unnamed-35On Friday, July 21st, a local group of musicians will bring a variety of songs to the ‘HOUSE OF JAMES’

TIMELESS‘ consists of  a group of friends who’ve been jamming together for quite a few years.

                                   Ann Senae, a Mission chartered accountant who has been part of various bands for decades.

                                   Fran Barra who can out-sing some of the original artists on their own songs.  Done lots of entertaining.

                                   Sandie Harper, an avid golfer and guitar and uke player, and a beautiful singer.  Belongs to several music groups.

                                   Faye Reeve had her own band in high school and would give Mary Travers some serious competition.

                                   Fran Andres, an all-around excellent musician who has done a lot of performances with John McLaughlan’s band.

                                   Gerda Peachey grew up listening to WWVA in Wheeling West Virginia, so expect some Gospel Bluegrass

Our music will feature folk, Maritime, gospel, country, and oldie goldies that you haven’t heard in fifty years.

The only cost to you will be to support the coffee shop with a good appreciation for their food and drinks.

Come for a warm and wonderful evening of music.  7 to 9 PM, House of James,   2743 Emerson St., Abbotsford.  Phone:  604-852-3734

Your support will be our only means of advertising.  Listen to Bill Monroe, Dolly Parton, John Prine, Ricky Skaggs, Cookie and the Cupcakes and more,…. for the price of coffee and dessert.

Friday, July 28/17

Well, we did it.  Though amateurs, we did manage to pack the house, ….. standing room only at times.  Lando says they did a fine business, and the audience donated a generous amount of money to send to people up country suffering loss from the fires raging throughout B.C.

Lando asked us to do it again sometime, so now that we’ve learned a few things about being ‘performers’,…..maybe we will try that again.