Printed with their permission:

From: Karen McKnight <>
Date: Sat, Nov 12, 2016 at 12:56 PM
Subject: October 3, 2016 Council Meeting
To: George Murray <>, Henry Braun <>, Henry Braun <>, pross <>, lbarkman <>, Ross Siemens <>, Kelly Chahal <>, Brenda Falk <>, Bill Flitton <>, Katie Karn <>, “Dave Loewen (Councillor)” <>, Siri Bertelsen <>, Darren Braun <>, Nick Crosman <>, mgill <>, Sandy Blue <>, Tyler Olsen – Abbynews <>, Andrew Holota <>, Darryl <>, “” <>, Conflict of Interest <>

Dear Mayor and Council:


RE:  Council Meeting held the evening of October 3, 2016


Comments were made at this meeting by Mayor Braun and Councillor Siemens to the effect that those of us who opposed Bylaw No. 2552-2016 regarding the early discharge of LUC No. 13 were led astray by an unnamed person and that we, who live in the community, were ignorant of how our opposition would affect our property values.


I, Karen McKnight, do not pretend to be an expert in bylaw procedures, zoning issues, council proceedings, or property assessment and valuation.  Based on the questions and lack of accurate and concrete answers from those paid to be in the know, neither are the public servants in attendance.


My neighbors and I are not stupid, ignorant, or so gullible that we blindly followed the “unnamed” person who seems to be such an irritation to all of you.  Fact is, the public servants should be grateful for people like Gerda Peachy and Roy Carver who help public servants become aware when there is a lapse in comprehension or application of procedures or bylaws. In this case, I know I am grateful otherwise my neighborhood would have been struck a death blow before I even knew it was under threat.


Just because we see things differently than the Mayor, Council, city staff and supporters of the bylaw, does not automatically mean we (my neighbors and I) are not able to think for ourselves.  Let us all give each other a little grace as none of us can possibly know, remember, discuss, or apply every regulation perfectly in every situation.


Back to the “ignorance” surrounding property values, I am very clear about this issue.  The primary reason for my disapproval of this and other LUC discharge applications that may arise in my community is specifically because it opens the door to a huge increase in property (land) valuations and therefore taxes.


I am very appreciative of Council discharging this specific application until the community consultation meeting is held.  Please know that I will make every effort to attend that meeting.  My stand remains the same.  The underlying zoning needs to be repealed and replaced with a zoning which accommodates the existing characteristics of the neighborhood – modular, single family homes.  It is imperative that we preserve the affordability of one small corner of our city as suggested in the 2011 Affordable Housing Strategy.


Thanks for reading this email, I know your jobs are challenging at the best of times.




Karen McKnight


And Lynn:

From: Lynn Perrin <>
Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Fwd: There are a few important question to be answered before Sept. 12th.
To: Henry Braun <>, “” <>, George Murray <>,, Andrew Holota – Abbotsford News <>
Cc: Gerda Peachey <>, Richard Peachey <>

Mayor Braun, Councillor Siemens and George Murray;

For your information. Please note the date of these emails. Gerda wanted to be certain that she was only asking for legislation and by-laws to be enforced by Council and staff so I did some digging for her. I found the sign and public hearing sticker requirements on the City of Abbotsford Development web page on Sept. 4, 2016. So not only do you owe Gerda an apology – you owe me one as well. Please do not pass the blame onto IT staff  for your ignorance of zoning policies and procedures they only do what they are instructed to do.

Lynn Perrin