……despite the passage of Motion 103.

But is the radiance of the Son of God diminishing on Western Civilization?  Today represented another stage in the betrayal of the Judaeo-Christian foundation that has been a beacon of freedom and liberty for centuries, the world over.

But our leaders are hacking away at that foundation.  It never was perfect, as no system run by fallen humanity ever can be, but the democratic West has offered far more peace and prosperity than any other political-religious system on earth.

Justin Trudeau kept his hands clean today.  He was not in the house to be seen casting a vote on this controversial motion.

M-103, tabled by Liberal backbencher Iqra Khalid in December, passed by a vote of 201-91 Thursday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was not in the House to vote.
Though largely symbolic, the motion has proven to be deeply divisive and has become a hot topic in the Conservative leadership race. 

So we are to have our tax dollars expended monitoring Canadians and devising ways to suppress our so called ‘Islamophobia‘.  That means presumably, don’t insult the prophet Mohammed.  Oh right, we already got that lesson years ago.  Salman Rushdie still has a price on his head, and the media who have overwhelmingly sneered at objectors as racist or white supremacist, or worse because people worry that this is the top of a giant banana peel,….that sneering media, studiously evades the delicate question of why they do not publish a mere cartoon.  Well I read that NO media dares to publish the cartoon that almost destroyed Denmark, and all of its diplomatic consulates around the world.

Conversely media rarely worries about the liberal mocking of Christians or Jews.

Motion 103 will certainly not instil more bravery into those media hearts to do thoughtful critique of the religion of Islam, or of violence done under that banner. Neither will it deter our enlightened university students from rioting freely whenever a pro-Jewish speaker is invited to speak on campuses.  Pro-Palestinian speeches are however welcomed in discrimination-free Canada.  Jesus Christ is generally banned in public schools, but secular schools accommodate Muslim demands for the separation of boys and girls, allow for students to leave class for regular prayer time, ………hhmmm, wasn’t prayer an offensive religious observance in the not too distant past?   Ohhh, right,….. that was Christian prayer that caused so much outrage!

With some trepidation, I asked the computer for links to blasphemous attacks on the Lord Jesus Christ,………….Do I have to say more?

Will Justin Trudeau and his Liberal MPs ferret out all such insults against the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, God of Gods.  The one who created all of us, and holds the world together by his word, and power?

I’m guessing our PM is not inclined to defend the Holy one from the mockery and derision of godless attacks, because Justin Trudeau is at the forefront of such attacks, albeit the battle has been fought mostly by stealth.

Under the liberal left the Bible has been steadily eroded.  Not that puny man will ever prevail against almighty God, but he deludes himself that he can rise up against his creator and win.  Like you can hurl yourself repeatedly against a high and wide cement wall, until you crumble.  Attack the truth of God and you destroy yourself.

We’ve known so much blessing from God, but we have despised the Giver of all good.  So now while the Canadian government has not quite stated that the Word of God is illegal, as has been the case in the old Soviet Union, in Red China, and indeed in the Catholic Church people found reading the Bible faced the dread Inquisitor. Into the late 1800’s the book of life was forbidden to be in the hands of parishioners.  No, its not quite been made the decree of Justin, but what remains before that day when the Bible is declared to be ‘hate literature’, because God calls sin,  – SIN?

The Bible, God’s revelation to humanity, whom He created male and female, in His own image,…..gives clear instructions for sexual relations.  There is much historical record of the sins into which people fell, but NO ambiguity as to what God’s rules for sexual relations are to be.  And there are clear rules for what God denounces as sins against our own bodies, and against his rules.

Under the liberal left we have descended into moral decadence.  The societal norm for sex now is that right is called wrong, and wrong is called right.

The poor, poor little children.  From tender, impressionable years these precious little ones are being deliberately confused to question God’s norms,……to think of themselves one day male, another day female, another day both, another day none of the above, with no end in sight to the madness,………the vile demonic madness being foisted on them by the adult world.

When we turn our backs on God, we are not spiritually free.  There is no possibility for anyone to be a moral vacuum.  If we reject the God of all truth, that wonderful God who loves us, then be sure of this,….we will have other spirits filling that void.

So today, another nail in our Christian coffin.  Up with Islam, down with the solid foundation of faith in the Saviour of our eternal souls.

The Bible tells us of a tragic time in the life of God’s people, when His glory had departed from their land,……..and they did not know it.


One day the sun will not rise again on this land, and then the judgement,….. and eternity will begin for all humanity.  Stand for the God of all truth while you have life, and tell others who need to hear about Jesus the only Saviour of mankind.  Read the Bible.  God promises, “Seek and you will find.  Knock, and the door will be opened to you.  Ask and you will receive.”

Ichabod (Hebrewאִיכָבוֹד‎‎, ikhavod – no glory) is named by the Books of Samuel as the brother of Ahitub.[1] Ichabod is also identified by the Books of Samuel as having been the son of Phinehas, and as having been born on the day that the Ark was taken into Philistine captivityHis mother went into labour due to the shock of hearing that her husband and father-in-law had died and that the Ark had been captured.

In the Book of 1 Samuel, his name is said to be a reference to: the glory has departed from Israel, because of the loss of the Ark to the Philistines, and a lesser reference to the deaths of her father-in-law, Eli and her husband, Phinehas. She repeats the phrase, “The glory has departed from Israel, for the ark of God has been captured,” to show her piety, and that the public and spiritual loss lay heavier upon her spirit than her personal or domestic calamity.[2] Yairah Amit suggests that his name indicates “the fate of this newborn child who would have no parents, no grandfather and not even God, because even the glory has departed from the place.”[3]