This email from a friend just has to be published.  Will keep the name out.

“It’s difficult to understand why anyone would take street drugs knowing the increasing risks of contamination with fentanyl.  Knowingly taking fentanyl seems to be an obvious death wish.  There seems to be an increasing attitude in our society of no self-responsibility.  There was a recent article of a 50-something woman with hepatitis whose symptoms were no longer held in check with meds who had the attitude of “oh well, I guess I have to take some different meds for this and it will fix the problem”.  Instead, her doc pronounced her as terminal and she was dead within a month.  She had spent her entire adult life (in her words) “partying”, as if it was all a good time.  She never thought it would end her life; she always thought someone else would be able to fix the damage she was doing.  She bragged about her exploits all those years.  She continued to take drug combos well after diagnosis of hep and thought nothing of it.  This is the attitude we are constantly being faced with by the pro-pot crowd and their fellow druggies.

When I was growing up we certainly had our share of drug users, hard and soft drugs, but they were mostly limited to youth, and those youth were usually trying to excape something unbearable in their lives.  As we all grew up and hit our later teens the users were faced with the realities of living independently – working and paying bills, which left little energy for drug use, although alcohol was still acceptable.  You couldn’t live with Mom and Dad after high school without constant pressure to move out, you lazy bum you.  You didn’t get money for college.  You didn’t get to choose your job, it usually sucked and you were exhausted by the beginning of your shift.  You didn’t make enough money to pay for a lousy one-bedroom apartment and had to choose which bill to pay or whether to eat or not.  We all bought cars that would be condemned today and we were glad to have wheels because it was the only way to get to that job that you had no choice about.  Hardly anybody paid their MSP bills; you left them in arrears until you had to see the doctor, then you paid up and then made an appointment.  Of course, you couldn’t really see the doctor because they would give you a prescription you couldn’t pay for anyway.  You never saw a dentist.  So, my boring we-had-to-walk-20-miles-both-ways-uphill story has a point; my kids, who we’ve raised pretty frugally compared to their peers, still have no relatable experience with the likes of my own childhood, which was still exeptionally priviledged compared to my parents’ childhoods.  They are all light years in difference.  Is this why we see youth eagerly turning to drug experimentation, because they don’t have enough real things to worry about?  Because things are too easy for them and so they carry that sense of immortality, that is so characteristic of young children, way beyond the time and stage when it is healthy to do so?  Why aren’t they getting a sense of their own responsibilities, limitations and frailties well before they hit their teens, so that they can learn how to face the world and endure it by the time they are adults, leaving home?  Instead, we have so many that are well into their twenties still believing that their are owed something just for breathing.  Don’t know.  Just my thoughts as I try to comprehend why healthy people with no serious issues choose to goof around and abuse deadly substances.  You can’t do that and hold down a job, help with the housework and raising siblings, all while going to school on your own dime.”