………And my advice to anyone who may occasionally need to stand against government decisions……..get all communication IN WRITING.

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From: Gerda Peachey <gerdapeachey@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 3:10 PM
Subject: Re: Abuse of public office in Abbotsford
To: Henry Braun <HBraun@abbotsford.ca>, Andrew Holota <aholota@blackpress.ca>, cbcnewsvancouver@cbc.ca
Cc: Patricia Ross <PRoss@abbotsford.ca>, “systems@ombudsman.bc.ca” <systems@ombudsman.bc.ca>, Conflict of Interest <conflictofinterest@coibc.ca>, George Murray <gmurray@abbotsford.ca>, Ross Siemens <RSiemens@abbotsford.ca>, Les Barkman <LBarkman@abbotsford.ca>, Moe Gill <mgill@abbotsford.ca>, Brenda Falk <BFalk@abbotsford.ca>, “Dave F. Loewen (Councillor)” <DFLoewen@abbotsford.ca>, Kelly Chahal <KChahal@abbotsford.ca>, Sandy Blue <SBlue@abbotsford.ca>, “Ian MacDonald, APD” <imacdonald@abbypd.ca>, Richard Peachey <r.d.peachey@gmail.com>


You and Ross found it quite easy to insult me, slander me, and question my integrity in a very public, visible and official setting.

You knew I was not present at that Oct. 3rd, Regular Council meeting.  You just threw out some gratuitous smears on my character, without listing just exactly what you were referring to.

The only concrete thing so far is the question of whether or not a re-zoning sign required a sticker to notify people as to the date, time and location of a Public Hearing.  On that none of you seemed to have much of a clue, but many of the neighbours did their own research and said the City website required it.

By the way, it was someone else who found the sticker issue.  Just thought I’d tell you that because you, and Ross, in your smear attacks attribute “misinformation“,……“misleading the public”,…..“stirring up the neighbourhood”,  causing “angst”  and “fear“.  You and Ross should have come out here and met the neighbours LONG BEFORE you attempted to change our wonderful community so swiftly and almost silently between July 11th and 25th.

Then you’d have seen intelligent people in lovely homes and lovely gardens, instead of buying into the claim that we all live in rotten tin cans that have outlived their useful lives and might as well make way for monster houses and suites, legal or otherwise.

Richard has three times, politely, asked to be a delegation about your attack on his wife, after failing to convince you that you need to apologize, at the very least in the same way you made your unprofessional, cheap comments.

You all voted to deny him the right to a 10 minute delegation.  I called you shabby a few months ago.  Stop proving me right.

Please send me the legal justification that you have to deny this request.  Richard has not done four delegations.  This will not be on a repeat topic.  Richard will be professional, which is more than can be said for you or Ross Siemens.  So what reasons can you drum up to prevent a delegation to an outstanding citizen in a democratic city of Canada?

George Murray’s letter to me was stunning in his dexterity to turn facts on their head.  But nonetheless I took him up on his commitment to answer my questions.  Sadly, and following the pattern, George has not answered the pressing question of what ‘grandfathering’ means, if you people remove all the Land Use Contracts in our unique 195 property community.  I want to see official, solid answers about the security of everyone who wants to live on the land they bought with confidence that you at City Hall will not come along a few years down the road and say, ‘Oh, sorry, you know we re-zoned the area, and well we’ve kindly let you stay in your mobiles/modulars for awhile.  But hey, times up.  Grandpa died.

This ‘grandfathering’ was not a question I even imagined, prior to several neighbours doing some serious research.  But the fact that I have now asked you, the City, by phone, in person, by email,……..and you do not answer,…..makes this issue seem like you do not want to answer.    Please remind George that he made a commitment to answer questions sent to him.

Why are you talking about melding upcoming community consultations, that you certainly should be doing, with the people  West of Martens and down the hill, in a community that is, and always has been stick-built homes, while we, who have opposed the K.K. Gill development proposal do so because we are and always have been mobile/modulars on our own land.

The Windsor St. proposal came up the same time as Oakridge but we know the owner wanted a re-zoning because people had reported on an illegal suite there.  So if you combine our unique hopes for future zoning with an area that shares probably nothing in terms of zoning needs or wishes, is it because you want their voice to dilute ours?

So, back to Richard’s request to address your slander of my name, please send me the reasons you can find to prevent this citizen of Abbotsford from challenging you on what you said about his wife,……… behind my back, in my absence, and without details or data to back up your allegations.

And if you can indeed find some such justification,……..consider this my personal application to be a delegation to Council, at the first one, ten days from now.

I do not lie.  I do not spread misinformation.  Limited access to information makes it certain that I will on occasion be wrong in what I think, or say, but I make every attempt to be correct and to document what I say.

I will send this to the Abbotsford Police as well.  Where a person goes in the pursuit of integrity in Abbotsford, has been a bit elusive to date, but you need to make this right.


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From: Gerda Peachey <gerdapeachey@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 4:11 PM
Subject: Re: Abuse of public office in Abbotsford
To: Henry Braun <HBraun@abbotsford.ca>, cbcnewsvancouver@cbc.ca, Andrew Holota <aholota@blackpress.ca>
Cc: Patricia Ross <PRoss@abbotsford.ca>, “systems@ombudsman.bc.ca” <systems@ombudsman.bc.ca>, Conflict of Interest <conflictofinterest@coibc.ca>, George Murray <gmurray@abbotsford.ca>, Ross Siemens <RSiemens@abbotsford.ca>, Les Barkman <LBarkman@abbotsford.ca>, Moe Gill <mgill@abbotsford.ca>, Brenda Falk <BFalk@abbotsford.ca>, “Dave F. Loewen (Councillor)” <DFLoewen@abbotsford.ca>, Kelly Chahal <KChahal@abbotsford.ca>, Sandy Blue <SBlue@abbotsford.ca>, “Ian MacDonald, APD” <imacdonald@abbypd.ca>, Richard Peachey <r.d.peachey@gmail.com>

Henry:  I did not see the rest of your email until I sent a reply and scrolled down.

I gladly acknowledge that I was wrong to be annoyed with you personally about the police calling on a friend in relation to the Ledgeview fire, just because she and another woman had been trying to have a meeting with one of the board members a few months earlier.   I thought that was incredibly dumb of them, when there seemed to be some pretty good reasons for folk to like the old clubhouse gone, and it sure wasn’t her on any wildest imagination,  but I was wrong to blame you, just because the Mayor is head of the police board.  Mea Culpa.

The question of Townline Hill and out of control gang activity was not a mere passing subject.  I’d asked you and I went to the police to ask why a trucker would have the police essentially wave him off when he went in to the station with video evidence of a man with a distinct tattoo on his neck, stealing and smashing this guy’s long-haul truck.  To date the police have done nothing, as far as this man knows.  I it cost him some $2,000.  And, in that context, you offered that Townline Hill was absorbing so much of the police resources,……so much that it would need a significant increase in our taxes to provide adequate police services.  And by the way, it is the reality of so many hidden dwellings, that you at City Hall know about, that makes me dread you turning our unique community into very large houses.

I do thank you, sincerely, for offering to meet and discuss the questions of crime in our town.

Richard is a retired high-school teacher, and he has a disciplined and sharp mind, so I would not think he’d be very far off the mark in summarizing his conversation with you.  The reason, was and still is, that you slandered me in my absence and he does not believe you should be allowed to get away with that.

He’s not home this afternoon,  so I can’t speak further as to what you might disagree with him about.


On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 11:34 AM, Henry Braun <HBraun@abbotsford.ca> wrote:

Dear Gerda,

This is to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail dated November 8, 2016 to Premier Clark.  My response regarding misinformation continues to be as per my earlier e-mail dated October 6, 2016 (see below).

“Dear Gerda,


This e-mail is to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail of today’s date and to thank you for taking the time to write and share your thoughts.  Please know that we can publically address the issue of misinformation that you reference in your e-mail at the upcoming neighbourhood information meeting(s). Again, thank you for writing and have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.


With kind regards,


Henry Braun


Turning to “RICHARD’S notes”, which you also posted on your website: Please know that I am disappointed in Richard’s “recollection” and characterization of the discussion we had on November 3, 2016. Neither Richard nor I were taking notes during our 45 minute discussion, 35 of which revolved around the “sticker” (which is why I gently turned over Richard’s paper in an effort to make better use of our remaining 10 minutes). In any event, the comments attributed to me by Richard are taken out of context and are not an accurate reflection of our discussion, which is unfortunate.

As you will recall, I had a similar experience when you and I met to discuss two e-mails, dated May 6 and 8, 2016, wherein you were making allegations about the Ledgeview fire as well as me sending the police to the home of one of your friends.  One quote (there are many others), from one of those e-mails states that, “I have never seen or heard anything as bad as you sending police to question her.”  As you will recall, I invited you to my office on May 11, 2016 to discuss your allegations and inform you that as Mayor I do not instruct the police to do or not do anything regarding their investigative work and that your allegations were without any basis in fact.   I believe you left my office with a much better understanding of my role as Chair of the Police Board and how our police department functions.  Nevertheless, in one of your subsequent letters/posts related to the Oakridge rezoning, you reference that meeting and imply that the subject matter of our meeting was about illegal suites in the Townline Hill area and gangs, which was not at all the reason for our meeting, although you did briefly touch on those topics during our 30 minute meeting.

In any event, during my discussion with Richard, I repeatedly stated that my use of the word “misinformation” encompassed much more than just the sticker.  It is unfortunate that both Richard and you appear to be fixated on the sticker, which is a very narrow slice of the ‘misinformation pie’.

In closing, please be advised this will be my final reply to you and your husband on this particular subject.


Henry Braun