Motion 103 is about vote buying.  It’s brilliant, a no-brainer.   Set up a contrived problem, of a populace driven by irrational ‘hate’ and ‘fear’.  Step firmly in like true quality leaders to put a stop to the problem, and you have the so-called persecuted group eating out of your hand.  And the money and the votes will flow into your party coffers.

There is no more Islamophobia in Canada than there is of all the varied interactions among human beings,  some wonderful, and some not so great.

But by setting up this purported segment of society seething with ‘fear and hate’, the Liberals have by fiat won the hearts and minds of the Muslim community for a long time.  Never mind that they have created conflict, where for most of us it did not exist as long as people lived in civility and peace together.

Now with the arbitrary ‘truths’ that we are a nation of Islamophobes, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have stirred up tension and distrust.   And they are laughing.

But will they all be enjoying the joke, IF, a few years down the road the hard-core element of Islam comes to collect on the core meaning of Motion 103, and we find ourselves no longer in a free land where the same democratic rules apply to all Canadians?

Unless of course all that talk we hear from strict Muslims about conquering the world for Allah, and bringing everyone under Shariah law is just a cute joke too.

Note:  Some writer put this thought out last week, and I’d give him credit, if I could remember where I read it, but it was only today that I realized he was probably right.