Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps is not particularly helpful in her suggestion that seniors open their homes, to alleviate their growing tent city plague.

During the war and well into the ’60s people left their homes and cars unlocked. Men who molested children were not tolerated. As a child I could wander the Ontario countryside freely, even after dark. But God was acknowledged in those poorer, but better years.  And while not everyone went to Church, or was a Christian, Christianity had a clarifying effect on the Judeo-Christian western world.

We boast that we have dispensed with our Creator and Lord, and now we are wretched moral orphans. Lisa Helps suggestion that the aged open their homes to people who will doubtless have street-smarts, superior physical strength, and desperate motivation to fleece their hosts, is a very bad solution to the problem of homelessness.

Helps notes that during the Second World War, newspaper headlines urged residents to billet homeless workers who had relocated to Victoria to help with the local war effort.

“They didn’t charge anything, they just opened up their spare bedrooms and invited strangers in,” she wrote.

Given that no purpose-built rental buildings were built in Victoria for 30 years, and that nearly 6,000 people have moved to the city in the past five years, the city is facing a housing crisis, Helps said in the post.

“What if Victorians responded in the same way to this crisis? What if there was a way to connect people living in vehicles, in motel rooms, on couches, with seniors living in large houses all alone, with retirees with an extra bedroom, or even with families with large houses and extra rooms,” she wrote.