Last week our dutiful media all parroted the latest breath-taking buzz about our evolutionary past.  So I got to thinking how easy it must be for life to just happen, by pure materialism, no designer, no author, no artist, no mechanic,………no one.  Just raw chance.

So I think I’ll demonstrate how obvious it is that given enough time order will arise from disorder, complexity will emerge from confusion, life can, will and must emerge from non-life.  Being of a fair mind I’ll give the experiment every advantage, so I chose the smallest of the two newspaper articles and cut it into 30 pieces, then placed them into a clean Folgers coffee container.  Given enough time and shaking, those pieces will re-combine into a coherent article on the certainty that ‘simple’ bacteria arose somewhere, somehow in a primordial soup.  Voila!  More than fair, I’m not allowing any other stuff to get into my container to complicate the re-assembly of my newspaper article about the certainty that life came about by happenstance.

Once while Richard was studying in the UBC library, for his Bachelor of Science, I wandered through the long, high rows of journals on microbiology.  That indelibly impressed upon me that life at its tiniest was a rather complex business.  In fact one ‘simple’ bacterium defies all the intelligence we can muster.  The smallest life form is more complex than the entire city of New York.  Every man-made thing in that entire city combined cannot match the complexity of the purported Quebec find.   We found this rather ill-defined bacterium embedded in the rocks, but are assured that life arose 4.3, (give or take a few) Billion years ago in a primordial ocean.  Please note,…….nowhere on earth do we have a primordial soup to study.  Rather we have a world teeming with life, in the highest frozen mountain tops, life in arid deserts, life in deepest oceans trenches, life in darkest caves.  Nevertheless, scientists tell us there was a primordial soup, so hey, what do we mere mortals know?

There is no mechanism on earth that can determine time stretching backward billions of years.  These ages are based on assumptions, conjecture, extrapolation and bias.  If you buy into the religious dogma of our evolutionary ascent from goo to you, then all data must be framed to fit into that ruling paradigm.  Notice that the story is quite malleable.  Details are to be believed until new data forces a re-write.  But the central fiction that all life evolved from non-life holds,……..because we cannot allow a divine foot in the door of our minds and souls.

So here’s a few links and pictures to show you how simple the simplest life forms on earth are, and how easily goo could pull up its little sockies to emerge 4.2 Billion years later, as…..YOU.

metabolic pathways diagram

…..and Richard’s article on the mathematical impossibility of life coming into existence without an intelligent designer:

A few examples of The MEDIA and the MESSAGE below.  I might suggest you compare the simplicity of their message about our genesis, with the actual complexity of life.   ef7b512df0a5ce651dbbeea3300202d5 metabolic-pathways1

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