British king George I

My husband, Richard, has written an innovative apologetics article in defense of the biblical book of Genesis. (It has some math in it, so be prepared!)

His summary is shown below. If you’d like to continue reading the article, you can click on the link provided afterward.


The genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11 report ages that many readers find difficult to take at face value since the numbers do not match our own experience. The various explanations that have been offered for these numbers tend to assume that the Genesis author(s) “contrived,” “invented,” and “fabricated” them, using some mathematical and/or astronomical scheme. Combinations of 60s and 7s, algebraic equations, sums of squares and products, lists of factors, and other intriguing patterns have been suggested to account for these “incredible,” “excessively large” numbers. This article defends the Genesis numbers by showing that similar patterns and statistical improbabilities are found among the ages of the ten British monarchs beginning with George I. Accordingly, if the Genesis genealogies are judged as fabrications on the basis of their mathematical features, logical consistency dictates that the British monarchy must likewise be relegated to the realm of fiction!

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