called for at least some effort to research his claim.

Now I know that neither orchids nor insects ‘evolved’.  For life to evolve even once is mathematically impossible.  And co-evolution of myriad tiny plants and animals should stretch the credulity of anyone,…..let alone the common-sense of my well-educated companions, but common-sense has been shoved aside by relentless indoctrination. 

So lets peek back in time,…millions and millions of years back to a little proto-orchid thinking how to proceed in it’s evolutionary ascent, so as to keep step with the proto-moth, (or proto-bee…)  that is somewhere out in that emerging, seething earth.  Little protos want to ensure that when the perfect time comes in their development,……they will be an exquisite fine-tuned match,…..made by the clumsy, harmful happenstance, mutations, survival of the fittest, luck, and no divine hand needed.

 Someone sent this discussion about the astounding design of the albatross, with the comment:  “So cool! How are these guys not instantly creationists???”

What drives so many outwardly decent, civilized people to not only accept nonsense, but to themselves become purveyors of junk science?

The theory of evolution cannot survive a critical analysis, which is why it must be taught as inviolable fact, using all the determination and skill and artistry available to man who sets himself against the truth of God.  Children must be taught the lie that they are the product of millions of years of evolution, before they can process data with their own wonderful capacity to discern the world around them.

And so many wonderful people holding prestigious degrees are not devils in disguise.  They believe!

They believe pretty much everything they are told, for example about orchids.  References abound, so you too can check out the information.  You will be told there are some 35,000 species of orchid.  You’ll also read there are 25,000 species.  You’ll also read there are 20,000 species of orchids. Oh well,……there are lots.

And there are lots of insects too.  Some say 30 million insect species, some say 2 million.  Meh!  What’s a paltry 28 million among friends? Oh, and some insects live only a few hours after they emerge as adults, some live only a day, or a few days.  Quite amazing on the part of those little critters to do so much planning about their future perfection with such speed.

Okay let’s not get hung up on a few digits of difference.  Whatever.   The salient point to remember is that each of these amazing plants planned precise and perfect processes that matched the precise and perfect progress of the insect, mammal or bird they would need for their reproductive needs.

So simple and so beautiful,……..but only if you’re willing to remain a simpleton.

No biologist on earth can tell you that any plant, or insect, or fish, or bird, or mammal is simple.  On the contrary it takes years to earn university degrees, but still our finest minds combined can only scratch the surface of comprehension when studying the natural world.  We build on the research and knowledge of previous generations.   We study nature and we try to emulate it.  From the plant and animal world we obtain everything we need to sustain life.  The SIMPLEST bacterium is more complex than ANYTHING man can devise.

Nevertheless, evolution is now the ruling paradigm, and it claims as its victims almost all segments of society, across the vast expanse of the earth.  God allows us the freedom to reject Him, and we reap the harvest of barren souls.

Movie, ‘Inherit the Wind:  As Randy Moore reviewed the 1960 movie (see his article in The American Biology Teacher, Vol. 61, No. 4 [April 1999], pp. 246-250 [available at]), he noted the following historical discrepancies (among others):

Movie: Scopes is a central figure throughout the trial. He is referred to as a martyr (11:40).

Trial: Scopes was a relatively minor figure in the trial. On days that Scopes was late for the trial, the proceedings often started without him. . . .

Movie: Scopes’ defense team consists only of Darrow, who is assisted by H. L. Mencken. The prosecution’s team consists of Bryan and a local attorney.

Trial: Both sides were represented by teams of attorneys. The counsel for the prosecution included Bryan, Bryan’s son (William Jennings Bryan, Jr.), Ben McKenzie, J. Gordon McKenzie, A. T. Stewart, Wallace Haggard, and brothers Sue and Herbert Hicks. Counsel for the defense included Darrow, John R. Neal, Arthur Garfield Hays, Dudley Field Malone, W. O. Thomson, and F. B. McElwee, and was assisted by biblical authority Charles Potter. Mencken had no role in the defense team. . . .

Movie: The jury is never excused; they are in the courtroom at all times.

Trial: The trial lasted from July 10 to July 21, 1925, but the jury was in the courtroom for only about three hours. . . .

Movie: Bryan betrays the confidence of Scopes’ fiancée by forcing her to testify against Scopes (1:08:02), thereby making Scopes look like a nonbeliever. Bryan’s fanatical examination of Rachel leaves her in tears (1:12:52).

Trial: No women participated in Scopes’ trial. Bryan was courteous to witnesses; it was Darrow who was cited for contempt. . . .

Movie: Expert witnesses are not allowed to testify (1:16:30).

Trial: Twelve scientists and theologians were allowed to make statements as part of the record presented by the defense. None of the expert witnesses was cross-examined. . . .

Movie: When called by Darrow as a witness (1:28:50), Bryan claims that he takes every word of the Bible literally.

Trial: Bryan volunteered to Darrow that he didn’t believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Movie: Bryan says he has not read (and would not read) Darwin’s Origin (1:30:38).

Trial: Bryan read Origin in 1905; he was familiar with Darwin’s work.

Movie: Darrow asks Bryan about sex in the Bible. Bryan tells Darrow that all sex is sin (1:36:35).

Trial: There was no mention of sex or sin at Scopes’ trial.

Movie: Bryan claims that creation occurred at 9:00 a.m. on 23 October 4004 BC, as proposed by Bishop Ussher (1:41:20).

Trial: Bryan didn’t claim to know the age of the Earth. When cross-examined by Darrow, Bryan handled most of the questions well.


Said waaaaay back in August of 2017 . . . .