Andrew Coyne and Rex Murphy, among dozens of respectable journalists suggest the heated discussion around Motion 103 is hardly more than a tempest in a teapot.

Well then why are our very well-paid parliamentarians spending our hard-earned tax dollars putting forth meaningless, airy, insubstantial motions.  What business do they have loafing on the jobs we pay them to do if what Coyne and dozens of others claim is true?

Coyne writes:  “There is simply no reasonable construction of the motion that can support the claims made of it. It is not a bill, for starters: it is a simple motion, an expression of opinion, of no legal force or effect. It does not call for any ban or restriction on speech of any kind.

It merely asks the government to “recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear,” condemns “Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination,” and instructs a committee of Parliament to study the matter. Yes, the motion is clumsily worded, and yes, it specifically mentions “Islamophobia.”   ………….” shameless demagoguery over a harmless motion.”   (Emphasis is mine)

Despite the assurance of great journalists, this motion is not merely an expression of opinion.  It wants the government with all its power over our lives to QUELL something.  That something is too vague.  Hate and fear are terms being hurled everywhere by people who can’t engage in intelligent discussion, so instead of punching out the person who disagrees with them they attempt to shut opposition down with bullying words.

Speaking of punching,……where are all those Liberal defenders of the oppressed when an elected student rep at McGill encourages the university crowd to “punch a Zionist today.”   Now THAT is inciting violence!!  What if the brave Igor Sadikov had tweeted, “Punch a Muslim today.”?  Judging from past events I’m guessing there would be placards and marching in the streets, led by the liberal left.  But as it is the dear Igor seems to have the approbation of ‘progressives’.

The Liberals want to pass a motion that specifically can result in the repression of anti-Muslim speech, but strikingly not defending real and growing hatred toward the Jews.  Clearly the Liberals don’t care about hate speech as a principle of Canadian values.

To demur that Motion 103 has nothing to do with ultimately caving in to imposing Sharia law on Muslim Canadians rings hollow.  Under the weasel Dalton McGuinty, Sharia Law would have come to Ontario,……..but for the efforts of Muslim women, among  the other voices of horrified Canadians.

Islam boldly proclaims its intention to conquer the world for Allah, and all over the world that is being accomplished by a variety of means.

The Bible, our undoubted foundational book is repressed and mocked, public schools are accommodating Muslim demands for prayer rooms and separation of boys and girls.

Now I would like to win the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.  And I might be successful if I were more like the Saviour.  But that is a battle fought with the message of His love, and truth and holiness and the hope of eternal life in His presence.  Christianity does not convert at the point of a sword.  But Islam boldly tells its adherents to kill the infidel.

My friend was a teacher in Teheran when the Shah was deposed and the Ayatollah Khomeini seized power.  Everything in Iran became oppressive.  She told me of a time when she and many of her colleagues were sweltering in their black dresses and head coverings when some tourists nearby foolishly commented on how peaceful and quaint all those devout Muslim women looked.  She and her colleagues spoke perfect English and they quietly cursed the starry-eyed dolts who did not know what they were seeing.  My friend’s daughters were terrorized by the religious police because they failed to adhere to the tiniest dress code.  My friend left the country as soon as she was able.  She said in no uncertain terms that Sharia Law ruined Iran.

Sharia Law is indeed what hard-core Muslims want to impose on other Muslims in our free and democratic land.  If that is ever allowed by the cowardice or avarice of our elected officials,  Muslim women will never be able to taste freedom in Canada.  Had Sharia Law been in place Mohammad Shafia, his son and one of his wives,  Tooba Yaya, might well have got off with a light sentence, claiming ‘honour killing’ justified their vile murders of their own children, and his wife.

Motion 103 is not an insubstantial cute little idea to occupy the long boring days of our parliamentarians.  If it really has nothing of substance, it should not have seen the light of day.  This is a toe wedged in the door of Canadian law, justice and freedom.  Nothing is perfect, but Canada is a wonderful country.  .  Muslims are fleeing to Western democratic countries for good reason, and I believe we should welcome refugees, but we should not alter the fundamental laws of our land.  Motion 103 is not needed, but what is lacking is enforcement of existing laws that would adequately deal with criminals.

The myth has it that after ten futile years of trying to win the city of Troy, the clever Greeks built a huge, HOLLOW wooden horse.  There was much debate in the city of Troy, but the sceptics lost and the naive allowed the harmless hollow horse inside the formidable gates that had protected them so well.  But the horse was not hollow.  It was full of Greek warriors,…….and Troy was lost.