Cornwall Alliance Day of Prayer for the Poor and the Environment March 25!

It’s almost time for our Third Annual Cornwall Alliance Day of Prayer for the Poor and the Environment!March 25th is the birthday of Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Norman Borlaug, “Father of the Green Revolution” and “The Man Who Fed the World” by his work increasing crop yields around the world.

In 1968 Paul Ehrlich published The Population Bomb, claiming that there was no hope to feed rising populations. Millions would starve to death no matter what remedial actions were taken. But, while he was publishing his predictions of doom and gloom, Dr. Borlaug had already set out to create a high-yield agricultural revolution in countries that no one dreamed could be food self-sufficient.

Borlaug’s work in India and Pakistan won him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970. He continued to work for the rest of his life to extend crop yields and relieve hunger and poverty around the world. In addition to the Nobel Peace Prize, he received The Presidential Medal of Freedom, Vannevar Bush Award, Public Welfare Medal, National Medal of Science, Congressional Gold Medal, and the Padma Vibhushan, India’s second highest civilian honor.

Borlaug’s amazing achievements not only fed, and continue to feed, billions of people, but also improve all of the world’s environment. Why? Because they reduce the need to convert natural lands to farmlands by enabling farmers to grow more food on every acre. That makes him a hero not only of the poor but also of the earth itself. That’s why the Cornwall Alliance, which strives to promote both Biblical earth stewardship and economic development for the poor, celebrates his life and work.

Norman Borlaug, a devout Christian, is a prime example of the godly dominion called for in Genesis 1:28, namely, men and women created in God’s image working together to enhance the fruitfulness, the beauty, and the safety of the earth, to the glory of God and the benefit of our neighbors.