Erica Johnson of CBC Market Place on predatory parking fees at Abbotsford Hospital. (see video)

The Abbotsford hospital was built under the P3 model, and we borrowed money from private business consortium to build it.  (John Laing investment company, which I’m pretty sure has flipped 3 or 4 or maybe more times since then.  It’s seems like a lucrative business,…..this P3 model.)

The interest on that borrowed money accumulates, and makes a tidy profit for the private lenders.   Last I heard they were sitting in a taxfree haven on Guernsey, off the British Isles.   –  Gerda  “To avoid the risk of applying a double taxation to businesses that make financial transactions on their territory, the Channel Islands have opted for a radical solution: a 0% tax rate.

But MEPs were left unconvinced by the justifications offered by representatives from Jersey and Guernsey, at a hearing in the European Parliament’s Tax Rulings Committee (TAXE committee) on Monday (14 March).

This committee was created in the wake of the Luxleaks scandal to investigate the secret deals passed between states and certain multinational companies to cut their tax liability.

After a six-month extension to its mandate, granted in December last year, the committee has concentrated more specifically on the harmful tax practices of companies across Europe.

TAXE committee to fight tax evasion for another six months

The European Parliament yesterday (25 November) adopted the TAXE committee’s report on the tax practices of big businesses in Europe. But Europe’s work on tax evasion is only just beginning. EURACTIV France reports.” 

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Preview YouTube video Hospital parking: The real cost for patients (CBC Marketplace)

Hospital parking: The real cost for patients (CBC Marketplace)

Subsequent letter:

Hi Gerda,

I spent the day today at Surrey Memorial, Emerg. Dept with my 96 year old mother.

I thought 2 hours would do it, and the cost was $7.75.    Of course it took much
longer than 2 hours, so I topped up for an additional 2 hours at $7.00.   Things dragged on
and on, and I won’t comment about lack of resources in the Emerg. Dept. but I
had to top up a second time because of the backlog in Emerg.   I was a few minutes
late topping up a second time, so this was no longer a $7.00 top-up, it was a new charge at $7.75.

So, six hours in Emerg. today in Surrey cost me $22.50………

I don’t know what the all day charge might have been, but it was probably less than $22.50.

Talk about predatory.    Use my example if you wish and I have the receipts to prove it.

Don Gibbs