A lot of caution is needed with the forwarding of the numerous messages that purport to be about “urgent“, freak-out issues.

There may be some truth to the content, or the issue might be important, but there is a whole lot more about them that is suspicious, and a lot less that is authentic.

The ‘senders‘ have names but it’s doubtful those are real live people with whom you could have an intelligent discussion.

Speaking the truth is one thing, but embellishing and hiding behind phoney names indicates someone, or some group in the background stirring up controversy, with evil intentions.

The truth liberates people.  Sly, sneaky stories sown and spread by using a smattering of truth cannot produce an open and healthy interaction.

Beware of any message that contains these sorts of pressure tactics to pass this along to your friends.  When you try to trace the original, those messages begin to look really suspicious.    They kind of remind me of the letters that would circulate, many years ago, that urged you to send this to on at least five of your friends.   Failure to do so would surely bring some sad misfortune your way.

Baloney then, and baloney now to mindless trust, and endless regurgitation of “urgent” communication from anonymous sources.