Subject: Political correctness well on the way to stripping away our wonderful democratic freedoms.
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……..where there are no proper rules of evidence, legal procedures or public and press scrutiny.  Tribunals can cause you to lose your job and fine you.  Fail to answer a witness summons and you face contempt of court – possible imprisonment.”      Barbara Amiel wrote this in Mcleans, Jan. 21/08

The context was within a discussion of the charge of ‘Islamophobia‘.  We’ve come a long way since 2008, ….. and not up.

Now whenever horrific mayhem and murder is perpetrated we seem incapable of dealing with the assailant(s) as the madman or murderer that he, or they are.  No.  The first question, seemingly the most important question now is,……..gasp,……..was it,……was it, gasp,…….. a,.. a….HATE CRIME!!???

Do the broken, bloody and dying people really care if their attacker was motivated by politics, religion, madness or hate?  Deal with the crime! Deal with the criminal!  There are myriad laws in place already.  No one in Canada should ever be allowed to steal, beat someone up, shoot them, knife them or blow them up.  Isn’t that straightforward enough?

And if all the laws we already have on the books are not sufficient to assure that we don’t feel free to wreak havoc on the lives of others, it has far more to do with the lack of common sense enforcement of existing laws.  Determining why someone has blown up fellow human beings makes sense, but it should in no way alter the just punishment for such reprehensible acts.  Punish murderers so severely that those waiting in the wings will think long and hard before they do the same.

We cannot go down the path of handing out stiffer or lighter sentences based on some psychobabbelers who try to pigeon-hole our evil deeds.   Murder is the end of life for the victim, it should be the end of freedom for the murderer.

But what we see is a strange twisting of reality, so that now every madman or loser who gives in to his base desires, is made to be the representative of ‘A GROUP’.  Increasingly that ‘GROUP’ consists of people who hold views anathema to the vociferous left. So unable to win in reasoned debate, the left, who now call themselves ‘progressives‘ delight to stick their opponents who lean towards the ‘right‘ side of the spectrum, who differ on moral, philosophical and political world views,…. with labels similar to people who exhibit antisocial behaviour.

How diabolically clever and slimy to cripple your intellectual opponents by labelling the madmen and murderers with the same labels you give to those you can’t beat in fair and honest debate.

Being a realist makes me think that those of you who wish to pervert truth and justice to your godless atheism and hedonism, will succeed.  The Bible has told us for thousands of years what life will be like on earth before the Son of Man comes back, when God brings the ages to a close.  Then, and only then will justice rule, but it will be a terrible time for any one who despised the Lord of glory and truth.

Canada is a post-Christian country, but the Judaeo – Christian worldview that shaped Western democracy had a clarifying influence for a long time.  The preserving and purifying impact of true Christianity is fading fast.  Churches and preachers are buckling under the fearful threat of political correctness.  The Bible is God’s truth to and for every human being that ever lived. We attack and despise His Word at our own peril.

God the Creator made us male and female.  He made us in his own image, the highest of all His created works.  We’ve messed things up a lot, all of us have. There isn’t anyone who is perfect, other than the God-man Jesus Christ.

Children pass through many stages on the way to maturity, but now the grown-ups around them are encouraging the young to question and question and question their own sex to the point where madness has begun to reign.  Now kids are told they need not be male or female, regardless of the obvious.  No, no.  They can be anywhere along a spectrum, or maybe neither, or maybe they can change their mind tomorrow, or next week, or in a decade.  Anything,…….except rational, clear, loving mature guidance through the maze of growing up years.

So now Justin Trudeau makes it a punishable crime to hurt someone’s feelings by not addressing them in their preferred pronoun?  Have we all gone barking mad to just sit quietly and allow such insanity to bind us and steal away the freedom to speak common sense and truth?  All of God’s truth is love that sets us free, and all perversions of God’s truth are from the heart of the evil one, the Father of lies, who wants to destroy our souls for now and all eternity.

Because of various reasons I know a lot of people, and fairly often people I should know greet me by name, upon which I try really hard to recall their name.  It is a huge relief when I can show them the respect of knowing their name, but probably beyond my capacity to also remember their preferred pronoun, if such were to become popular.  Richard was a teacher-on-call and worked really hard to memorize the names of the students in his classrooms.

Seriously,…. the government of Canada would now have teachers hauled on the carpet for not ALSO remembering to address students by their preferred pronouns?  Please, someone show me this is not really true.

But if this is for real, might as well get on the band-wagon.

I told my friend that from now on I wish to be addressed by the pronoun, ‘PREMIER‘, and she calmly assured me that was not possible because ‘premier‘ is not a pronoun.  However people have recently contrived dozens of pronouns unheard and unknown before.  So if you do not address me as ‘Premier Gerda’ I will march off to the BC HRC, at great expense to the public purse, charge you with hate, or fear of  premiers, or of insulting me.  The kindly HRC will pick up the tab for me, and we’ll all slide down the giant banana peel together.

Abbotsford school district fails to meet deadline for LGBTQ policy

February 6, 2017 · 10:15 AM

Kevin Godden, superintendent of the Abbotsford school district /

Abbotsford is one of two B.C. school districts without explicit protections for gay, lesbian and transgender students in its anti-bullying policies, after missing a Dec. 31 deadline set by the province.

In September 2016, Education Minister Mike Bernier announced the requirement, giving districts until the end of the year to pass new policies and administrative procedures.

The Nisga’a school district has also yet to pass such a policy but is working on it, according to a ministry of education spokesperson.

Superintendent Kevin Godden said Abbotsford board of education trustees and staff plan to discuss a draft of new policies at its Feb. 7 policy committee meeting.

“A conspiracy of circumstance” prevented Abbotsford school district from meeting that deadline, Godden said.

A draft of new procedures was set for discussion at a policy committee meeting on Nov. 1, 2016, but that meeting was cancelled due to the double stabbing that killed one student at Abbotsford Senior Secondary the same day.

The draft will be discussed at the district’s Feb. 7 policy meeting and will likely come before school trustees at their next public meeting on Feb. 21.

Godden said he could not divulge any details of the draft policy before it is presented to trustees.

There are currently no district policies in place requiring teachers to address transgender students by their chosen names and pronouns but Godden said that “will be and should be contemplated as part of this policy.”

Brandon Yan, education director with Out in Schools, pointed out that it is now considered discriminatory under the B.C. Human Rights Code to address someone using pronouns other than those they choose or prefer.

“Every student deserves to be respected as their true and authentic selves,” he said in an email.

Out in Schools has made presentations to receptive audiences in Abbotsford schools on several occasions, Yan said.

“We use queer, trans, and two-spirit films, personal stories, and facilitated discussion to equip youth with an understanding of sexual and gender diversity and to give educators the resources to create more inclusive classrooms,” he said.

Like the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, anti-discrimination policies may be “just words in an official document” but both can have significant impact on people’s lives, Yan said.

Two recent studies found specific anti-discrimination policies that protect marginalized groups are effective in lowering rates of reported discrimination, suicidal thoughts and attempts among lesbian, gay and bisexual students and teachers, Yan said.

The Abbotsford community at large has room for improvement when it comes to inclusion but it is also “far ahead of some other places,” Yan said. “Abbotsford should be proud but should continue to ensure all its students and citizens feel accepted, included, and embraced.”