“Simply put, cannabis should not be used by young people.”  writes CMA Dr. Diane Kelsall.

Well whatever!!  The Liberal mentality seems to be, ‘You can’t stop them, so might as well toss them to the wind, or the wolves’,…….whatever.  https://www.pressreader.com/canada/national-post-latest-edition/20170529/281646780092680

What a brave new world the godless liberal left envision.  Inject Gardasil into children as early as nine years old, so that they will be good and prepared for the sex they’ll be doing, any day now.  And with the risks associated with no-constraints and morals all nicely relegated to the dust-bin by the enlightened left, the children will soon face HPV and assorted plagues that come with a life devoid of morals.

Never mind, there are always reams of devices and advisors ready to keep our youth resolute in pursuing lives free of stuffy rules and talk of a Creator God, who loves them.

And get them using drugs.  That softens their brains and makes them more compliant to stories that erase God from their consciousness.  Teach them He does not exist, did not create them, never wrote the manual for human life on earth, and the route to eternal life in His presence.  Their minds and souls are to be firmly scrubbed to eradicate all such impediments to hedonism. Forbid any hint of a higher calling, and destroy all that is holy in children and in the culture around them.

I wondered at the title of the final song heard by young children in Manchester, some of whom died at the hands of a twisted suicide bomber.  So I looked up the lyrics of some of Ariana Grande’s songs.  They are awful, so awful that I cannot comprehend why loving parents would expose their children to such filth.  Because the lyrics leave no doubt at all about the message.  Probably lots of kids just like the music and don’t absorb the message, but are the adults brain-damaged from smoking too much marijuana?  John Robson talks about the provocative nature of Grande’s music in his article.


So what if some kids with still developing minds and bodies are forever damaged by unnecessary Gardasil injections, or early exposure to mind-altering marijuana.  Small price to pay for finally living in a world devoid of that God who spoils our hedonism by warning that,…….. “The wages of sin is death.”

We should not discount the possibility that there are often people living high off the hog, on the misery and brokenness of their fellow human beings.  Why there are always people tasked with the cushy jobs of studying the problems associated with addictions, homelessness and mental illness. Great amounts of money taken from the working public to help out those who can’t fend for themselves.  Marc Townsend of the Downtown Eastside ‘Portland Hotel Society’,  and his wife and other executives as well as NDP Jenny Kwan treated themselves liberally to that little pot of gold allotted to their piece of the ‘misery industry’. For years Marc and friends wined and dined and travelled in the finest style, as befits those who care about their fellow man.

In a world where the memory of our Lord God is furiously being erased, why would clever opportunists not help themselves to a bit of gold now and then. Without Jesus on the throne of our lives, the Golden Rule is, ‘He who has the gold,….. rules.”

Legalizing marijuana will destroy more young people, but on the bright side, lots of sharp entrepreneurs will cash in on their loss.