Jane Fonda:  At 79, Jane looks pretty good with fake hair,…. gift of fossil-fuels.  Jane’s face looks remarkably young, for a 79 year old, thanks to PLASTIC surgery.  Wait, wait, wait, was that ‘plastic‘ surgery?  Surely not!!  Jane jets around the world in fossil fuel burning planes and cars and boats, all consuming gobs of fossil fuel,  dashing about in stylish clothing, advocating the virtues of L’Oreal cosmetics, all the while bad-mouthing and destroying the very industry that gives her,…… fake hair, fake skin, expensive make-up and her world-famous status as a leading environmentalist.

Richard and I fought the proposed building of Sumas Energy 2 for some six years because we saw it as being all good for the U.S.  and pretty much all negative for the Fraser Valley.

SE2 would have sent it’s effluent into our sewer system, and on into the Fraser River.  The proposed gas-powered energy plant would have forced brand new power lines to be built right through the heart of Abbotsford to connect to the grid just north of town, then wheeled west where it would drop back into the United States for power to be sold down there.  Because of the generally prevailing winds from the south-west, the particulate matter from the stacks of SE2 would have mostly moved up into Canada, into our Fraser Valley which is a V shape that ends at Hope, and tends to lock the pollutants in.  And initially the remuneration, for all those negative impacts, to BC looked like a bad joke.  In time, following the lead of ‘the little people’, lots of politicians joined the opposition.  (Politicians rarely lead, until they test the winds of public sentiment that are needed for re-election.)

So we, along with thousands of people opposed this plan.  In time the parent organization, Calpine went broke, and so we won the battle, in a manner of speaking.  But speaking for myself, I never opposed the power plant because of some blind opposition to the use of fossil fuels.  I believe modern civilization has been wonderfully served by our use of coal, oil and gas. There is little about Jane Fonda, or her fellow jet-setters public face of opposition that is authentic or worthy of our respect.  Al Gore, he of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ fame has an even bigger carbon footprint, than his inflated claims of imminent disaster, if the world did not cease it’s dependence on fossil fuels.  Of course, he, the prophet of global warming had to use fossil fuels to spread his message to the world.

Be a genuine, pragmatic protector of this beautiful earth, but don’t be a nauseating hypocrite like Fonda, Gore and their ilk.



Justin Trudeau:  The HERO OF THE MIDDLE CLASS, the jet-setter Paris celebrity who imposes unrealistic debt on Canadians,…… encounters a real woman.   http://globalnews.ca/video/3179542/sobbing-woman-confronts-justin-trudeau-over-the-cost-of-her-hydro-bill/?utm_source=Article&utm_medium=MostPopularVideo&utm_campaign=2017