Maybe ISIL IS taking lessons from the church of Rome.  It is foolish not to face up to the facts of history, even when those expose our own faith to mockery and ridicule.

What happened in the Inquisition is about raw power over people.  It is about politics, not faith in the Son of God, who gave up his own life to redeem lost humanity.

Jesus Christ is antithetical to the horror inflicted on unbelievers by the ‘christian’ church during these years when the church had far too much political control.

But Jesus is not always central to the modern church life either.  Petty politics ruin the purity of the gospel message, that Jesus Christ is God come down to sinful humanity in the infant Jesus.  And this long-awaited Messiah, when He was thirty-three, allowed us to crucify Him because we could not bear to hear His message of truth, about who God is, and what He requires of us.

Wherever people turn to the Saviour, in genuine faith and repentance you see His beauty shine through, even in the brokenness of this fleeting life, we begin to see God in His holiness, and by His spirit at work in them. Children of God begin to reflect His image.

It’s a struggle not to grow jaded and give up on the organized church, but God commands us to meet with fellow believers. We can’t demand perfection of other Christians when we know we’re a pretty sorry example ourselves. Perfection can only be found in the Lord.

The whole message of the Bible is that we can’t make it to Heaven on our own brain or brawn or beauty, or even our good deeds.  SALVATION IS BY GRACE ALONE, THROUGH FAITH ALONE, IN CHRIST ALONE.

The Medical Mission Sisters put out some wonderful music in the 1970’s.  “It’s a long road to freedom, ‘a winding steep and high.  But when you walk in (God’s) love, with the wind in your wings,……the miles fly by.”

Genuine faith in God and in His book of life is the only antidote to what happens when religion goes wrong, as in ISILs and INQUISITIONs.

Only God can handle absolute power.

Inquisition torture