…..Well okay,….They’re not gonna make a big star ‘outa me….at least not yet.

More like, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”  Oh well, sometimes it’s useful to be a Dutchman.  They held back the Spanish Invasion, and they held back the sea, and neither of those battles were resolved in the space of a movie show, so being Dutch has its merits.

We have inherited the dogged determination of our ancestors, aka, “Wooden shoes, wooden head, wouldn’t listen.”  Sometimes that’s a useful trait, especially when people sigh deeply and say, “Oh,….why bother,…….you can’t fight City Hall”, well then your wooden head might come in useful.  You might not be able to absorb that truism. Instead you just put on your wooden shoes and plod on.vintage-dutch-girl-wooden-shoes-sleepy-eyes-doll-0d26c81f517e85052b38ab3e29b5097a

Monday evening Mayor and Council will deliberate the fate of my wonderful community. The good thing is that people are awake now to what has been brewing, and hopefully a good many will come out to the Public Hearing.

But I do feel somewhat anxious because not many of my neighbours are sufficiently block-headed, so don’t think their voice matters enough to sway the Council.  Some of the folk seem to think that it will be enough for a few voices to make reasonable arguments, and that will be all our noble, wise and just leaders need to bring about the right decision.

So a number of people say they’ll be there, but they’ll just listen.

The very serious problem with being ‘the quiet in the land’, is that this Public Hearing is all we have.  After that Hearing portion is over on Monday evening, our ability to engage in the issue is also over.  The question of whether an application to alter our 44 year Land Use Contract, or have City Hall make an entirely new zoning to reflect the historic unique nature of these 150 properties, will be closed.  Mayor and Council will not receive any further calls or letters on that proposal until their vote on it.

Some people have a petition asking Council to designate us with a continued ability to bring in modular homes, and retain this oasis as one of the vanishing bits of of affordable housing.  Retaining affordable housing is embedded in the city’s own goals, but the reality before us on Monday evening is a Council set to give away these properties piecemeal to wealthy speculators.  As in the petition, we need a sensible, across the board zoning when the LUC is removed.  But the LUC does not need to be yanked away with such speed and so  little thought or consultation with people here, to gratify speculators waiting eagerly in the wings.

All of British Columbia should take note of what is happening in Abbotsford, because the sunset clause of the year 2024 looms over all of the other LUCs in the Province.

I sincerely hope they will consider the many people who call this unique community home, as being at least as worthy as the land-use speculator before them, and not allow a precedent that starts a landslide here.

On the question of allowing 2090 Oakridge to pull out the mobile and build a large house and suite, some would suggest it can’t be prevented because of private property rights. But that clearly is not so.  If K.K. Gill had the right to buy here in March knowing the place had an LUC, and simply had the right to march down to City Hall in April to remove that restraint, she would have done so.

The fact that this must first go through a public hearing and a vote of Council is all the proof you need to realize this must not be considered a slam-dunk and rubber stamp of approval.

So I would encourage everyone who cares about this item in particular, and the larger question of how easy it is for Abbotsford Council, (or other municipalities), to alter the ground upon which you’ve built your home, please eat some Dutch licorice, (to lubricate the throat), put on your wooden shoes,…(any hard-toed substitute will have to do), and muster up your courage to come out and speak to Council on Monday, September 12 – 7 PM.

With enough fingers in the dyke, we can hold back a sea of undesirable change.

I just watched my August 29th delegation on the Council archives.  Try to do better than I did, as you can see Mayor Braun thought it was a poor performance.  So evidently I’m not quite ready for the big screen.  A friend sent this info, as she’d tried to watch the archives and wasn’t able to access them:  My (failed) delegation is Regular Council Meeting (evening) Item 4.1.

Good afternoon:    

In April 2016, the City updated its encoder for webstreaming, and in turn this required an update to the video streaming interface on the web.  When you access watching Council meetings online at abbotsford.ca you will be directed to:


You’ll note in the top right corner of the page there is a link in red font to the former interface for meetings held prior to April 19, 2016.

I am assuming you may be trying to access Council meeting videos from an old link you had saved, or a bookmark, which is bringing you to:


Although we had the link in the top corner of the new interface to redirect to older videos, I appreciate you bringing this to our attention, as we have now also added a link to the old interface to direct people to the appropriate page for meetings held after April 19, 2016.

Thank you – please let me know if you have any further questions.
Kind regards,

Katie Karn

Deputy City Clerk (Legislative Services)

Tel. 604-864-5607  Fax: 604-853-1934